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Update 1.00.10 is here!
Join us while the server is still new and fresh!

- Updated reset zen cost from 100,000,000 zen (too high) to 10,000,000 x Total Resets
- Added Dynamic EXP (-2exp rate everytime you go up 1 reset/rebirth)
- Added Golden Medal drops to Tarkan and Icarus
- Small fix on Lorencia Map
- Changed Golden Archer zen reward chance from 1,000,000 zen to 500,000 zen.
- Fixed slow attack animation speed
- Opened KANTURU Boss Event

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We have discovered and resolved yet another unhappy glitch, this time on our website's register page system.

The error message was: Internal server error [500]


Please ignore this error message, your account has been created.

We have fixed this error message now.


We have found a few more critical glitches and holes in our systems, which we will be fixing within the week. All affected players of any unintended glitches will be inspected and re-balanced.


Thank you for playing!

~ Faronnia MU Team

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Hello gamers!


We have completed our server maintenance, which took 6 Hours longer than we estimatated. We apologies for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your patience.


Server is back UP!

You can now connect and play.


What has changed?

Rena item drop -50%

Fixed loginserver Uppercase/Lowercase login bug

Fixed glitch where web think you are offline and can 'dupe' items

Banned 1 cheater 'BuHHoneyX' for speedhack

Updated server rules, no third-party bot software allowed. No auto-loot auto-pick items. You have been warned, you will be banned.


Webshop and Web Warehouse system are back ONLINE!

Thank you for supporting and playing Faronnia MU!

~ Faronnia MU Team

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Hello faronnians.
The datacenter at our Server Host had a networkd hardware technical failure on Thursday, around 22:00 GMT+1.
This resulted in all our main systems being offline, inluding this website and our gameservers.

Everything is back up and running now, you can connect and play.

We are doing 'damage-control' and trying to get our player count back up now.

We will compensate all players for this extended and unexpected server downtime on Sunday with x2 EXP and GM Events, just for a few hours tomorrow.
For those of you who stuck around or are returning to the server to see if its back up, thank you for believing in us and our team, we are glad to have you back, and are looking to see you ingame very soon.

We are also looking for new Game Masters (staff team).
Please contact us on the Discord if you are interested in this payed part-time job.

Thank you, and enjoy the game!
~ Faronnia MU Team

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Hello dear players!

We had 3 reports of the Gold Membership not working.
Here is the solution to the problem:
DO NOT BUY gold membership until you have created all your characters on your account. If you buy this before you have even just 1 character ingame, your purchase will not be registered and we will need to refund your webcredits.

GOLD Membership is applied only to existing characters. If you have created a new character after buying your gold membership and wish to receive the GOLD Membership benefits for your new character, please contact a member of staff either on Discord or on our Forums.

Regarding Character Reset zen prices, we are reducing it by 50% and are increasing the RENA item drop rate by 15%.
For character resets, the formula was 10,000,000 zen x Total Resets = Final Price
Now it has been changed to 5,000,000 x Total Resets = Final Price

Thank you, and enjoy Faronnia MU !

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Latest server changelog updates:

Updated all Jewel Sell prices (more info on Discord )

Added 'BK' spots to Tarkan1, Tarkan2 and Icarus

Added Tarkan GOLDEN MONSTER spawns


On Friday, we will be opening some ingame events such as:


Candy Box and Chocolate Box event drops

2nd Official 'Custom' Uniria Race


We are nearing the end of the month...

On the 1st of September we need your help with voting on MMO Topsites, we will TRIPLE the webcredits reward ammount for a few days so that players feel motivated to take a few minutes of their time to VOTE 4 US . This helps us bring more players to the server, so we really do ask for your help with this!




Thank you for playing Faronnia MU!


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Hello faronnians!


Server maintenance finished, candy box event item drop is now turned off, and the exp rates have returned to normal. However, we have enabled the /skin command for all players to use freely for a limited ammount of time, so enjoy it!


Please run the Launcher to update your client files to version 1.00.11.

If the Launcher does not work for you, download and install the patch manually from here:


Enjoy the new Devias guild house !

Thank you for playing Faronnia MU.

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  • Aive zmienił tytuł tematu [S3E1][x100] Faronnia MU



Help us grow server population by voting at x3 webcredits reward for a limited time only!

What is coming next to Faronnia MU:

More BK spots

More GMs and GM Events

Castle Siege

EX Rings and Pendants

Red Dragon and Erohim item drop fix

Latest completed updates:

Fixed Grand Reset system

Added Newbie Elf Buff NPC (can use until lvl300)

Lowered zen price of character resets

Fixed party exp formula

Rebalanced STR magic gladiator class

Thank you for playing Faronnia MU

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The gameserver is back up, you can now connect and play.


What has been fixed:

Erohim boss monster item drop

New start level after reset is now Level 10

Critical bug with /addstats command (thank you shiftazz!)


Castle Siege is now setup, and the cycle for guild participation has started.

Guildsmen, prepare to put yourselves on the lines of battle to claim the fortress of Loren! The CASTLE SIEGE event is configured to run through a 7 days cycle which we can manipulate and edit if need be, at the participating members' convenience.



SUNDAY 13/10/2019 , in 2 days from now!


 1 - Registration of Castle Siege
// 2 - Idle State
// 3 - Registration of the status of Mark Lord
// 4 - Idle State
// 5 - Notification of the attack Castle to guilds
// 6 - Reading the state of Castle Siege
// 7 - Top of Castle Siege
// 8 - End of Castle Siege

More information available :

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