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[8.54][Naruto] NRTN.PL

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Launch date: [20.01, Friday 18:00 CET]




[World configuration]:

-RPG/PVP High-rate 8.54 Naruto server with custom content,

-Custom exp from own monsters.


Hi, do You love Naruto and climate which is present in this anime?

If You are Tibia supporter You couldn't have better situation!

From perfect coppied Shinobi's World to game with awesome,

anime plot and polished characters divide You just seconds!

If You want play with us You only have to register account:

and download our client:


What we can offer?

- game without P2W (all items from shop u can gain from game);

- proffesional and experienced support;

- a lot of missions based on our beloved anime;

- more than 40 balanced proffesions;

- pet system;

- casino system;

- psycho system;

- a lot of events;

- autoloot system;

- auction system;

-and much more!      


Then you are not convinced that you want to enter the server? See a few screenshots from our server!







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