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After sparking some public community interest in a completely secure, fully functional website. Packing a robust server administration panel, seems to be in high demand. So later I will create a SVN and upload the template PSD. I for one have no interest in slicing the design and encoding it. Tho once somebody does so, we can begin coding in the websites functionality. The main goal of this project is not only to prove to people, that website coding is not hard stuff. But also to secure every server from possible attacks through the website code (SQL Injections).


// We will be using Netbeans as the primary development IDE

As it will link up directly to the SVN and allow use to commit changes directly from our development IDE

// We will be using the template by Ironic

// It will be coded entirely in PDO

// It will be coded in PHP 5.3

// It will be free to download, setup, and use without limitations (other then credits)


I will be recruiting anybody who will be willing to contribute to the project. Note I will not be recruiting a ton of people, only a few select people I feel are capable of committing fixes and improvements. You can see screens of the site provided by FapMax here. But before all of that, I will need to see how many people are willing to contribute. And how many there are that I feel comfortable with committing to the project.


Mfg. Warmonger

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You do not know who is FepMax and where it comes from.

And you're just his little toy.



The idea was already posted in another thread, days before FepMax posted his website.

There is no need to start a fight with Warmonger in every single thread, im getting tired of it.


Im interested to join in.


Will the design be static or will there be a template engine used?

Because i don't really like the idea of mixing html with php code.

And the end user can change the layout easily without changing 1 single php file

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I was going to use a static template as im horrid at website design. Tho using a template engine would be probably the best alternative to allow customization.

I would not mind basing it on a template engine such as Twig or Smarty.

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