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[S9][x60] Mu KINGDOM

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Welcome Bonus: All Stats 60, 30k Zen, Beginners SET
Welcome Bonus: Free 220 Wcoins in Event for all!


- No Web item Shop
- No Credits System
- No Max Stats
- No Full Option Items
- Buy, Sell items in Web Market
- Main value Wcoins, Jewels, Zen
- Earn Wcoins in a several ways: 
  Game play, reset, grand reset, 
  vote reward, referral reward, 
  selling items in market
- With Donate get only Wcoins




Information about Low 60 server:
Version: Premium Season 9 Full
Experience: 60x
Master Level Experience: 30x
Maximum Character Level: 400
Maximum Master Level: 330
Points Per Level: 8/9/10
Points Per Master level: 1
Monsters Per Spot 4-6
In game Cashshop X
Losttower 1-7: NON PVP
Kanturu Ruins (1-3), Karutan 2, Vulcanus: Battle maps
All Battle Maps Exp Increase: + 10x
BC, DS and Doppelganger Events Exp Increase: + 20x
Command /pkclear Price 2kk * Kill Count
MG, DL Create Level: 100, 125
Summoner, RF Create Level: 150, 200
Balanced Character Classes PVP and PVM
380 & 400  lvl items requirements removed
Mu Helper can start use from level 10
Mu Helper costs 50 Zen * Level for 5 min
Guild can be created from level 300
Get 15 Goblin Points every 30 minutes
Moon Rabbit gives 2 Goblin Points and chance for Small wings or Muun Egg or Zen
Get WareRabbit Egg from Moon Rabbits: Find them in Lor, Dev, Noria and Elveland
Get 1 wcoin per every hunted Golden Monster
Get 10 Wcoins if become an Event winner: BC, DS, CC, IT and Doppelganger


Dynamic Experience:
Reset 0 to 10 = 60x
Reset 11 to 20 = 40x
Reset 21 to 30 = 20x


Reset System:
Reset limit: 20
After Reset: STATS BURN (clear)
After reset All stats 300 + reset stats
After reset free stat points BK, SM, ELF, SUM: 900
After reset free stat points DL, MG, RF: 1000
Reset reward: 20 Wcoins
Reset cost: 2 000 000 Zen * resets


Grand Reset System:
Grand Reset From: 20 resets
Grand Reset Limit: 10
Grand Reset Reward: 1000 Wcoins
Grand Reset Stat Points: 3000 * GR Count
Grand Reset Cost: 20 000 000 Zen * GR Count
Total Max Stats: 48000 and 50000
Max Stat for 1 Characteristic: 20000


Game Features:
Auto Party System [accept members auto]
Auto Reconnect System [no DC]
Muun System [get nice pets]
Off-Trade System - [trade Items while offline]
FREE Offlevel System [Only 10 000 Zen per 1 hour]
Pandora Mining System [a way to get jewels]
Mu Roomy System [play and win rewards]
Balanced Event rewards [many type of Items]
Gremory Case Open With Button K [some event rewards]


More information read and discuss on our Website and Forum! Welcome!



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Pani Kasia

Pani Kasia

Dnia 7.02.2019 o 12:43, Yabadoo napisał:

Excellent + Socket Items: ON (3 socket and 2 empty)
Ancient + Excellent Items: ON (the same can get in game)
Harmony + Ancient Items: OFF (can put in game)


jak widze ten syf to chetnie bym tego admina cwiercmozga rozdeptal na asfalcie :D

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no ten serwer to przeciez jedno wielkie gówno :) co 2 tygodnie reopen na zmiane z wingedmu topmu i chyba starredmu... nie mam sensu grac na takim gownie tylko marnujesz czas.

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Pani Kasia

yea and 

3 godziny temu, krutka9 napisał:

i really enjoy playing,

server is good


yea bcs ur admin^^ this server is worth less then zero. U will fall finally.

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Pani Kasia

Temat jest zablokowany i nie można w nim pisać.
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