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[8.60][Custom] BudexOT

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Dear Players,
We are happy to announce that BudexOT is launching on Sunday, March 15th, 20:00 PM (CET).
BudexOT is an Custom Evolution OT PvP-E 8.60, server created for a pleasant and smooth gameplay for our dedicated players, a fun OT which can bring you into old awesome memories, feel free to join us !


BudexOT War Tournament 150$ CASH PRIZE POOL !

IP :
Port : 7171
Client : 8.60 / Custom Client
Host : France
Website : BudexOT (BudexOT (

Experience Stages :

1 - 30 = 220x
31 - 50 = 150x
51 - 100 = 100x
101 - 150 = 75x
151 - 200 = 50x
201 - 250 = 25x
251 - 300 = 15x
301 - 350 = 10x
351 - 400 = 8x
401 - 425 = 6x
426 - 450 = 5x
451 - 500 = 4x
501 - 600 = 3x
601 - Infinite = 2x

Skills Rate = 20x
Magic Rate = 15x
Loot Rate = 4x
Exp From Players = 2x

The most unique and advanced developed Custom Evolution Map with huge amount of benefits which can bring your old evolution memories..!
Some of these benefits are in next rows :

As there is always someone who can't do an Donation to an Tibia Server so we got few ways to receive premium points totally FREE ..
* Premium Points on Levels :

250 Level - 50 Premium Points
300 Level - 100 Premium Points
350 Level - 150 Premium Points
400 Level - 175 Premium Points
450 Level - 200 Premium Points
500 Level - 250 Premium Points
550 Level - 500 Premium Points
600 Level - 750 Premium Points

* We offer you few events which are starting every few hours, more on our website ... !

Zombie Event

Team Battle Event

Last Man Standing Event

Fire Storm Event

Stone Event

Arena (1VS1)

Lottery Event

* We got huge amount of Tasks & Missions in BudexOT, Most of them gives Cash & Exp & Premium Points as Rewards !

Missions NPC

Daily Tasks (3 Categories sorted by levels)

Weekly Tasks (3 Categories sorted by levels)

Collecting Leathers from Stones which are placed in Town Once you collect enough, you can craft for Best Weapon in-game (NOT OBTAINED ON WEB SHOP)

Crafting NPC (Crafting Quests Items for Donation Items)

Gambler NPC (+1 Depot)

* To make game more interesting there are Custom Spells which brings back old awesome memories, Spells are bright and fresh balanced , we tried maximum to make it fair between each vocations, the thing which we totally don't need is unfair fight, they are well balanced !
- Spells are on next levels : 250, 350, 450

* What more benefits had BudexOT To offer? Is that all or not ? Toootally not !
On our Website you can use few features such as :

* Character Auctions : Lowest Level for auction is 200, once you are planning to sell your character for premium points, you'll have to put some points as deposit, as you put bigger deposit you will be able to receive bigger bid on your char !

* Items Auctions : Are really easy and 100% Automatic, players are putting their items in-game with command : !offer add, itemName, itemPrice, itemCount, once you put item on auction, it will appear on website and players can buy it with next command : !offer buy, AuctionID ...

Bounty Hunter : You got pick on someone but you can't kill him !? Someone is disturbing you, killing you but you can't do anything... ? You can put Bounty on X Player, and once someone kill him, The killer will receive Bounty you have made on that guy, The bigger Bounty you make, the sooner he will die ... !

Auto Loot System : If you are too lazy to open every corpse of dead monster and take a loot, there is a easiest way, so you have to add Name of the Item which you want to loot and add it on the list with following command : !autoloot add, NAME !autoloot remove, NAME or you can just write !autoloot for instructions !

* Next benefit which we offer you are Daily Quests, so same as names say Daily, they can be done once 24hours. These items are:
25 Crystal Coins, Stamina Reffiler, Outfit Changer, Donate Backpack, Rs Remover, 10 Premium Points Emblem, Dice, Team Hunt Access.

* Even thats not all what we have to offer ...

If you got a team and you are looking for good experience and a nice loot, you can take a try to kill bosses, bosses drop Crystal coins and 10% chance for an donation item... But You need to have Team Hunt Access medal to enter it, that Medal you can get in shop or either in-game in Daily Quests...

Super Spawns they offer unique customs which gives good amount of experience, so you can enter super spawns for 1kk (100cc) once you enter, you can exp as much as you want, but once you enter exit teleport, you will be redirected to temple and you'll have to pay again in order to enter super spawns..

UHHHH.... That's totally not all what we have to offer you.. The most things you have to check in-game and discuss with other players or friends !
What are you waiting for !? Invite your friends and register your account TODAY !

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