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[ROBEX Online] Cap 100 - D10 - CH & EU

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Make sure that this links below is the only official links for ROBEX Online, if anyone send you any other links we are not responsible on it and I hope you watch out since there is much scamming sites and we can’t really help in this cases so please don’t use any other links that we didn’t mention bellow and thank you for trusting us.





[*]Beta Opening: 15-Feb-2020



Detailed Beta & Release Information:

It is essential to understand the meaning of a beta server.

- During the BETA phase, the server is entirely accessible to every player in order to maximize the number of potential tests on the server.

- Players are not required to participate in open beta period and all the characters created during open beta phase will be VANISHED before grand opening.

- The server is updated very often, sometimes several times a day during the BETA phase. Maintenance's might not be announced, they are made as soon as the team needs to test one or several major modifications.

- The server itself can be suspended at any moment and for any amount of time.

- Players will be informed about the beta updates and downtime's on Discord, if possible.

- Registration is not required for beta period. Any ID and Password combination can be used to login the server.

- Players are kindly requested to report back the bugs and the features that are not functioning properly on Discord bug reports section.

- Certain features will still be under development and might not function perfectly during beta period.

[*]Grand Opening: 20-Feb-2020


[*]Why ROBEX's Online?

You guys have waited for a real PLAY TO WIN System with most players game suggestions? Well! ROBEX Online proud to finally present itself and hope to be one of the best server's and it will be base on Cap 100 system.
We are so proud and exciting to present ROBEX Online for you with all the New System’s Like ROBEX's Job Points System, New Survival,Madness,Job And PVP Arena's
We are a full team of experts in gaming development we consider every thought in your mind and it will be completely in ROBEX Online. After all we are all gamers so beware that ROBEX will satisfy you in the highest possible way you been asking for or even thinking about. It's will not be just a game it’s will be ROBEX! 
Our Hope is putting the smile in your face by adding a History in your gameplay, after 2 Year of Research about 
(what the players want?) we try to make 1 system for all, and ROBEX Online community promise all the players that we will be special, we will help you in every way we can. We will be offering one of the best cap 100 System's ever and we really expecting a good population for this server, and we hoping that our originality will get your like and support. :pimp:

[*]Why Cap 100 ?

Because it's the most balanced and loved Cap and Degree During SRO History.


[*]ROBEX's Main Town is Donwhang ?


Yes, We chose Donwhang as the mother city and the uniter of players as its the favorite city for most of the players, all the important NPCs are placed in Donwhang, also the players have good memories of Donwhang so we can not neglect it.


Cap| 100
Skill| 100
Race| CH - EU
Mastery | CH 300 - EU 200
Exp | 40x
Alchemy Rate | 5x
Gold | 150x
Drop Rate | 50x
Max Plus | +16 (without ADV) - +18 (With ADV(+2)
Race Balanced| YES
Guild & Union Emblem | ENABLED
Capture The Flag | ENABLED
Battle Arena | ENABLED
Survival Arena | ENABLED
Madness Arena | ENABLED
Job Arena | ENABLED
Training Arena | ENABLED
Fortress War | Jangan - Bandit - Hotan
Honor Rank | ENABLED
Forgotten World | DISABLED
New Pets| YES
New Unique| YES
New Avatars| YES
Fellow Pets | ENABLED
Magic Pop | DISABLED
Silk/Hour | ENABLED
Vote For Reward | ENABLED


+1 ~ +5| 100%
+6 ~ +9| 50%
+10 ~ +12| 30%
+13 ~ +16| 10%
Stones| 50%


Job| 3
CTF | 1
BA| 1
Survival Arena| 1
Madness Arena| 1
Job Arena| 1
PVP Arena| 1
FW | 1
Bots/Normal Clients | 10


Guild | 32
Union | 2



Start Items

[*]20 Reverse Return Scroll
[*]ROBEX's Premium Gold Time
[*]20 Beginner Moving Speed Scroll 100%
[*]ROBEX's Ghost Summon Scroll ( Pick Pet ) 
[*]1000 HP/MP X-Large Potions
[*]ROBEX's Outfit (Avatar)
[*]100 Million Gold
[*]50 Million SP

You Can Buy Seal of star +5 Items ( 300% STR / INT ) From The NPC (D1~D9)


Free Silk
Yes You can get the a Free if you are Online only!, you will get 20 Silk Every Online Hour.. what you mean by only !? that's mean i can buy or Donate for Silk?? .. Yes you can't, the only way to get the silk is be Online :bandit: 
(Lv100 Required to Avoid Bots:))


Vote System

Vote For Reward System, every time you vote you will get Vote Points so you can Buy ROBEX Coins from [ ROBEX Shop ] NPC to buy Special Items from him, 1 Vote Point = 1 ROBEX Coin.


Honor Rank

[*]Academy Create: Enabled

[*]Academy Join / Reform: Disabled

[*]How to get Honor Points?: You have to buy the Academy Scroll from the ROBEX NPC.


[*]Reset: The Honor Rank Reset 1st Day of Every Month.

[*]Reward: Special Coins For First 3 Winners.




yes we are already know that you are always need to change our Weapon/Shield's so we added some Skins for you.

[*]Degree 11 Skin
[*]Degree 12 Skin
[*]Degree 13 Skin
[*]Egy-A Skin
[*]Egy-B Skin
[*]ROBEX's Skin


Weapons & Items Switchers:
yes we know that you can change your mind anytime so dont worry about it 😄

Weapon & Shield Switchers

Armor Switchers

Accessory Switchers


it's Simply you can buy ( Weapons / Shields / Armors / Accessory ) for Gold Coins from Items & Switchers NPC at our Main Town Donwhang 😉


we added the coins system to increase the activity range in our server and we have 4 Main Coins.

[*]ROBEX Coin: you can use it to buy some special items like premium and scrolls etc, You can get this coin from Events / CTF / BA / Arena's / Vote System.

[*]Reward Coin: you can use it to buy some special items like Academy Scrolls, And 10D Immortal Stones Etc etc, You can get this coin from Events / Unique.

[*]Play Coin: you can use it to buy some special items like Avatars and some of D10 Stones Etc, You can get this coin from Monsters.

[*]Gold Coin: you can use it to buy some special items and 10D Items, You can get this coin from Job System / Trades / Monsters.


Sure we never forget the Unique Killers we added 20 New Unique for you don't worry 🙂



Jangan Unique Map


[*]Giant Demon

[*]Thief Boss Kaila

[*]General Mad

[*]The Which


Donwhang Unique Map




[*]Red Shaitan



Hotan Unique Map


[*]Serpent Awful

[*]Rage Cloud

[*]White Knight


[*]Venus Predatory


Roc Maountain Unique Map




Constantinople Unique Map




[*]Dark Dog

[*]The Earth




Samarkand Unique Map




[*]Deadly Wolf


Alexandria Unique Map





Salt Dessert Unique Map




All of the Above Unique Drops : 30-50 Reward Coin \ Unique


Job Temple


Selkis| 100 ROBEX - Reward Coins
Neith| 100 ROBEX - Reward Coins
Anubis| 100 ROBEX - Reward Coins
Isis| 100 ROBEX - Reward Coins
Haroeris| 100 ROBEX - Reward Coins
Seth| 100 ROBEX - Reward Coins


Holly Water Temple


All Unique| H.W.T Box

[*]H.W.T Box: is a special Random Reward Box


we never forget the Area's and Event and we are already made some specials events for you.



[*]Madness Arena


Time: 1:00 PM & 11:00 PM Server Time.
How to sign up: Through ROBEX Area's Teleport at Donwhang.
Location: Madness Arena.
Objective: Kill The Unique While Wearing PVP Cape.
Reward: 250 ROBEX Coin.


[*]Job War Arena

Time: 7:00 PM Server Time.
How to sign up: Through ROBEX Area's Teleport at Donwhang.
Location: Job War Arena.
Objective: Collect More Points! ( Kill = 1 Point ) While Wearing Job Suit.
Reward: 10 Academy Scrolls.


[*]Survival Arena


Time: 6:00 PM & 12:00 PM Server Time.
How to sign up: Through ROBEX Area's Teleport at Donwhang.
Location: Survival Arena.
Objective: Collect More Points! ( Kill = 1 Point ).
Reward: 250 ROBEX Coin.


[*]Capture The Flag

Time: Every 2 hours.
How to sign up: Through Event So-Ok NPC.
Location: Capture The Flag event area.
Objective: Kill the opposing team members and steal the flag.
Restrictions: Level 100. You cannot go AFK for longer than 60 seconds, otherwise you will be teleported back to town!
Reward: 5 Reward Coin per Kill.


[*]Battle Arena

(Random,Party And Guild)
Time: Every 3 hours.
How to sign up: Through the Event Manager NPC.
Location: Battle Arena.
Objective: Win the match by killing more monsters than the other team.
Restrictions: You cannot go AFK for longer than 60 seconds, otherwise you will be removed from the event.
Reward: 30 ROBEX Coin. for the winners, 10 for the losers.


[*]Trivia Event

How it works: Our bot will write a question or a scrambled word via global and waits for your answers.
Time: Every 3 Hours.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: -
Objective: Be the fastest to answer correctly.
Restrictions: You can answer private chat (1 Time / Round).
Reward: 5 ROBEX Coin.


[*]Lucky Party Number

How it works: Our bot will write a number which is selected randomly from a certain range depending on number of the last formed party.
Time: Once per hour during daytime.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: -
Objective: Create a party that matches the lucky party number.
Restrictions: -
Reward: 5 ROBEX Coin / Round


[*]Hide & Seek

How it works: A bot will hide in a random location within the whole map.
Time: Every 4 hours during day time.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: Anywhere.
Objective: Be the first one to send the Bot and exchange request to win.
Restrictions: -
Reward: 10 ROBEX Coin / Round


[*]Kill the GM

How it works: Our bot will spawn on the mentioned location with yellow cape equipped. There will be 3 rounds.
Time: 4 times per day.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: Donwhang, outside south gate.
Objective: Deal the killing blow in order to win.
Reward: 10 ROBEX Coin / Round.


[*]Search & Destroy

How it works: A unique will spawn in a random location around the whole map.
Time: 4 times per day.
How to sign up: Not required.
Location: Anywhere.
Objective: Kill the unique.
Restrictions: -
Reward: Depends on the Event.


[*]Lucky Global

How it works: the bot will announce that the Lucky Global Event Started, so you have to write a random global and he will pick a random winner.
Time: Every 4 Hours.
How to sign up: Write a Global.
Location: Anywhere
Objective: Get lucky!
Restrictions: -
Reward: 5 ROBEX Coins / Round.


[*]Fortress Fighter

How it works: our bot will record your kills count during the fortress war then the top Fighter will get the reward.
Time: During Fortress War
How to sign up: Join The Fortress War.
Location: Fortress
Objective: Kill More!
Restrictions: -
Reward: 250 ROBEX Coin.


[*]Weekly Tournaments

Tournament: Best PVP
Time: Saturday 11:00 PM Server Time.
Description: Best STR vs INT, Best CH vs EU, Winner vs Winner = Best PVP Of The Week.
Reward: 500 ROBEX Coin + (7) Days Title.

Tournament: Best STR & INT
Time: Sunday 10:00 PM Server Time.
Description: PVP (2/3 Rounds).
Reward: 500 ROBEX Coin + (7) Days Title.

Tournament: Best CH & EU
Time: Monday 10:00 PM Server Time.
Description: PVP (2/3 Rounds).
Reward: 500 ROBEX Coin + (7) Days Title.

Tournament: Best Unique Killer of the week
Time: Saturday 10:00 PM Server Time.
Description: Depends on the Amount Of Unique Kills During the Week ( 1 UQ = 1 Point ).
Reward: 500 ROBEX Coin + (7) Days Title.

Tournament: Best Donator of the week
Time: Saturday 10:00 PM Server Time.
Description: Depends on the Amount Of Donating During the Week.
Reward: 500 ROBEX Coin + (7) Days Title.


We are Created a New Unique Special Job Points System with Rewards 🙂 !


[*]Trade 1* > 1 Job Points + 4B Gold

[*]Trade 2* > 1 Job Points + 8B Gold

[*]Trade 3* > 2 Job Points + 12B Gold

[*]Trade 4* > 2 Job Points + 16B Gold

[*]Trade 5* > 3 Job Points + 20B Gold

- You Can Exchange Your Job Points To Reward By PM $System. 
$System JobPoints

- Note: to avoid bots and Auto Scripts we added some future to the job system.. you must Send [ Trade ] to System to get your Reward after selling the trade, if you forget to send Trade to System so you will not get the Trade reward.


Jangan <> Donwhang
Constantinople <> Samarkand

Goods Shop Removed From Others Areas!

we are just remember that when we was a iSRO Players we was always have a wars during routes! so we was have 2 things to enjoy.. how to run or fight and earning gold :).
now the Trades in PSRO is Auto Trades And Scripting!, so we Only Enable 2 Routes Trying to enjoy like before Only 2 Routes to Fight and Earn 😉 .


[*]ROBEX Shop


here you will find our special scrolls and our Special Color Globals Chatting.


[*]Pets Shop


here you will find our special and Latest Pets.


[*]Alchemy Shop


here you will find our D10 Alchemy Things ( Stones / Elixirs / Scrolls ).


[*]Titles Manager

here you will find our Special Titles and you can Buy it.
Note: we are made a Special Titles System, if did you buy any title it will be saved to your char you Switch between Them anytime.
!titles  - Display your titles list
!set TitleID - set a title


[*]Character Visuals Shop

here you can checkout and Decorate your Character.

1- Devil / Angel Spirits 


2- Godbless: we are choose the most lovely godbless colors 
( Red - Blue - Yellow - Mix )


3- Emoji Scrolls: we are added the most funny Emoji 😄


4- Effects: you will find all Character effects here.



[*]Avatars Shop

here you will found all Original and Custom And Special ROBEX's Avatars.



[*]Lock System:

We took much time to think about a good way to secure ur account to play with us with a very high lvl of security. So, the best way to secure ur account is by securing ur char itself.
With securing ur char, no one can do anything with u. EVEN HE HAVE UR ID-PW

The usual system at most of server is to lock each item. That will take a huge time to lock every item. But we saw that this system will not lock everything, it'll lock Weapons and Set only. Which will give the chance to get stolen with other items like silk/potion/gold/storage
Our new system here will lock your whole char with all item inside it. And yes everything like potions/storage..etc. Beside it'll lock your char with 1 order. The same this with unlock it, it'll be with 1 order

Lock System info:-
Q: What is the meaning of my item locked!!
A: When someone put his hand on your ID-PW he can not do this things at ur locked items...

- Can not plus
- Can not drop
- Can not exchange
- Can not stall
- Can not trade
- Can not sell
- Can not store at storage
- Can not store at guild storage

- Don't give ur secret word or PIN to anyone
- Don't forget ur secret word
- Save ur Secret words at any TEXT at ur PC/lap

how to use ?:-
- To lock ur char. : [!lock xxxxxx]
> xxxxxx: is your password which is numbers or letters
- To unlock your char.: [!unlock xxxxxx]

Hint: you can change your password every time you unlock your char




[*]AFK Bubble:


 Now you can know that player Away from Keyboard or Online if he is AFK you will see the AFK Bubble on him.


[*]#Live Discord:

Now you can looking for what happening in the game like Notice/Globals/Events from our Discord Channel #Live.


[*]24/7 Live Support:

Now you can get a help 24/7.

1- Website Online Support Chat.
2- Facebook Page Messenger Chat.
3- Discord Chat.
4- InGame Support ( Team Members ).




[*]Signature Event:

change your forum signature to our ROBEX Online signature and get 1000 ROBEX Coin on the Grand Opening Date!




[*][B]Discord Event:[/B]
Join our Discord channel and join our daily giveaways to win 1000+ ROBEX Coin on the Grand Opening Date!

Discord Link: [url][/url]


[*][B]Facebook Event:[/B]

Join Our Facebook Like & Share Event And Win 2500 ROBEX Coin on the Grand Opening Date!

Facebook Event Link: [url][/url][/CENTER]

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