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[International] Xeronia2 - Middleschool

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Pani Kasia

Some of our new stuff and changes

A new compas, which shows you the direction of the next boss. Our bosses arent so easy to find.


Full implemented Orcmaze.

You wont get EXP that easy.
Because of that our top 3 players are getting a banner. (Automatic refresh every hour)

Reworked Meley with all effects and full implemented Zodiac with Drops.
HqZu1LP.gif          FF9szZz.gif

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We'll see, looks like gf flobal servers from presentation. I hope lycan ain't nerfed. 

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Patchnotes 30.12
*NEU: Emotions system inserted  fqUFdab.png
[x] Emotion bags are droppable from every mob
*Revision of Meley's Liar
*Position of the ranking icons adjusted
*Alternative Dropps revised (now also available to Lv. 120)
*Overhauled Daily Quest Rewards
*Cor Draconis has been removed
*Switchbot fixed in the Polish language




Patchnotes 31.12
*NEW: Bonus Changer System: Target a specific selected bonus: Bonus Changer System: Wechsle einen bestimmten ausgewählten Bonus gezielt  vfDFaab.png 
[x] Bonus Changer are droppable from every mob
*Alternative dropp inserted: New Year's Chest
*Upprates increased
*Adapted to lv. 105 armor crafting

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23 godziny temu, IstvanPL napisał:

Ktoś tam gra?

yes :)





  • New System: Top Damage

Top Damage is a system that represents the most inflicted damage in a ranking list.

The system evaluates between:
- Damage to Player (Normal + Magic Damage)
- Damage to monsters (Normal + Magic Damage)

The top list can be viewed at the Jaharr Guardin of Dragon.


  • Mobs will now be despawned after killing


  • We also continued with the design and revised the quest design





  • When using emotions, the weapon is now hidden


  • A new line has been added to the item description indicating what can not be done with the item.


in the case: This item can not be dropped, sold by NPC or offered offline

  • Wrong items removed from the chest of the yellow tiger
  • Revised effects for top 3 players::


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privek spoko ludzi brak


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