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[Silkroad] Origin | Cap 90

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This is [GM]Simplicity

As you may already know and the reason you are here is because you, just like us, want a clean and stable Silkroad experience without those over-edited things of other servers. And of of course, you want to ACTUALLY play the game that we all fell in love with and still do to date, without the use of bots.


3 Simple reasons:

1.There is no competition on who's got the biggest number of bots farming for them.

2.The use of bots takes away the experience of actually working for something and earning it.

3.Instant boost of activity on the server, as every player is present and you can actually talk to them and make parties and activities.

I don't know about you, but I prefer to play with 600 REAL players, than play with 3000 ghost users just walking around that you can't even talk to.
Here's an extra: No game is made to be played by bots. Period.

Our mission is to provide you the best gaming experience with a professional staff which is capable of handling any issue that comes in our way.
We are all after the same goal, to have fun with our favorite game and friends, we want to provide you for with the best environment for you to do so.


Current cap: 90 (Progressive)
Races: Chinese and European
Masteries: Chinese 270 and Euro 180
Degree: 9
Exp/Sp Rates: 3x
Party Exp/Sp: 5x
Job Exp: 1x
Job Gold Regard: 10x
Item Drop Rate: 4x
Gold Drop Rate: 1x
Alchemy Rate:1x
Max Item Plus: +10 (+12 with Advanced Elixir)
Advanced Elixir: Enabled
Magic-pop: Enabled (Only Flags and Variable Dresses)
PC (HWID) Limit: 1
IP Limit: 5
Guild Limit: 25
Union Limit: 2
Chinese Balance: yes (More on that later)
So-ok: Enabled
Job System: Trader Hunter and Thief
Honor Buff: Original System
Fellow Pets: Enabled
Fortress: Hotan
Fortress War Registration: Any time except during fortress war.
Fortress War Time: Every Wednesdays and Sundays at 1:00 PM (GMT -4)
Guild Emblems: Enabled


We've taken special care of the website with the design and functionality of the website and are proud of the work we have done on it.
It's clean and clear, easy to navigate and packed with all you need! (Did we mention how beautiful it is? 😄 )
Hope you like it!


Exclusive classic layout with a minimalist touch. For a perfect balance between the two worlds.


Top Player Ranks

Top Guild Ranks

Top Trader Ranks

Top Hunter Ranks

Top Thieves Ranks

Top Honor Ranks

Character detail page displays information



Strength (STR) points

Intellect (INT) points

Last log out

Set with item name,level and plus


Fully protected and hack proof.

Email verification on register.

Email verification to change password.

Character Management

Account Management

Multiple payment gates

E-Pin Support

Double Login setup

One password for the website.

One password for the game.

Hosted on it's own private server for maximum stability and reliability.

Start items:




Get silk by hunting Uniques

Tiger girl 2 Silk

Cerberus 2 Silk

Captain Ivy 2 Silk

Uruchi 2 Silk

Isyutaru 2 Silk

Lord Yarkan 2 Silk

Demon Shaitan 2 Silk

And of course, by participating on our events!


Jewel Box (Variable normal and Silk items)

CTF (variable Normal and Silk items

Automated events and Human made events from GMs.


You get them from mobs drops, just like the original system.
Mobs from level 81-90 will have 2x chance of dropping SOX Items! (Roc Mt)


Yes, Roc Mt was made available in order to provide more trading routes, we think Roc MT if one of the most exciting routes ever!


Also called the Origin city, it is said to be the first Silkroad town. We have put special care on restoring this ancient city that takes place on an ancient forgotten part of the world map.


6 PVP Arena levels are available.
PVP Tickets are sold on the PVP Arena NPC.


Level 1: Ticket Costs 1m Gold, it gives you access to a level 1 pvp arena.

Level 2: Ticket Costs 3m Gold, it gives you access to a level 2 pvp arena.

Level 3: Ticket Costs 6m Gold, it gives you access to a level 3 pvp arena.

Level 4: Ticket Costs 10m Gold, it gives you access to a level 4 pvp arena.

Level 5: Ticket Costs 30M Gold, it gives you access to a level 5 pvp arena.

Level 5 (VIP): Ticket Costs 50m and 100 Silk, it gives you access to a level 5 (VIP) pvp arena.

There will be 25 instances or "Rooms" for each room level that can be selected from the PVP arena NPC at Lost City.


This is a 1v1 PVP arena. Winner gets everything (The cost of his ticket and cost of opponent ticket),
Example: Player 1 wins and they are PVPing on a level 1 arena, he gets 2M Gold.

The 2 players who agree to go PVP arena will have to have a ticket of the same level in their inventory, purchased from any of the grocery store NPCs.
They must also be in a party only the two of them, so they enter together to the pvp arena. Only party master can select the arena to go.
Both players have to be in town to teleport. Job suits are not allowed. Must NOT be in stall, exchange or other weird state.
Only 2 players can enter as "fighters" on the same room#, others trying to enter a room that is already occupied, will be blocked, and need to go to another room.

Once inside the PVP arena, the party will be automatically disbanded. Then both players will automatically wear yellow capes (Unable to remove them or change them
A broadcast on that room will announce that player 1 and player 2 will start a PVP match. (If the room is a Level 5 (VIP), this notice will display to the whole server!
The server will wait 1 minutes to start the match.
Fighters will have 30 minutes to finish the PVP.

The first player to reach 3 wins will win the match.
A broadcast visible only on that room will announce the winner with K/D ratio. Example: Player1 has won the PVP match (3-1), Congratulations!.
If the room is a Level 5 (VIP), the broadcast will be visible to the whole server.
After 1 minute, the 2 players will be teleported back to town, (So they have time to celebrate or brag about the win).

Extra Rules:


The use scrolls, reverse, etc is disabled.

Party is disabled.

Exchange is disabled.

PK is disabled in these PVP arena rooms.

Grab/transport/attack pets are disabled.

Equip job suit is disabled.

Zerk is disabled.

If somehow one player teleports outside the arena or disconnects from the game, that player will lose immediately.

If the time is up, the player with most kills wins. If they have the same amount of kills, they will both get their money/silk back.

The players can surrender by typing "!surrender" on the general chat, the player doing that will automatically lose the match.

There will be a 1 minute delay after each kill, to give time to fighters to rebuff.


Spectators will only need to pay 10k of gold to enter any of the rooms.
Spectators can come and go whenever they want from every room, they have to pay each time they change rooms.
They can enter the room even if there is no match active on that room.
Spectators can't cast any skills in the rooms.
There will be a teleport to go back to town, if the spectators want to go back to town.
Job suits can't enter PVP arena rooms as spectators.




Od siebie dodam bo to jest copy pasta opisu serwera. Serwer wystartowal gdzie w polowie 2018r. Działa nie przerwanie do dzisiaj, jakis niecały rok temu zwiekszyli capa z 80 do 90poziom. Jeśli ktoś chce zacząć grać to jest najlepszy moment ze wzgledu że na horyzoncie widać nowy cap aczkolwiek nie ma oficjalnego info. Ludzie się wyprzedają z itemów więc coś jest na rzeczy. 


Gra w większości posiada starszych graczy, wiadomo sentyment jest no i da się poczuć klimat dawnego silka. Serdercznie zapraszam na serwer jak i do naszej polskiej gildii BlackShine. Mój nick to Ulek91



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