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prefix: '&6[&bPartyGames&6] '
  No-Permission: You dont have the permission to do this!
  Unknown-Command: Unknown command! use /pg for a list of commands
  Player-Join: You have joined the lobby!
  Player-Leave: You have left the game!
  Lobby-Not-Set: Lobby has not been set yet!
  Already-In-Game: You are already in the game!
  Not-In-Game: You are not in the game!
  Not-In-Lobby: You must be in the lobby to do this!
  Coins-Update: Your coins have been updated!
  Modifier-Update: Your modifier has been updated!
  Party-Must-Be-Leader: You must be the party leader to do this!
  Party-Player-Not-Available: Party member &b%member% &6is not available currently!
  No-Available-Arena: Could not find any available arena!
  Must-Have-Empty-Hand: You must have an empty hand to use this sign!
  Invalid-Item: Invalid item!
  Item-Select: '&aYou have successfully selected this item!'
  Not-Enough-Coins: You dont have enough coins to do this!
  Cooldown: You must wait &d%seconds% &6seconds to do this again!
  Unknown-Player: Could not find that player!
  Party-New-Leader: '&e%player% &6is the new party leader!'
  Party-Unknown-Player: Could not find that player in your party!
  Party-Self-Invite: You cant invite your self!
  Party-Join-Arena-No-Space: '&cYou can not join this arena because it does not have
    enough space!'
  Player-Already-Invited: That player is already invited!
  Player-Inactive: That player is no longer active in the arena!
  Command-Block: You may not use that command while ingame!
  Player-Rank-Up: You have &aranked &6up to rank &b%rank%&6!
  Arena-Not-Available: You may not join the arena at this time!
  Arena-Not-Enough-Spawnpoints: The arena does not have enough spawnpoints!
  Arena-Full: The arena is full!
  Player-Spectate: You are now spectating the arena!
  Player-Join-Arena: '&e%player% &6has joined the game! &d(%players%/%maxplayers%)!'
  Player-Leave-Arena: '&e%player% &6has left the game! &d(%players%/%maxplayers%)!'
  Countdown-Cancel: Countdown has been cancelled due to insufficient amount of players!
  Arena-Starting-Countdown: The arena is starting in &b%seconds% &6seconds!
  Arena-Starting-Countdown-Shortening: The countdown timer has been skipped to &b%seconds% &6seconds!
  Arena-Start: The game has begun!
  Leave-Arena-Error: Only the leader of the party can do this!
  Game-Cancel: Game has been cancelled!
  Arena-Win: '&a&lCongratulations! &6you have won the game!'
  Arena-Win-Prize: You have received &d%coins% &6coins for winning! (x%modifier%)
  Party-Player-Leave: You have left the party!
  Party-Player-Leave-Alert: '&c%player% &6has left the party!'
  Party-Full: This party is full!
  Party-Join: '&e%player% &6has joined the party!'
  Party-Not-Invited: You are not invited to this party!
  Party-Invite-Send: '&e%player% &6has sent an invitation to &a%target%'
  Party-Invite-Receive: You have been invited to &b%leader%&6 party! this invitation will expire in &d%seconds% &6seconds!
  Party-Invitation-Expire: Party invitation has expired!
  Party-Player-Kick: You have been kicked!
  Party-Player-Kick-Alert: '&e%leader% &6has kicked &c%player%'
  Invalid-Party: Invalid party.
  Invalid-Arena: Invalid arena.
  Spectator-Tip: As a spectator, you can left click air or right click a block to access the &a&nspectator gui!
  Reload-Kick: Plugin has been reloaded! due to that you have been kicked
  Prestige: Your rank has been reset! You have reached a new prestige level!
  No-Minigames: The arena does not have any minigames setup!
  Arena-Start-No-Available-Minigames: There are no available minigames at this time! Please wait
  Arena-Finish: The arena is finished!
  Player-Lose-Round: '&cYou have been eliminated!'
  Player-Finish-Round: '&a&lYou have finished the round! Please wait for other players.'
  Player-Lose-Round-Announce: '&e&l%player% &chas been eliminated!'
  Crafting-Request: '&a&lYou have to craft a &e&l%material%'
  Hoe-Error: '&cYou can only claim land near your color!'
  Next-Up: Next up is &2&l%minigame%...
  Ready: '&c&lReady..'
  Set: '&e&lSet..'
  Go: '&a&lGOOO!'
  Title: '&b&lPartyGames'
  - '&6&m-----------'
  - '&6Coins: &a%coins%'
  - '&6Mini-Wins: &a%mini_wins%'
  - '&6Wins: &a%wins%'
  - '&6Games played: &a%games_played%'
  - ' '
  - '&dExp: &a%player_exp%/%player_next_rank_exp%'
  - '&dRank: &a%player_prestige%-%player_rank%'
  - ' '
  - '&bColor: %player_color%'
  - '&bTrail: &e%player_trail%'
  - '&6&m-----------'
  - '&6&m--------------'
  - '&bPlayers: &a%arena_players%/%arena_max_players%'
  - '&bViewers: &a%arena_spectators%'
  - ' '
  - '&bArena: &a%arena_name%'
  - ' '
  - '&7%date%'
  - '&6&m--------------'
  - '&6&m--------------'
  - '&bPlayers: &a%arena_players%'
  - '&bAlive: &a%alive_players%'
  - '&bViewers: &a%arena_spectators%'
  - ' '
  - '&bArena: &a%arena_name%'
  - ' '
  - '&bMini-Game: &a%arena_minigame%'
  - ' '
  - '&7%date%'
  - '&6&m--------------'
  Title: '&4[PartyGames]'
  Leave: '&cleave'
  Autojoin: '&cautojoin'
  Join: '&cjoin'
  Arena-Color: '2'
  Profile: '&9Your profile'
  Prestige: '&6&lPrestige'
  Stats: '&9Your Stats'
  Party-Settings: '&cParty Settings'
  Spectator-Teleporter: '&cTeleport to players'
  Spectator-Menu: '&9Spectator Menu'
  Arenas-Selector: '&9Arenas'
  Achievements: '&cAchievements'
  Parties: '&9Parties'
  Shop: '&9Shop'
  Player-Inviter: '&9Invite Players'
  Party-Players: '&9Party Players:'
  Quit-Inventory: '&cAre you sure you want to quit?'
  Quit: 'MAGMA_CREAM : name:&cQuit : lore:&6Click to quit the game!'
  Prestige: 'DIAMOND : name:&6PRESTIGE : lore:&7This will reset your rank! : lore:&7And
    increase your prestige level!'
  Win: 'DIAMOND : name:&a&lYOU WON'
  Play: 'DIAMOND_AXE : name:&6Play : lore:&6Click to join a game!'
  Shop: 'EMERALD : name:&aCustomization : lore:&7Click to buy new items!'
  Profile: 'SKULL_ITEM:3 : name:&bProfile : lore:&6Click to view your profile!'
  Achievements: 'ENDER_CHEST : name:&dAchievements'
  Stats: 'PAPER : name:&aStats'
  Party: 'WORKBENCH : name:&dParty : lore:&6Click to manage your party!'
  Teleporter: 'COMPASS : name:&bTeleport : lore:&6Click to teleport to other players'
  Autojoin: 'WATCH : name:&b&lAutojoin : lore:&6Click to join the best : lore:&6available
  Back: 'ARROW : name:&aBack : lore:&6Click to go back!'
  None: 'ARROW : name:&cNone'
  Confirm: 'STAINED_GLASS:5 : name:&aConfirm'
  Cancel: 'STAINED_GLASS:14 : name:&cCancel'
  Next: 'STAINED_GLASS:5 : name:&aNext page'
  Previous: 'STAINED_GLASS:14 : name:&cPrevious page'
  Create: 'BEACON : name:&aCreate : lore:&6Click to create a party!'
  Join: 'CHEST : name:&cJoin : lore:&6Click to join a party!'
  Invite: 'ENDER_CHEST : name:&aInvite : lore:&6Click to invite players'
  Leave: 'TNT : name:&cLeave : lore:&6Click to leave the party'
  Starting: '&cStarting in &e%seconds% &cseconds'
  Starting-Shortening: '&cTimer skipped to &e%seconds% &cseconds'
  Start: '&cGame has begun!'
  Win: '&aCongratulations!'
  Player-Spectate: '&cYou are now spectating!'
  Lines: '&b&m-------------'
  Players: '&ePlayers: &6%players%&e/&6%maxplayers%'
  Viewers: '&eViewers: &b%spectators%'
  State: '&eState: %state%'
  Price: '&6Price: &e&l%price%'
  Rank: '&6[&b%prestige%-%rank%&6] '
  Global: '&6[&6Global&6] '
  Party: '&6[&dParty&6] '
  Lobby: '&6[&bLobby&6] '
  Spectator: '&6[Spectator] '
  Player: '&6[&aPlayer&6] '
- '%randomcolor%&m==============================='
- ' '
- '    &e%star% &a%topplayer1_name% &7won the round! &e%star%'
- ' '
- '&6       1st - %topplayer1_name% (+3 %star%)'
- '&e        2nd - %topplayer2_name% (+2 %star%)'
- '&c         3rd - %topplayer3_name% (+1 %star%)'
- ' '
- '%randomcolor%&m==============================='
- '%randomcolor%&m==============================='
- ' '
- '    &e%star% &a%topplayer1_name% &7won the game! &e%star%'
- ' '
- '&6       1st - %topplayer1_name% - %topplayer1_stars%'
- '&e        2nd - %topplayer2_name% - %topplayer2_stars%'
- '&c         3rd - %topplayer3_name% - %topplayer3_stars%'
- ' '
- '%randomcolor%&m==============================='

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