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[9.70]Styller Yourots 0.9.6 v.0.7 OTS Serwer Tibia


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[9.70]Styller Yourots 0.9.6 v.0.7



Download Styller Yourots (9.63) 0.9.6 v.0.7 :




IP Changer Otland:


IP Changer Asprate:




- Added Farmine

- Fixed 100% Real Tibia Spells (formulas etc)

- Separed the npcs from 2 SQM. (so it doesnt bug and talk to both of them)

- Fixed all the errors (actions,creature scripts, monsters & npcs)

- Sliced the map down (water and such), it's around 90mb big atm

- Added a greater npc rune-seller, backpack of runes.

- The Oracle, will be spawned in rook.

- Training Monks will be spawned at the training area.

- The Soft Boots Repairer will be spawned aswell.:

- 100% pure and real addon system

- Erased allot of water around Yalahar. (3mb less now)

- Fixed the real tibia's boat system (required money/premium to travel)

- All houses will be done at v0.5-v0.7. (every city - report any undone house)

- I've checked PoI too, for anykind of bug at all.

- Added allot of new talkactions such as !buy system - buy: food,bp. (but for a higher price)

- Added VIP System - REMEMBER,

ID:5785 is the medal that makes you vip,

ID: 5788 is the vip door that can close the area to vip.

- Changed the !buypremium time from 90 days (too much) to 7 days.

- Fixed the right script to the addoner. (now - he sells all the addons and it's the same system as rl)

- Fixed some map bugs and misplaced spawns & map tiles.

- Added Jail-System - Automatic Kick After 25min !

(all settings are set - north of thais magic shop - !Jail , !Unjail , /Jail , /Unjail !)

- Added Killed Monsters Counter !

- Added NPC (Soft Boots & Firewalker Repairer, at Thais east Magic Shop)

- Added NPC [blesser] that sells 1-5th blessings at the temple of thais.

- Added teleports to specific directions upstairs of Thais temple.

- Erased some water (0.5-1mb).

- Fixed the real tibia Svargrond Arena ! (with npc)

- Fixed all the houses in Svargrond !

- Fixed all the houses in Liberty Bay !

- Fixed all the houses in Port hope !

- Added a broadcaster (3k/each broadcast)

- Added Demon Oak Quest !

- Added Inqusition Quest !


- Femor Hills (Fully updated to 9.20+)

- Amazon Camp (Fully updated to 9.50+)

- Orc Fortress (Fully updated to 9.54+)

- Plains of Havoc (Fully 9.5+ [Dried grass, minor details], real tibia spawns)

- Infested Area (Demon Oak Area)

- Svargrond (Fixed/Updated)

- Okolnir (Fixed/Updated)

- Jakundaf Desert (Grass tufts, etc)

- Also many many more map bugs and areas fixed.

- Ab'dendriel Upgraded to 9.5x Style !

- Kazordoon Upgraded to 9.5x Style !

- Added Magician Tower

- Added Inquisiton Quest's Reward Room

- Added Edron Earth Elemental/Bog Raider Cave

- Added Sea Serpent Area

- Added Way To Laguna Islands

- Added Boat NPC to Cormaya

- Fixed Issue With The Fire/Poison/Energy Fields.

- RE-Fixed Svargrond Arena (Tested & Works 100%)

- Fixed Real Tibia Boat System (with all the right npcs//outfits & names)

- Fixed Drefia (wyrms etc)

- Deleted All The Items In Darashia Houses (tracked houses - therefore the items came too)

- Fixed All Houses In Cormaya

- Fixed All Houses In Edron

- Fixed Issue With The Jail System

- Fixed Real Tibia NPC Chat System (private channel)

- Added 'Eremo' - the aol seller like real tibia. (you can only travel to him from cormaya boat)

- Deleted 'Inferna' by Ates (needed the map space & it's not like rl tibia)

- Removed Orshabaal (hidden at north of edron)

- Updated Server From Mystic Spirit 0.6 to Mystic Spirit 0.6.1 ! (9.50 with allot more)


- bp/depo save (CVS)

- safe trade (CVS)

- cap system (CVS)

- buy/sell with crystals (TLM)

- house system (TLM, Black Demon, me)

- skulls & party (TLM)

- server save (TLM)

- light (Bomb Da Brat)

- vip list (Elementaries)

- npc load (Wolv119)

- anti afk (Tibia Rules)

- battle window (Skulldiggers, Tibia Rules)

- summons (CVS, Tibia Rules, me)

- gm invisible (TRS)

- rotating items (SuperGillis)

- ice rapier (Tibia Rules)

- construction kits (JTE)

- amulets: all but garlic and bronze (me)

- rings: skill, might, time (me)

- login queue (me)

- guilds with npc (me)

- pvp arena (me)

- boh+hur+time ring (me)


- burst arrow (Skulldiggers)

- destroy field (GriZzm0)

- exiva (Bryan)

- readables (me)

- commands: /pvp /owner /send

- more options in config

- better armor formulas

- energy ring

- boat npcs

- field runes


- simpler houses (DosMaster)

- learning spells (me)

- promotions (me)

- commands: /save /ban

- separate distance mul

- multiline readables

- healing summons

- damage fixes

- uh exhaustion




Changes may be found at doc/CHANGELOG in selected package or under this url.


This is seven version of the famous Crying Damson and now, the primary release of TheForgottenServer, so everyone using any below it (including 0.4) are advised to upgrade. If you'll occur any bug, please stay calm and report it at our project tracker, so it will get fixed as fast as possible. Please do not blame us also if you didn't do a full data directory update, because its only your fault, as all file changes were listed in the CHANGELOG.






















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