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[7.4] Azura-retro | RL Map | Tasks | Bosses | Mid-Lowrate | Wars

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Azura Official Website


What is Azura?
Azura is a 7.4 World which is gonna expand itself with later versions of content added into 7.4
In Azura you will experience the gold era of tibia and 7.4 version all of systems are gonna be adjusted to behave just like real tibia.
We do not intend to be 1:1 copy the game is gonna be a little bit harder due to the fact that players already got masterfull experience of 7.4 and can gain levels in ways not intended in the original game therefore we are gonna make gaining experience harder with new form of never seen stages.
We Know that monsters are a bit too easy to kill that is why we are gonna increase their combat levels and defence for mid and high range creatures.

Gameworld Changes

Soul Points - We believe these were never truly a part of 7.4 but we have got few ideas how to use them:
1. Allow Mages to Create blank runes using it.
2. Permit all players to use exevo pan in exchange for only soul points.

Vocations & Gamebalance

Every Vocation in tibia is unique and has it's strong benefits and sides but for 7.4 the game was pretty unbalanced.
7.4 is mainly focused on semi-afk game such as training and runemaking that is why we should not try to forcefully change it but embrace it.
Everyone wants to be the best and balancing vocations in 7.4 is hardcore task people want it to be single player game or atleast to have ability to play by themselves We want players to be encouraged to play in team aswell as solo and for both playstyles to be rewarding that is why tasks are not gonna be party share-able.
Most of servers that are featured overkill Paladins strength and make them too powerfull that is why we need to decrease their strength in combat by atleast 10%
Old quests not rewarding imagine going to broadsword quest in todays age when the knowledge of tibia is so great it seems like a useless quest those should be tweaked to be more rewarding perhaps even giving some experience just for finishing them? Or maybe some extra gold too.
Rookgaard expansion is due because in its current state it feels like the place is missing a few valuable hunting grounds to fit more than 300 players at same time we made spawntime faster and allowed overspawn to work and also will disable blocking spawns for 1st hour of server meaning monsters will spawn even with player on screen to speed up leaving rookgaard.

Server info & Stages

From Level To Level = 1-20
From Level To Level = 21-30
From Level To Level = 31-50
From Level To Level = 51-60
From Level To Level = 61-70
From Level To Level = 71-80
From Level To Level = 81-100
From Level To Level = 101~

Magic Rate = 1x
Skills Rate = 1x
Loot Rate = 2x
PVP Experience = 2x
Regeneration = 2x

Server Map



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