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Who we are

AgonyMU - Private server for international audience. Fully configured World: 1000x 



Created and maintained by professional developers with a passion for Mu. Offering the best content on the top of the best hardware. Using Premium IGCN Season 14 server files. Project is planned to run long term. Quality game play and high level support guaranteed. Our goal is to give quality not a quantity so each part of game is carefully considered and planned. We are open 24/7/365. Players from all over the world!


Game content

Server work on a full Season 14 Emulator by IGCN with our custom settings and features. All game Events are in a good condition, they work without any serious issues. In addition, for most of our events, top system works just perfectly fine, succeeding in which player will be reward with Credits. Our professional team will be able to fix or change any incorrect thing what can be found and will be reported by players. We appreciate all player reports and will be happy to answer any question, suggestion or error report. The best way to submit report is in our Forum & Guides.


Why choose us * 

Responsible administration. We care your opinion!* Latest season server files. Enjoy the best possible quality!* Pretty unique conceptual game worlds. You will not get bored here!* Monthly events. Get rewards for Top Voter, BC, DS, CC and Dueler!* Protected against break-ins, dodos and cheats! High stability anti hack!* Everything is done by us. Each part of the game professionally configured!What else? Well less talking more actions. Check everything by yourself!




*Website: Agony Mu Online Season 14 Part 1-3

*Community Forums: AgonyMu

*Fan page: AgonyMu Online | Facebook

*Register Account: Agony MU Online Season 14 Part 1-3

*Download Client: Agony MU Online Season 14 Part 1-3




General Server Information: 1000X


Version: Season 14

*Experience Regular 1000x/ Master: 500x / 500xMax 

*Level Regular / Master: 400 / 700

*In Game: Antihack, Offstore

*Low Performance Mode: Button F9

*Max Connections per 1 Computer: 5

*Non PvP Maps: Losttower 1-7, Aida 1 - 2,

*Exp Increased in all levels of BC, DS: +10%

*Chance for Ancient item drop in BC (3-7)

*Chance for Condor Flame drop in DS (3-7)

*Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations

*Monsters and Boss Power Adjusted

*PvP / PvM all classes Balanced

*Elf Soldier Max Level / Resets: 400 / 5

*Max Reset 150* Stats burn Extra 1000 Level points per reset

*Grand Reset at 150 Resets 3500 Wcoins Reward to use for our Cashop.




Our server configuration is unmatchable. Nothing is left to chance.

We perform regularly maintenances to keep game update and running in perfect conditions.

We do perform continually paid advertising aiming to increase our user base day to day.

Our ethics are up to high standards, meaning you will receive equal treatment as anyone else.

We do this as a way of living, failure has a great punishment for us. MU is in our veins all days.

Finally, we love this game as much as you probably do. We made a lot of friends here, and we expect you do at least few in our servers.

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