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[Custom][DragonBall] - start: 01.05.2021r

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DBVictory Server - Best Dragon Ball Server
START: 01.05.2021r (PL 18:00 | BR: 1:00 PM)

Portal: (Info / Spells / Maps / Items List / Guides)
Forum: (Help / Guides)


With the start of the update: (here's part of it)

A new character! (available with Reborn Quest)

Permanent GOD Transform (no more typical lightning, we changed it to GOD (new looks) with color changes, addons, lightning)

Changes in Daily Q / Tasks before reborn

Possibility to change Upgrade (Full crystal for Upgrade Items) several into one

Changed appearances of 'Ultra Instinct' possibility to change aura colors! (Option to select 'old looks')

Revised appearance of characters

Changes to Characters / Dungeon / Gulid PVP / Master etc..

Full list in the update!

Server info DBVictory: WORLD [S1]:
- Exp (stages): 8x and below
- Skill: NO loss (only Exp/Items)
- PVP (exp for kill player)
- New account have 7 Day PACC
- Max Reborn - 700lvl

PVP System:
* PlayerReborn [kill] PlayerReborn = NO FRAG
* PlayerReborn [kill] PlayerNoReborn = FRAG **
* PlayerNoReborn [kill] PlayerNoReborn = FRAG **
* Exp PVP: Reborn [kill] Reborn:
+50% Level (killing a higher player)
+35% Level (killing a lower player)

** 8x FRAG = F (RS), 10x FRAG = BAN, 1Frag = 12h

AutoLoot - more info command: !al info
Party Share:
* if there are two of in the party and have share enabled, get +25% more exp
- Dungeon system (get prinze to 24h)
- Own Lighting | Addon/Change color outfit
- Bonus Guilds - for the best of a week (awarded every week)
- Unique map (own)
- Events (automatic) + Day Bonus
- A lot of quests, Sag, missions
- Monster / Item List (in site)
- MAP (interactive) (in site)
- Upgrade / Craft Weapons
- Fly / Rider (on mob) / GOD + Skin / Ultra Instinct
- Master System (PET Boost!) (Read)
- Own Client (OTClient modified)










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