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[S16] [35x] AZAMU - Start 25 June

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Grand Opening will take place on Friday  25 June


12:00  ( Brazil, Argentina, UTC -3 )
18:00  ( Eastern Europe UTC +3 )
22:00  ( Thailand, Vietnam UTC +7 )


xShop : don't have sets, wings, pentagrams, rings, pendants

We are glad to present you our concept of the low-version of the project, this configuration will reveal your potential as a warlike hero fighting on the field against rivals for the best resources and will give you the opportunity to test yourself in the role of the best merchant by offering others the goods you got.
We believe that success lies in the little things, that's why we pay special attention to them, each additional +1 attack speed will be worth its weight in gold, the assistant Quest Master completing the tasks of which will reward you with resources increasing your competitiveness .



Version: Season16 EP1-3
Experience: x35

3rd Master Experience:     x50

4th Majestic Experience:     x50

Economy:     Zen, jewels

Burn Stats:    Yes

Free Points:    440 * resets

Reset Price:    10,000,000 zen * resets

Reset Limit:    50

Reset on site:     Reset Character

Grand Reset Limit:    5 (Can be expanded in future)


Why to Choose us?


Custom Quest System
Zen-Jewels high economy!
Special Invasion Attack
Generous but fair Moss Merchant
Active Support
Adjusted Master Skill Tree!
Optimized World
Friendly Community

This is a live project for thinking participants, will be necessary to demonstrate your best knowledge and skills of mastering the mechanics of your hero in order to achieve the best result. The economy is based on multi-currency, which means that almost any resource, whether it be zen, jewels, items or any other that you mine, will be active and relevant in the market.Join a dynamic community and reach the position you deserve in the hero rankings!

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  • MAZEMU zmienił tytuł tematu [S16] [35x] AZAMU - Start 18 June
  • MAZEMU zmienił tytuł tematu [S16] [35x] AZAMU - Start 25 June

Dear Poland Players! We are Starting our journey 25 June!

12:00  ( Brazil, Argentina, UTC -3 )
18:00  ( Eastern Europe UTC +3 )
22:00  ( Thailand, Vietnam UTC +7 )

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