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[S13E2][x10] MuVicious

Od ostatniej odpowiedzi w tym temacie minęło 182 dni. Pamiętaj, że odkopywanie takich tematów jest niewskazane, chyba że chcesz wnieść coś nowego do dyskusji.

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MuVicious | Season 13 Episode 2 | x10 | 25% Drop | Play2Win | Opening 8.2.19

Server Information:



Grand Opening Time is: 08 February- 4 PM GMT + 2 Timezone (Count Down in The Website.)

Server Location: United States

Season 13 Part 2 Updates:

New map & monsters Deep Dungeon (1~5)

New map & monsters Swamp of Darkness

New Boss "God of Darkness"

New Holy Angel weapons

New Set's Awakening

New Skills

New 4th Wings (HOT)

New 4th Quest Evolution (Dragon Knight, Soul Wizard, High elf and more!)

Mini-Games Jewelry Bingo| MU Roomy | Bomb Game

New Map Favorite System for an easy Warp Menu (HOT)

New equipment Mastery Awakening Soul

New 4th Master Skill Tree with Skills Enhancement and PVE New Skills

MuVicious Gameplay Information:

Exp: 10x

ML Exp: 5x

Drops: 25%

Max Level: 400

Max Master Levels: 520

Jewels Rates: Default

Chaos Machine Rate: Default

The Best PvP in MuOnline you Will EVER experience

Account Lock System for players who share their accounts, the items will not be mobile.

Drop system expertly designed to avoid Crash in the economy and generate market.

Bosses Raids modified to create an adventure of challenge and competitiveness to the players.

Players can buy and sell their items in the personal store using wcoins and /or goblin points as currency

Very well balanced PVP, giving pleasure to the highest standards of those exquisite players!

No items Customs, or powerful items, all have the same ability to compete in PVP and PVE is the path they follow (Hunters, Farmers and Heroes)

Skills and 4th tree master with new skills and improvements until Season 13 Part 1-2

The best PVE experience with bosses, monsters and personalized events for the greatest fun and challenge.
- We put as much emphasis on the PVE (Player versus Enviroment) as we do with the PVP, you can enjoy the challenges of events, hunt, and Boss raids like never before and get incredible prizes in your journey.

Important commands within the game:

/addstr - Add strength attributes within the game

/addene - Add energy attributes (energy) within the game

/addvit - Add vitality attributes within the game

/addcmd - Add command attributes within the game

/addagi - Add agility attributes within the game

/clearpk - Cleans the character's killer state (cost 5m)

/offtrade - Sell items Offline

/re - & lt; on /off & gt; Enables or disables accepting or rejecting invitations (trade, party, guild, etc) automatically.

/offattack - Keep your character leveling by this command without game open.

Special Features:

All Webzen Default Events Activated!

Arca War

Blood Castle

Devil Square

Chaos Castle

White Wizard Invasion

New Golden Invasion

Dragon Event

Loren Deep

Battle Soccer

Kanturu Event

Imperial Guardian



Kanturu Event

Balgass Event


Raklion Selupan Boss Fight

Gens System and Vulcanus Fight.

Weekly Castle Siege (Custom)

Acheron Guardian (HOT)

Ferea Battle (HOT)

Labyrinth Of Dimension (HOT)

Chaos Castle Survival (HOT)

Tormented Square (HOT)

Illusion Temple Championship (HOT)

God of Darkness (HOT)
All our events have been modified for the best user experience in a Hard rate server, the enjoy, fun and challenge in those events is out of this world.



throw the dice

throw the dice

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Pani Kasia

Pani Kasia

Od ostatniej odpowiedzi w tym temacie minęło 182 dni. Pamiętaj, że odkopywanie takich tematów jest niewskazane, chyba że chcesz wnieść coś nowego do dyskusji.
Temat jest zablokowany i nie można w nim pisać.
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