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Greetings! MU enthusiasts!

Welcome to Eternity MU Online! We are a group of pioneer players of MU aims who to develop a free and play2win server where all players can enjoy the one of the best classic 3D MMORPG on the market!
Reminisce the beauty and excitement while playing pvp, pvm, Castle Siege, Arka War, Ice Wind Valley event and many more!
Join us and relive the adventure!


Grand Opening 08/05/2021
15:00 (UTC + 2) Europe
10:00 (UTC-3) Brazil
20:00 (UTC + 7) Vietnam
21:00 (UTC +Philipines
You can also check out the timer at the top of our website!

Server Informations
Version: Season 16 Part 1-2
Experience [1-900]: 50x
Experience[901-950]: 40x
Experience[951-1000]: 35x
Experience[1001-1050]: 30x
Experience[1051-1100]: 25x
Experience[1101-1150]: 20x
Experience[1151-1200]: 15x
Experience[1201-1250]: 10x
Experience[1251-1300]: 5x

Item Drop Rate: 60%
Type: No Reset (Webzenlike)

Special Features
3D Camera
Anti-Lag System
Anti-Hack System
Custom Invasions
Ice Castle Event
Sell & Buy Characters


Why Choose US?
Fair Leveling
Limited Seals
NO VIP System
Balanced PvP
Free Stats Reset
Characters Skills in Shop
Super Cheap xShop Items
Professional Administration

Starter Gifts
Small Wings
Armor & Weapon
Panda Ring 7 Days
Skeleton Pet 7 Days


How to win 400 WCoins
Like & Follow our Page:
Like, share and Tag 5 friends to this Post:
Complete the event requirements and send a private message to our facebook page with your account username.
Event will last up until the grand opening day!

More info
Full Server Information's:
Server Drop List:
Server Guides :

Website Address:
Download Game:
Discord Server:
Facebook Page:  https: //www.facebook .com / eternitymuseason16


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