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PremiumMu Online / Season 3 Custom / Reset Shop+13+ all

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Name: Premium Mu / Premium / Mu Premium

Version: Special Season 3.

Experience: 999999X

Drop: 100%

Spots: Spots are really blown up.

Stores: Boxes + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 In stores, fall excellent!

Avent Castle Sage - Battle between the powerful guilds on the server, takes place once a week for an hour!




On the server:
On the server you will find an exceptional gaming experience, with no bugs or bugs that compromise the quality and experience of the game.

The amazing server community will be happy to help you get started as new players on the server!

A system of sophisticated forums and a website that will make your navigation and use easier and more enjoyable.

So we'll tell you a little about our systems so you do not get stressed

The command / info is canceled instead as soon as you place your mouse over a certain player it will show you just like info (picture)




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