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Serwer stoi juz okolo miesiaca ma naprawdę ciekawe ustawienia i gra sporo Polaków. Postacie z 1-2 resami spokojnie moga zabijac graczy z topki . ludzie chetnie pomagają i sporo sie dzieje 😉




Our goal is to provide the MU Online experience that had been lost due to greediness of WebZen, giving our players a fair gameplay where skill and knowledge will triumph. We invite all of you MU Online players from the good old times and new ones that just discovered this awesome game. Our staff had played this game since 2003, going through all the seasons, we played private servers as well to gain knowledge to provide you with the best possible MU experience you will ever enjoy.

Server Links:




Fan page:

Register Account:

Download Client:


General Server Information:



Version: Season 6 Ep 3 (Extended Tree)

Server type: 10 Reset (PvP)

Max Lv.: 400 (normal) |400 (master) |

Experience: x50 Dinamic

Item Drop rate: 30% (

Spots: 5 mobs (6 mobs are HOT Spots)

Elf Soldier: Lv. 220

Vitality Pots x20 - Mana Pots x50

MU Helper: Lv. 1 - Our Launcher has an auto-click included (use F12)

Heaven Box & Medals: Items +6~+9 (Luck and add opt are random)

Customs: Offlevel, Offtrade, Autoparty, Disconnect a friend, Marry System, Account Lock

Character creation: All Character level 1.

Events: All WebZen events and invasions.

Limit of 5 Accounts per Hardware ID (per computer basis not IP)

Antihack, Anti-DDoS, Dedicated Server 24/7, Launcher Auto-Update.

Weekly Castle Siege and Arka War

Free-PK in Lorencia Ring

NPC Shops: WebZen Like

Jewel rates: Soul 60%, Jewel of Life 50%, Jewel of Bless 100%


Why Global MU is your next home?


Big community with 200 + Fans base and growing.

Our server configuration is unmatchable. Nothing is left to chance.

We perform regularly maintenances to keep game update and running in perfect conditions.

We do perform continually paid advertising aiming to increase our user base day to day.

Our ethics are up to high standards, meaning you will receive equal treatment as anyone else.

We do this as a way of living, failure has a great punishment for us. MU is in our veins all days.

Finally, we love this game as much as you probably do. We made a lot of friends here, and we expect you do at least few in our servers.

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