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Project Brazilian Metin2

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Hi everyone, well, look, I'm part of a Brazilian metin2 project.

The project will start being developed from the middle / end of August.

The project is going to be newschool so it's clear that we're going to need innovative things, and since Polish servers are the most innovative servers in the international metin2 market.

Since Brazilian personnel do not have the financial power to run the gross investment, and there are no personnel in Brazil who work in various areas linked to metin2, I come looking for help.

People who have "new" content (things other than official ones) (maps, dungeons, sets, mounts, costumes, hairstyles etc and that they can share for use in my project.

We will give credit to people who want to help us.

I know that no one will help for the following reasons:

- sharing content they had to buy for their own servers and then giving to others free;

Anyone who wants help can send me a private message here in the forum, or via skype: [email protected]

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