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Ktoś może przetłumaczyć plugin SkywarsReloaded? wystarczy informacje wyświetlane dla graczy.

Plik messages.yml:

  lobbychat: '&7[&bSkyWars&7] &7{prefix} &b{displayname}&f: &7{message}'
  specchat: '&7[{&bmapname}&7] &7{prefix} &b{displayname}&f: &7{message}'
  ingamechat: '&7[{&bmapname}&7] &7{prefix} &b{displayname}&f: &7{message}'
  externalPrefix: ''
  kit-create: '&aSuccessfully created the kit {kit}'
  kit-update: '&aThe kit {kit}&7''s contents have been updated with your inventory
  kit-enable: '&7The kit {kit} &7is now {state}!'
  kit-perm: '&7The kit {kit} &7{state} requires a permission to unlock'
  kit-fall: '&7Fall damage has been {state} &7for the kit {kit}'
  kit-pvp: '&7PVP damage has been {state} &7for the kit {kit}'
  kit-regen: '&7Health Regeneration has been {state} &7for the kit {kit}'
  kit-soup: '&7Soup PVP has been {state} &7for the kit {kit}'
  kit-icon: '&7The kit icon is now &b{icon}'
  kit-locked-icon: '&7The locked kit icon item is now &b{icon}'
  kit-listno: '&cThere aren''t any kits to display'
  kit-listheader: '&6Kit Filename&f - &ePosition&f - &aStatus'
  kit-listheader2: '&9==============================================='
  kit-list: '&6{filename}&f - &e{position}&f - &a{status}'
  kit-load: '&aLoaded the kit {kit} into your inventory'
  kit-loadmsg: '&7&oUse the &e&o/swkit update &7&ocommand to save any changes you
  kit-loreerror: '&cYou must specify a number between 1 and 16 or "locked"!'
  kit-lore: '&aYou successfully set lore line {line} of kit {kit}'
  kit-name: '&7You changed the display name of the kit to: {kit}'
  kit-position: '&7You changed the kit''s position in the menu to &b{position}'
  no-kit: '&cCouldn''t find a kit with the name {kit}'
  stats-cleared: '&cYou cleared {player}''s stats!'
  must-be-online: '&cThat player is not online!'
  reload: '&aSuccessfully reloaded the &bSkyWarsReloaded&a plugin by &bGaagjesCraft
    Network Team&a!'
  player-not-found: '&cCouldn''t find a player with that name!'
  spawnset: '&aThe Skywars lobby spawn has successfully been set to your location!'
  setstat: '&a{player}''s {stat} was set to {amount}!'
  must-be-int: '&cYou must specify a number!'
  method-must-be: '&cThe stat method could either be "set", "add", or "remove"'
  invalid-effect: '&cThat is not a valid effect!'
  invalid-color: '&cThat is not a valid color!'
  invalid-sound: '&cThat is not a valid sound!'
  chestadd: '&aAdded the item(s) in your {method} to {type} chests at {percent} percent!'
  stat-types: '&cThe stat could either be "wins", "losses", "kills", "deaths", "elo",
    "xp", "pareffect", "proeffect", "glasscolor", "killsound", or "winsound"'
  vote-random: '&cRandom'
  rand-lore: '&7Selects a random kit.'
  vote-nokit: '&cNo kit'
  nokit-lore: '&7Play without a kit.'
  prefix: '&eTaunt &b{player}'
  announce: '&eThe &b{event}&e event is starting in &7{time}'
  crateInv: '&7SkyWars Crate'
  waitingLobbySpawn: '&aThe waiting lobby spawn of map {mapname} has been set to your
  setLookDirection: '&aThe look direction spawn of map {mapname} has been set to your
  created: '&aSuccessfully created a new arena called {mapname}!'
  creator: '&aThe creator of map {mapname} has been set to {creator}!'
  deleted: '&cYou deleted an arena called {mapname}! This cannot be undone.'
  listHeader: '&7--------------[&aArena List&7]--------------'
  listResult: '&7{filename}&f - &b{displayname}&f - {status}'
  minplayer: '&aThe minimum amount of players to start the map {mapname} has been
    set to {min}!'
  teamsize: '&aThe team size of map {mapname} has been set to {size}!'
  name: '&bThe display name of map {mapname} has been set to {displayname}!'
  refreshed: '&7Successfully reloaded the map data of the map {mapname}!'
  registered: '&aSuccessfully registered a map called {mapname}'
  unregistered: '&cSuccessfully unregistered a map called {mapname}'
  saved: '&aSuccessfully saved a map called {mapname}'
  register-reminder: '&7You have to register the arena to save your changes!'
  changename: '&7Enter the new display name in the chat.'
  changecreator: '&bEnter the new creator in the chat.'
  addSpawn: '&aSpawn &e#{num}&a has been added to map {mapname}'
  addDeathSpawn: '&aDeathMatch Spawn &e#{num}&a added to map {mapname}'
  spawnRemoved: '&cSpawn &7#{num}&c of team &7{team}&c has been removed from the map
  deathSpawnRemoved: '&cDeathMatch Spawn &7#{num}&c has been removed from the map
  specSpawn: '&aThe spectator spawn of map {mapname} has been set to your location'
  chestPlacementType: '&7From now on, all chests you place in the arena {mapname}
    will be &e{type} &7chests.'
  addChest: '&aAdded a new chest to the map {mapname}'
  addCenterChest: '&aAdded a new center chest to the map {mapname}'
  removeChest: '&cRemoved a chest from the map {mapname}'
  memberbusy: '&cUnable to join a game. {player} is busy!'
  disbanded: '&c{leader} has disbanded the party {partyname}&c!'
  joined: '&7[&a+&7] &b{player} &7joined the party!'
  declined: '&c{player} has declined your party invite!'
  left: '&7[&c-&7] &b{player} &7left the party!'
  invite: '&b{leader} &7has invited you to join the party {partyname}&7! Type &e/swparty
    accept&7 to join the party!'
  clicktoaccept: '&aClick here to accept!'
  invited: '&7You have invited &b{player} &7to join the party!'
  pendingInvite: '&cYou already sent an invite to {player}!'
  couldnotfind: '&cCouldn''t find anyone with the name {player}!'
  noinvite: '&cNobody invited you :('
  youjoined: '&aYou joined the party {partyname}!'
  youdeclined: '&cYou declined the party invite of the party {partyname}!'
  partyisfull-nojoin: '&cOh no! That party is full, you can''t join.'
  alreadyinparty: '&cYou''re already in a party...'
  create: '&aYou created a party with the name {partyname}&a!'
  notinaparty: '&cOnly party members can do this!'
  mustbepartyleader: '&cOnly party leaders can do this!'
  onlyleader: '&cOnly the party leader has the power to join games!'
  youlefttheparty: '&cYou left your current party!'
  rename: '&7You renamed your party to {partyname}&7!'
  info1: '&7Party Name: &b{partyname}'
  info2: '&7Party Leader: &b{leader}'
  info3: '&7Party members: &b{members}'
  map-min-be-int: '&cYou must specify a number!'
  map-name: '&cThe display name must have at least one character!'
  map-remove: '&cFailed to delete the arena. A manual deletion may be necessary!'
  map-creator: '&cThe creator name must have at least one character!'
  map-exists: '&cUnable to create the arena: there already is an arena with that name!'
  map-world-exists: '&cUnable to create the arena: there already is a world with that
  map-does-not-exist: '&cThere''s now map with that name!'
  map-not-editing: '&cTo use this command, you must be editing a map!'
  map-fail-load: '&cSkyWars was unable to load that map!'
  map-not-registered: '&cSkyWars could not register that map!'
  map-failed-to-register: '&cSkyWars could not register that map. Check the console
    for more information. It''s most likely that the map does not have at least 2
    player spawns. If you already set these spawns, please set them again.'
  map-register-is-it-saved: '&cSkyWars could not register that map! Is it saved?'
  map-register-not-exist: '&cSkyWars could not register that map! It doesn''t exist!'
  map-not-in-edit: '&cThat map currently isn''t being edited!'
  cmd-no-perm: '&cYou don''t have permission to use this command!'
  must-be-player: '&cYou must be a player to perform this command!'
  signs-no-perm: '&cYou don''t have permission to create join signs!'
  spectate-playing: '&cYou can''t spectate when you''re playing a game!'
  spectate-notatthistime: '&cYou can''t spectate at this time!'
  spectate-no-longer-avail: '&cThat SkyWars match has already ended.'
  spectate-cancelled: '&cTeleportation cancelled!'
  could-not-join: '&cWe were unable to find a SkyWars game for you to join!'
  could-not-join2: '&cYou can''t join that game at this time!'
  cooldown: '&cYou can''t use your taunt for another &7{timeleft}'
  chestpercent: '&c[percentage] must be a number between 1 and 100!'
  position: '&c[position] must be a number between 0 and 35!'
  chesttype: '&c[chesttype] must be either "basic", "basiccenter", "normal", "normalcenter",
    "op", "opcenter", or "crate"'
  chestmethod: '&c[method] must be either "hand" or "inv"'
  schematicsInUse: '&cMap commands are disabled when using schematics!'
  nospawn: '&cThe SkyWars lobby spawn has to be set before you can do this! Set it
    using &o/sw setspawn'
  nopermission: '&cYou don''t have the permission to vote!'
  elochange: '&cPlayer ELO cannot be changed while player is in game!'
  select-team-before-voting: '&c&lYou must select a team before voting!'
  select-team-before-kit: '&c&lYou must select a team before choosing a kit!'
    chests: '&eSelected &a&l{type} &echest items'
    time: '&eSelected &a&l{type} &etime'
    weather: '&eSelected &a&l{type} &eweather'
    modifier: '&eSelected &a&l{type} &emodifier'
    health: '&eSelected &a&l{type}hp &ehealth'
    multiplier: '&eSelected &a&l{type} &emultiplier'
  pvp-timer-disabled-message: '&aPVP is now enabled!'
  pvp-timer-disabled-title: '&a&lFIGHT!\n&7Good luck &b{player}&7!'
  command-disabled-spec: '&cYou can''t do this when spectating!'
  command-disabled: '&cYou can''t do this when playing a game!'
  votekit: '&b{player} &7voted for the kit &b{kit}'
  votechest: '&b{player} &7voted for &b{chest} &7chests ({votes} votes)'
  votetime: '&b{player} &7voted for &b{time}&7 time ({votes} votes)'
  votehealth: '&b{player} &7voted for &b{health}&7 health ({votes} votes)'
  voteweather: '&b{player} &7voted for &b{weather}&7 weather ({votes} votes)'
  votemodifier: '&b{player} &7voted for &b{mod}&7 modifier ({votes} votes)'
  broadcast-win: '&a{player1} won a SkyWars Match on the map {map}'
  won: '&aYou won a SkyWars game on the map {map}'
  lost: '&cYou lost a SkyWars game on the map {map}'
  left-the-game: '&c{player} left the game!'
  waitstart-left-the-game: '&7[&c-&7] &b{player} &7({playercount}/{maxplayers})'
  waitstart-joined-the-game: '&7[&a+&7] &b{player} &7({playercount}/{maxplayers})'
  unlock-kit: ''
  select-kit: '&7You selected the kit &b{kit}!'
  vote-display: '&eVotes: {number}'
  win-actionbar: '&d⚔ &eWin: &b+{xp} XP &d⚔'
  kill-actionbar: '&d⚔ &eKill: &b+{xp} XP &d⚔'
    quit-while-tagged: '&6{player}&e tried to run away but he was killed by &6{killer}'
    explosion: '&6{player}&e was blown to pieces'
    drowning: '&6{player}&e swam with the fishes'
    fire: '&6{player}&e was burnt to a crisp'
    pvp: '&6{player}&e was killed by &6{killer}'
    falling-block: '&6{player}&e was crushed by a falling block'
    lava: '&6{player}&e took a bath in lava'
    projectile: '&6{player}&e was shot by &6{killer}'
    suffocation: '&6{player}&e had some trouble breathing'
    void: '&6{player}&e died in the void'
    general: '&6{player}&e died'
    killer-section: '&e with help from &6{killer}'
  offline: '&coffline'
  joinable: '&ajoin'
  playing: '&cin-game'
  ending: '&crestarting'
  line1: '&lSkyWars &r[{teamsize}]'
  line2: '{matchstate}'
  line3: 'Map: &n{mapname}'
  line4: '{playercount}/{maxplayers}'
  line1team: '&lSkyWars &r[{teamsize}]'
  line2team: '{matchstate}'
  line3team: 'Map: &n{mapname}'
  line4team: '{playercount}/{maxplayers}'
  added: '&aSuccessfully created a SkyWars sign!'
  no-map: '&cThere is no map with that name!'
  remove: '&cSuccessfully removed a SkyWars sign!'
  addedleader: '&aSuccessfully created a SkyWars leaderboard sign!'
  invalid-type: '&cThat is not a valid leaderboard type'
  invalid-range: '&cThe entered position is outside of your leaderboard range. Check
    your configuration.'
  teamSize: '&7{teamsize} players per team'
  teamState: '&7{teamcount} of {maxteams} teams'
  starting: '&7Teleporting you to the SkyWars match as a spectator...'
  startmessage: '&7You''re a spectator now! Press E to access the menu.'
  startmessage2: '&7Use &e/spawn&7 to leave the game.'
  exititemname: '&cLeave the game'
  exititemlore: '&7Click here to return to the lobby.'
  playeritemlore: '&7Click to teleport to {player}'
  stayinarena: '&cLet''s say within the arena, would ya!'
    item_title: '&eTeam {team} &7- {playercount}/{teamsize}'
      general-lore: []
      player-list-lore-line: '&7- &a{playername}'
      waiting-start: '&b{arena} &7[&f{teamsize}&7]'
      playing: '&b{arena} &7[&f{teamsize}&7]'
      ending: '&b{arena} &7[&f{teamsize}&7]'
      - '&bArena: &7{name}'
      - '&bPlayers: &7{playercount}/{maxplayers}'
      - ''
      - '&aClick here to join this game'
      - '&bArena: &7{name}'
      - '&bAlive players: {aliveplayers}'
      - ''
      - '&cThis game is currently playing'
      - '&bArena: &7{name}'
      - ''
      - '&cThis game has ended and will now restart'
  usetaunt-menu-title: '&8Taunt Menu'
  usetaunt-settaunt: '&7Click here to set your taunt.'
  purchase-taunt: '&aYou purchased the taunt &e{item} &afor &e${cost}'
  usetaunt-playermsg: '&aYou selected the taunt &e{taunt}'
  usecolor-menu-title: '&8Cages Menu'
  options-menu-title: '&8SkyWars Options Menu'
  usecolor-setcolor: '&7Click here to set your cage.'
  purchase-glass: '&aYou purchased the cage &e{item} &afor &e${cost}'
  usecolor-playermsg: '&aYou selected the cage &e{color}'
  useeffect-menu-title: '&8Particle Effect Menu'
  useeffect-seteffect: '&7Click here to set your particle effect.'
  purchase-effect: '&aYou purchased the particle effect &e{item} &afor &e${cost}'
  useeffect-playermsg: '&aYou selected the particle effect &e{effect}'
  useprojeffect-menu-title: '&8Projectile Effect Menu'
  useprojeffect-seteffect: '&7Click here to set your projecticle effect.'
  purchase-projeffect: '&aYou purchased the projectile effect {item} &afor &e${cost}'
  useprojeffect-playermsg: '&aYou selected the projectile effect &e{effect}'
  usekill-menu-title: '&8Kill Sound Menu'
  usekill-setsound: '&7Click to set your kill sound.'
  purchase-killsound: '&aYou purchased the kill sound &e{item} &afor &e${cost}'
  usekill-playermsg: '&aYou selected the kill sound &e{sound}'
  usewin-menu-title: '&8Victory Sound Menu'
  usewin-setsound: '&7Click to set your victory sound.'
  purchase-winsound: '&aYou purchased the win sound &e{item} &afor &e${cost}'
  usewin-playermsg: '&aYou selected the win sound {sound}'
  no-use: '&cUnlocked at Level {level}'
  cost: '&cCost to Unlock: ${cost}'
  joingame-menu-title: '&8Join Game Menu'
  joinloresingle1: '&7Left click to view the'
  joinloresingle2: '&7solo player arenas.'
  joinloreteam1: '&7Left click to view the'
  joinloreteam2: '&7team arenas.'
  joinsinglegame-menu-title: '&8Single SkyWars Games'
  jointeamgame-menu-title: '&8Team SkyWars Games'
  teamselection-menu-title: '&8Choose A Team'
  teamspectate-menu-title: '&5Spectate Team SkyWars Games'
  viewteams: '&7Right click to view the teams.'
  spectategame-menu-title: '&8Spectate Single SkyWars Games'
  spectatesinglegame-menu-title: '&8Spectate SkyWars Menu'
  spectateteamgame-menu-title: '&8Spectate Team SkyWars Menu'
  kit-section-menu: '&bKit menu'
  kit-voting-menu: '&bKit voting'
  chest-voting-menu: '&bChests'
  time-voting-menu: '&bTime'
  health-voting-menu: '&bHealth'
  weather-voting-menu: '&bWeather'
  modifier-voting-menu: '&bModifier'
  insufficientfunds: '&cYou don''t have enough money to buy this!'
  warmup-title: '&a{time}'
  warmup-subtitle: '&aPrepare for SkyWars'
  join-title: '&aWelcome to {map}'
  join-subtitle: '&7Waiting for the game to start'
  start-title: '&aSkyWars has started'
  start-subtitle: '&bFight for your victory!'
  endgame-title-won: '&a&lVICTORY'
  endgame-subtitle-won: '&bYou won the game!'
  click-to-open: '&7Right click to open'
  lclick-to-open: '&7Left click to open'
  lclick-to-exit: '&7Left click to exit'
  click-to-exit: '&7Right click to exit'
  click-to-vote: '&7Click to vote'
  no-perm: '&cPurchase a rank to unlock this!'
  kit-vote-item: '&bKit Voting Menu'
  kit-select-item: '&bSelect Kit'
  voting-item: '&bVoting Menu'
  team-select-item: '&bSelect Team'
  exit-menu-item: '&cExit'
  next-page-item: '&bNext'
  prev-page-item: '&bPrevious'
  exit-door-item: '&cLeave the game'
  chest-item: '&bChests'
  chest-random: '&cRandom'
  chest-basic: '&bBasic'
  chest-normal: '&bNormal'
  chest-op: '&bOverpowered'
  chest-scavenger: '&bScavenger'
  health-item: '&bHealth'
  health-random: '&cRandom'
  health-five: '&c5 ❤'
  health-ten: '&c10 ❤'
  health-fifteen: '&c15 ❤'
  health-twenty: '&c20 ❤'
  time-item: '&bTime'
  time-random: '&cRandom'
  time-dawn: '&bDawn'
  time-noon: '&bNoon'
  time-dusk: '&bDusk'
  time-midnight: '&bNight'
  weather-item: '&bWeather'
  weather-random: '&cRandom'
  weather-sunny: '&bSunny'
  weather-rain: '&bRainy'
  weather-storm: '&bStormy'
  weather-snow: '&bSnowy'
  modifier-item: '&bModifiers'
  modifier-random: '&cRandom'
  modifier-speed: '&cSpeed'
  modifier-jump: '&bJump'
  modifier-strength: '&bStrength'
  modifier-none: '&cNone'
  joinmenu: '&aSkyWars Join Menu'
  joinsingle: '&aSolo Player Arenas'
  jointeam: '&aTeam Arenas'
  spectatemenu: '&aSpectate Menu'
  skywars-options: '&bSkyWars Options Menu'
  particle-effect-sel: '&bParticle Effects'
  projectile-effect-sel: '&bProjectile Particle Effects'
  killsound-sel: '&bKill sounds'
  winsound-sel: '&bWin sounds'
  glass-sel: '&bCages'
  taunt-sel: '&bTaunts'
  game-timer: '&cSkyWars Sudden Death starts in &e{time}!'
  wait-timer: '&7SkyWars is starting in: &e{time}'
  minutes: minutes
  minute: minute
  seconds: seconds
  second: second
  header: '&9>>>&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&9<<<'
  name: '&9>> &cName: &6{player}'
  elo: '&9>> &cElo: &6{elo}'
  win-loss: '&9>> &cWins/Losses: &6{wins}/{losses}'
  kill-death: '&9>> &cKill/Death: &6{kills}/{deaths}'
  xp: '&9>> &cXP: &6{xp}'
  not-ready: '&cStill fetching player data...'
    - '&e&lSKYWARS'
    - ''
    - '&fMap: &a{mapname}'
    - '&fPlayers: &a{players}/{maxplayers}'
    - ''
    - '&fStarting the countdown if'
    - '&a{players_needed} &fmore players join'
    - ''
    - '&'
    - '&e&lSKYWARS'
    - ''
    - '&fMap: &a{mapname}'
    - '&fPlayers: &a{players}/{maxplayers}'
    - ''
    - '&fStarting in: &a{waitingtimer}'
    - ''
    - '&'
    - '&e&lSKYWARS'
    - ''
    - '&fNext event:'
    - '&a{nextevent_name} {nextevent_time}'
    - ''
    - '&fPlayers left: &a{players}'
    - ''
    - '&fKills: &a{kills}'
    - ''
    - '&fMap: &a{mapname}'
    - '&fTime: &a{time}'
    - ''
    - '&'
    - '&e&lSKYWARS'
    - ''
    - '&7Map:'
    - '&b{mapname}'
    - ''
    - '&7Winners:'
    - '&a{winner1}'
    - '&a{winner2}'
    - '&a{winner3}'
    - ''
    - '&7Kills:'
    - '&b{kills}'
    - ''
    - '&cRestarting in: &7{restarttime}'
    - ''
    - '&'
    - '&e&lSKYWARS'
    - ''
    - '&fELO: &a{elo}'
    - '&fWins: &a{wins}'
    - '&fKills: &a{kills}'
    - '&fXP: &a{xp}'
    - ''
    - '&'
  header: '&9>>>&3==&1==&3== &5Leaderboard &1==&3==&1==&9<<<'
  header2: '&b#Rank &aName: &dElo &eWins/&4Losses &eKills/&4Deaths &eXP'
  no-data: '&cNo players found'
  player-data: '&b#{rank} &a{player}: &d{elo} &e{wins}/&4{losses} &e{kills}/&4{deaths}
  footer: '&9>>>&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&3==&1==&9<<<'
  updating: '&cThe leaderboard is currently being updated. Try again later!'
  invalidtype: '&cLeaderboard [stat] must be either: {validtypes}'
  invalidformat: '&cHolographic leaderboard [format] must be either: {validtypes}'
      line1: '&lSkyWars ELO'
      line2: '&b{position}'
      line3: '&a{name}'
      line4: '{elo}'
      line1: '&lSkyWars Wins'
      line2: '&b{position}'
      line3: '&a{name}'
      line4: '{wins}'
      line1: '&lSkyWars Kills'
      line2: '&b{position}'
      line3: '&a{name}'
      line4: '{kills}'
      line1: '&lSkyWars XP'
      line2: '&b{position}'
      line3: '&a{name}'
      line4: '{xp}'
      line1: '&lSkyWars Losses'
      line2: '&b{position}'
      line3: '&a{name}'
      line4: '{losses}'
      line1: '&lSkyWars Deaths'
      line2: '&b{position}'
      line3: '&a{name}'
      line4: '{deaths}'
  header: '&7-------------------[&aSkyWars&7]-------------------'
  footer: '&7-----------------------------------------------------'
    header1: '&7----------------[&aAdmin Commands&7]----------------'
    header2: '&7----------------[&aPlayer Commands&7]----------------'
    updatetop: '&a/sw updatetop &e - &2Forces a leaderboard update'
    chestadd: '&a/sw chestadd &e[chesttype] [method] [percentage] &e- &2Adds item(s)
      in hand/inventory to the chesttype with the assigned percentage'
    chestedit: '&a/sw chestedit &e[chesttype] [percentage] &e- &2Opens an editable
      inventory for the items in the chestype with that percentage'
    start: '&a/sw start &e- &2Force starts a skywars match'
    stat: '&a/sw stat &e[playername] [stat] [set/add/remove] [value] &e- &2Set a players
      stat value'
    setspawn: '&a/sw setspawn &e- &2Sets the spawn at your current location'
    reload: '&a/sw reload &e- &2Reloads SkyWars'
    clearstats: '&a/sw clearstats &e[playername] &e- &2Clears a SkyWars players stats'
    join: '&a/sw join &e- &2Join a SkyWars match'
    quit: '&a/sw quit &e- &2Quits from the current game'
    spectate: '&a/sw spectate &e[playername/mapname] &e- &2Spectates a match'
    stats: '&a/sw stats &e[playername] &e- &2Shows a players stats'
    top: '&a/sw top [stat] &e- &2Displays SkyWars leaderboard'
    options: '&a/sw options &e- &2Opens options selection menu'
    glass: '&a/sw glass &e- &2Opens glass selection menu'
    winsound: '&a/sw winsound &e- &2Opens winsound selection menu'
    killsound: '&a/sw killsound &e- &2Opens killsound selection menu'
    taunt: '&a/sw taunt &e- &2Opens taunt selection menu'
    projectile: '&a/sw projectile &e- &2Opens projectile selection menu'
    particle: '&a/sw particle &e- &2Opens particle selection menu'
    hologram: '&a/sw hologram &e[stat] [format] &e- &2Creates a leaderboard hologram
      at your eye location.'
    holoremove: '&a/sw holoremove &e- &2Removes the closest hologram leaderboard.'
    header1: '&7-----------------[&aMap Commands&7]-----------------'
    create: '&a/swmap create &e[mapname] &e- &2Creates a map named &e[mapname]'
    creator: '&a/swmap creator &e[mapname] [creator] &e- &2Sets the [creator] for
      the map named [mapname]'
    delete: '&a/swmap delete &e[mapname] &e- &2Deletes the map named &e[mapname]'
    edit: '&a/swmap edit &e[mapname] &e- &2Opens a map named &e[mapname] &2for editing'
    list: '&a/swmap list &e- &2Lists available maps'
    minimum: '&a/swmap min &e[mapname] [min] &e- &2Sets the minimum number of players
      for the map named [mapname]'
    teamsize: '&a/swmap teamsize &e[mapname] [size] &e- &2Sets the team size for the
      map names [mapname]'
    name: '&a/swmap name &e[mapname] [name] &e- &2Sets the display name for the map
      named [mapname]'
    debug: '&a/swmap debug &e[mapname] &e- &2Get debug info about you and the target
    refresh: '&a/swmap refresh &e[mapname] &e- &2Reloads the maps data file.'
    register: '&a/swmap register &e[mapname] &e- &2Registers a map named &e[mapname]'
    unregister: '&a/swmap unregister &e[mapname] &e- &2Unregisters a map named &e[mapname]'
    save: '&a/swmap save &e[mapname] &e- &2Saves a open map named &e[mapname]'
    arenas: '&a/swmap arenas &e- &2Opens the Arenas GUI'
    spawn: '&a/swmap spawn &e[type] &e- &2Sets a spawn point for a arena. Type can
      be player, spec, or deathmatch'
    chesttype: '&a/swmap chesttype &e- &2Toggles between the type of chest being placed
      (Normal or Center)'
    legacyload: '&a/swmap legacyload &e[mapname] &e- &2Loads the chests and player
      spawns of a map using the SWR Legacy Map Loader. Should only be used when pasting
      schematics. Do not run more than once per map!!'
    header1: '&7-----------------[&aKit Commands&7]-----------------'
    create: '&a/swkit create &e[kitname] &e- &2Create a kit using the items in your
    enable: '&a/swkit enable &e[kitname] &e- &2Toggles whether the kit is enabled
      or disabled'
    icon: '&a/swkit icon &e[kitname] &e- &2Sets the icon for the kit to the itemstack
      in your hand'
    lockicon: '&a/swkit lockicon &e[kitname] &e- &2Sets the locked icon for the kit
      to the itemstack in your hand'
    perm: '&a/swkit perm &e[kitname] &e- &2Toggles whether a permission is needed
      to unlock the kit'
    list: '&a/swkit list &e- &2Lists all kits'
    load: '&a/swkit load &e[kitname] &e- &2Clears your inventory and loads the kit
      into your inventory'
    lore: '&a/swkit lore &e[kitname] [number] [lore] &e- &2Used to set up to 16 lines
      of lore and locked lore. <number> can be between 1 and 16 or the string "locked"'
    name: '&a/swkit name &e[kitname] [displayname] &e- &2Sets the display name for
      the kit. Can include color codes'
    position: '&a/swkit position &e[kitname] [position] &e- &2Sets the icon position
      within the kit menu'
    update: '&a/swkit update &e[kitname] &e- &2Updates the kit <kitname> with your
      current inventory'
    header1: '&7-----------------[&aParty Commands&7]-----------------'
    accept: '&a/swparty accept &e- &2Accepts your current party invitation'
    decline: '&a/swparty decline &e- &2Declines your current party invitation'
    create: '&a/swparty create &e[partyname] &e- &2Creates a party named &e[partyname]'
    disband: '&a/swparty disband &e- &2Disbands your current party'
    invite: '&a/swparty invite &e[player] &e- &2Invites [player] to join your party'
    leave: '&a/swparty leave &e- &2Leave your current party'
    name: '&a/swparty name &e[partyname] &e- &2Renames your party to &e[partyname]'
    info: '&a/swparty info &e- Displays your current parties info'
  motd: '{matchstate}:{playercount}:{maxplayers}:{displayname}'


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