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Our goal is to provide the MU Online experience that had been lost due to greediness of WebZen, giving our players a fair gameplay where skill and knowledge will triumph. We invite all of you MU Online players from the good old times and new ones that just discovered this awesome game. Our staff had played this game since 2003, going through all the seasons, we played private servers as well to gain knowledge to provide you with the best possible MU experience you will ever enjoy.

Server Links:

General Server Information:

  • Version: Season 14 part 1-3 (New Rune Wizard Character and New Kubera Mine map)
  • Server type: Non-Reset (PvP)
  • Max Lv.: 400 (normal) | 800 (master) | 1100 (majestic)
  • Experience: x10 (Learn more)
  • Item Drop rate: 30% (Learn more)
  • Spots: 5 mobs (6 mobs are HOT Spots)
  • Elf Soldier: Lv. 220
  • Vitality Pots x3 - Mana Pots x30
  • MU Helper: Lv. 10 - Our Launcher has an auto-click included (use F12)
  • Heaven Box & Medals: Items +6~+9 (Luck and add opt are random)
  • Customs: Offlevel, Offtrade, Autoparty, Disconnect a friend, Marry System, Account Lock
  • Character creation: Summoner: Lv. 150, Magic Gladiator: Lv. 220, Dark Lord: Lv. 250, Rage Fighter: Lv. 280
  • Events: All WebZen events and invasions.
  • Limit of 5 Accounts per Hardware ID (per computer basis not IP)
  • Antihack, Anti-DDoS, Dedicated Server 24/7, Launcher Auto-Update.
  • Weekly Castle Siege and Arka War
  • Free-PK in all cities entrances. (Fight other players without becoming PK or press Ctrl in lorencia, noria, devias, atlans, tarkan entrances)
  • NPC Shops: WebZen Like
  • Jewel rates: Soul 60%, Jewel of Life 50%, Jewel of Bless 100%

¿Why Inka MU is your next home?

  • Big community with 3000+ Fans base and growing.
  • Our server configuration is unmatchable. Nothing is left to chance.
  • Realizamos mantenimientos regulares para mantener el juego en un lugar perfecto.
  • Realizamos publicidad de pago continuo para aumentar la base de usuarios día a día.
  • Nuestra ética cumple con los altos estándares, lo que significa que recibirá un trato igual que cualquier otra persona.
  • Hacemos esto como una forma de vivir, un gran castigo para nosotros. MU está en nuestras venas todos los días.
  • Finalmente, amamos este juego tanto como probablemente tú. Hicimos muchos amigos y esperamos que estés en nuestros servidores.

Capturas de pantalla de nuestro servidor.














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