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[S6][x200] Dark-Mu

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Hello Mu Online players and welcome to Dark-Mu dynamic experience server
Server started: 2020.01.11




Our website

Join now and get free set and all type seals for 3 days + 100 Level up points!!!

Server specs:
2.59Ghz x4
16 GB ram
500GB storage for Database copies


Server information:

Server VersionSeason 6

ExperienceDynamic 200x - 4x

Master Experience10x

Max master level200


Points pepr level5/7/7

Reset Limit40

Total Stats18000-20000

Max Stats12500

Points per Reset400

Reset Level400

Spots6-8 Mobs all maps

Exc drop rate0.3%

Success rates chaos machine and jewels:

CombinationSuccess Rate

Without Luck

Jewel of Soul55%80%

Jewel of Life60%85%

Items +10, +1170%90%

Items +12, +1360%80%

Items +14, +1550%70%

Wings Level 1Min:10%Max:100%

Wings Level 2Min:10%Max:90%

Condor FeatherMin:3%Max:50%

Wings Level 3Min3%Max40%

Commands information:

/resetReset your character.

/whisper [on/off]Enable / disable whisper.

/pkclearClear killer status

/post [message]Sends a message to the whole server.

/store [jewel]Open store for jewels (bless,soul etc.).

/store creditsOpen store for credits

/offstoreOffline Afk store for 12 Hours

/buyvip 1Buy VIP for 1 day for 100 credits

/buyvip 7Buy VIP for 7 days for 600 credits

/buyvip 30Buy VIP for 30 days for 2500 credits

/readdResets your stats for 500 credits

/addstr [points]Adds points to Strength.

/addagi [points]Adds points to Agility.

/addvit [points]Adds points to Life.

/addene [points]Adds points to Energy.

/addcom [points]Adds points to Command.

/re [on/off]Enable / disable requests in-game.

Other useful information and tips about server:

Jewel drop: Low

Loch Feather Icarus drop: Very low

Silver medal,Gold medal, Heart of Love drop rate: High (Drop +4 - +11 items or jewels)

Collect Sealed Gold and Silver boxes as they drop exc items!!

You can get Credits(WCoinC) in almost every Event (BC,CC,IllusionTemple etc.)

Collect zen, 1 reset requires 1kk zen * Resets

Level up with party (it's faster if you level up with party as it gives more experience)

Read and follow server news (We'll be trying to update server and keep it fresh)

IMPORTANT: GIVE US SUGGESTIONS AND YOUR OPINIONS! (Your feedback is most important thing to us, if you like our server or not, and we want to know why so we can fix things and learn from our mistakes)



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