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Ghost-OT New Season With A Great Update.

This is our very last reset of Ghost-OT, after this launch there will be no more resets or reopenings of the server.
We have decided to launch ghost-ot 1 last time for our dedicated players who loves the server.
We have taken care of every major bug and fixed every flaw in the game play.
Ghost-OT launch 2018 will be our cleanest launch so far and hopefully togheter with our community we will be able to break our previous player records.
Hope to see you all at the launch 09/06/2018 16:00!
Site : WWW.Ghost-OT.NeT
IP Game : Ghost-OT.NeT
Port : 7171




Ghost-OT World Information
Added new quests
we've added new features
we've made new update of monsters,quests
we've fixed all bugs
we've added cast system..
we've added war system
you can gain exp from killing people
Cast System
to open cast use /cast on
to close your cast use /cast off
Exp Stages
From level 1 to 50 = 1000X
From Level 51 to 80 = 900X
From Level 81 to 150 = 600X
From Level 151 to 180 = 550X
From Level 181 to 225 = 500X
From Level 500 To 550 = 10X
From Level 701 To 1500 = 0.1X

Level 200 10 Free Premium Points.
Level 250 15 Free Premium Points.
Level 300 15 Free Premium Points.
Level 350 15 Free Premium Points.
Level 400 25 Free Premium Points.
Level 500 25 Free Premium Points
Level 600 25 Free Premium Points
Level 700 25 Free Premium Points
Level 800 25 Free Premium Points
Level 900 25 Free Premium Points
Level 1000 25 Free Premium Points

Daily Events
Lms Events Every 45 Minutes
Bosses Events Every 1 Hours
Exp Event Every 45 Minutes
Friday Events Guild Tournmanet
Create Your Account Now!.
Don't forget to like our facebook page and share our facebook post to recieve Your Points Code.
(Send us a private message with your character name.)

Hope You Enjoy In Ghost-OT World
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