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PlayersMU S16 Ep.3 PREMIUM (16-July-2021) - [BK REWARK - NEW SKILLS]

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Server will be open for beta test on 10/07/2021 at 6:00 ! For more informations please use discord !


Website: Link

PlayersMU is for those who like originality and serious things. We made this server with Unique Features so you can all enjoy it with no turnback.All Events work 100%, Every single Feature from the game, works 100% and the most important thing is that Owners are 100% correct with everyone.This server is not created for money or other material stuff and we can ensure that you will say the same thing. Of course, we have donations, but you will see we won't get richfrom the donations. (All the donations are made are going to pay the server bills) Usually, we don't discuss such things with other persons but here is proof that we are correct people.You can find more information about Boss-Drops, Event-Rewards, On our Website or Discord Server.Here's some of the little information about our server rates & drops.

1. Dedicate Server:
- 2 Gb's Network Connection
- 64 Gb Ramm
- 1 Tb SSD m2

2. Season 16 Episode 3 I.G.C.N Premium Files

---------------Events / Special---------------

- Max Level : 1300
- Exp : Level 1-800 25x / 801-1300 50x
- Reset System: No
- Grand Reset System: Available at level 1200 and it gives W-Coin equivalent with (100 euro) and 500 extra points. (TOAL OF 15.000 WCOIN when reach 3 GR and 1500 Points)
- Off-Leveling : Yes
- Castle Siege Owners Architect System : Yes
- Cash shop : Available and doesn't have over-powered items
- Web Shop : Unavailable
- Boss Rewards : W-Coin , Items
- Events : All available
- Vote Reward : Yes
- Daily Activities EVENT : Yes
- Lottery : Yes
- Exchange online H : Yes
- VIP Status : Yes
- Wheel of Fortune : Yes
- Promo codes : Yes
- Referral System : Yes
- Achievements System: Yes. (You have to complete some task's and you will be rewarded with GP-WC and many more prizes
Every month we will add a new Achievement Quest on the WEBSITE which will gove u free W-Coin or Goblin Points if you succeed !!!!

---------------Basic Info---------------

- Characters: Yes , all caracters can be created at Level 1
- Off-Trade/Personal store : On ( W-Coin & JEWELS)
- Personal Store Coin Type : Zen = W-Coin
- Auto Party System : Yes
- Party Bonus : Yes
- Skill : Only Basic skills in shop
- Expanded Inventory : Yes
- Change Character Name : Yes
- Guild Vault : Yes
- Multi Warehouse Count : 5
- Shadow-Phantom Buff Max Level : 350


- Guild Create Level : 400
- Max Guild Member : 25
- Min. Guild Member for Alliance : 25
- Alliance Max Guilds : 3


- Mysterious Stone Rate: = 50 Doesn't Matter if have Luck or not
- Jewel of Life Rate : 50% with no luck
- Jewel of Soul Rate : 65% with no luck
- Dark Jewels/Special Jewels Rate: 100%

✔ Responsible administration. Your opinion is important to us !
✔ Premium IGCN server files. Enjoy the best possible quality !
✔ Pretty unique configured server. You will not get bored here !
✔ Monthly, weekly events. Get rewards from TOP Voter, BC, DS, CC or Castle Siege !
✔ Protected against break-ins, DDOS and cheats! High stability Anti-Hack !
✔ Everything is done by us. Each part of the game is professionally configured !


All In-Game Box




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