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[S6][x300] OSG MU

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*Max Normal Level: 400
*Max Master Level: 400
*Max Stats: 32767
*Exp Normal: 300x (dynamic)
*Exp Master: 10x
*Drop: 20 %
*Jewel of Soul: 50 % + (25 % Luck)
*Jewel od Bless: 100 %
*Jewel of Life: 60%
*Max lvl item: +15+28
*Reset: At the 400 level with the command /reset
*Reset price: 20 000 000 zen !

*Type of reset: Removes stats, and gives you 150 points for each reset.

+Duels: New betting system in the duels!

+Elf Buffer: Up to level 120 (only gives this aid in the first reset)
+Missions: New system of hidden Quests !
+Max Connections per IP: 3
+Off System: Offattack - OffStore

Host Location: Canada (OVH)



+Offtrade: Enabled
+Mu Helper activation min. level: 80 lvl
+Guild: 300 lvl
+Max alliance in guild: 1
+Max players in guild: 15
+Dark Knight: From level 0
+Dark Wizzard: From level 0
+Elf: From level 0
+Summoner: From level 0
+Magic Gladiator: From level 0
+Dark Lord: From level 0
+Rage Fighter: From level 0


/post - message to all server
/s - add points to strength
/a- add points to agility
/v - add points in vitality
/e - allocation of points to energy
/c - add points to command - 
/pkclear - clear PK status 
/war - propose a Guild War 
/endwar - Stop Guild War Battle
/marry - propose marriage
/accept - accept marry 
/tracemarry - teleports to your marriage partner
/divorce - take divorce
/re (on/off) - define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default
/clearinv - Clear inventory
/admin - Display Game Masters online




+Blood Castle: YES
+Devil Square: YES
+Chaos Castle: YES
+Illusion Temple: YES
+Doppelganger: YES
+Imperial Fort: YES
+White Wizard: YES
+Golden Invasion: YES
+Happy Hour Event: YES


+Balgass Event: YES
+Nightmare Event: YES
+Hatchery Event: YES
+Medusa: YES
+Lord of Ferea: YES


+Castle Siege: YES


+Quiz: YES


+PegaPega: YES
+Hide&Seek: YES


+The Colosseum: YES
+Lottery Online: YES
+Invasions: YES
+Drop Item: YES



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