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Hello Guys! 

Welcome to EpicMU Season 14.

A new Epic MU project with 100x experience and a renewed style of play. We guarantee your enjoyment in a fully balanced game style between PVP and PVM, exclusive events, unique systems never seen on another private server from MU Online.

Our store has been balanced to bring a game optimized for all players. We have the offattack systems released for all players (Free and VIP). Earn GP for time online, destroy the BOSS and get the best items in the game! 
Are you prepared? This is the New Epic MU X100!


Opening Time:

[UTC -5 9.00 - Peru]
[UTC +2, 16.00 - Poland]
[UTC +3, 17.00 - London]
[UTC +8, 22.00 - Philipines]
[UTC +7, 21.00 - Vietnam]
[UTC -3 11.00 - Argentina/Brazil]

Or check our count-back timer on top of website!




Server info:

Version: Season 14 EP1
Experience Regular/Master/Majestic: 100X / 70X / 50X [Dynamic]
Reset Level: 400 (150m zen, status Burn, Free Stat: 500)
Maximum Reset: 50
Total Stats: 25.000

CashShop Play2Win
Exclusive New Excellent Options!
New Rune Wizard Item (Original Blue Eyes SET + Soul Weapon)
Grand Reset: 50 Reset (Resets Burns, Reward 2.000 Credits)
Quest System: Do the quests and get rewards in Coin!
Balanced Ruud Farm - Get Ruud on Boss, invasions and Events!
Custom Events: Lorencia Drop, New Moss Merchant Optimized, Happy Hour Event, PvP Battle, In-game Quest System and more!

Game Commands:

Clear Pk: /pkclear

Store + Offstore possibilites:
/store coin -> to sell by wcoin 
/store gp -> to sell by gpoint
/store ruud -> to sell by ruud
To sell by offstore just change /store to /offstore

/rebuild -> Rebuld Stats
Add points: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd
Offline Attack: /offattack (offline mode with BOT configuration)

Start Event:
Go to EpicMU Page (Or click here)
Share the pinned post on your timeline tag 3 friends and post your login! (Ps: Make it public).
Reward: 300 Credits!

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