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Czy mógłby ktoś spolszczyć plugin warps?

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Witam !

Chciałbym się dowiedzieć czy podjął by się ktoś spolszczenia pluginu Warps, Portals and more. Konkretnie chodzi mi o tę część:


Prefix: '&8[&6Warps&8] &r'
Menu_Help: '&c&nHelp'
Edit_Mode: 'Edit-Mode'
Back: Back
Quit_Edit_Mode: 'Quit Edit-Mode'
Command: Command
Permission: Permission
Item_Editing: Item-Editing
Cancel: Cancel
Ready: Ready
Not_Ready: 'Not ready'
Sparkle: Sparkle
Description: Description
Add_Line: 'Add line'
Reset_Lines: 'Reset lines'
Current: Current
Disable: 'Disable'
Enable: 'Enable'
Line: Line
Name: Name
Success_Create_Warp: '&aYou have created a &bwarp &asuccessfully.'
Success_Create_Icon: '&7You have &asuccessfully &7added an icon.'
Success_Create_Decoration: '&aYou have created a &bDecoIcon &asuccessfully.'
Teleporting_Info: '&cTeleport in &l&n%seconds%'
Teleported_To: '&7You were teleported to ''&b%warp%&7''.'
Teleported_To_By: '&7You were teleported to ''&b%warp%&7'' by ''&b%gate%&7''.'
Teleported_Player_Info: '&7You teleported ''&b%player%&7'' to ''&b%warp%&7''.'
Config: Config
Maintenance: Maintenance
Language: Language
Animation: Animation
Animations: Animations
Show: 'Show'
Previous_Animation: 'Previous animation'
Next_Animation: 'Next animation'
Walking_During_Teleports: Walking in teleports
Teleport_Delay: Teleport delay
Reduce: 'Reduce'
Enlarge: 'Enlarge'
Success_Changed_Lang: '&aThe language was changed to "%lang%".'
Success_Maintenance_Enabled: '&4The Maintenance-Mode was enabled.'
Success_Maintenance_Disabled: '&4The Maintenance-Mode was disabled.'
Success_Changed_Animation: '&aThe animation was changed to "%anim%".'
Success_Walking_Enabled: '&7Walking during a teleport is &aallowed &7now.'
Success_Walking_Disabled: '&7Walking during a teleport is &cdisallowed &7now.'
Success_Changed_Teleport_Delay: '&aThe teleport delay was changed to "%delay%".'
Success_Configured: '&aYou have configured the icon successfully.'
Delete: '&cDelete'
Yes: Yes
Confirm_Delete: '&7Are you sure you want to &cdelete &7this icon?'
No: No
Icon_Not_Deleted: '&7The icon was &cnot &7deleted.'
Icon_Deleted: '&cThe icon was deleted successfully.'
Move_Icon: 'Move icon'
Success_Icon_Moved: '&aThe icon was moved successfully.'
Name_Already_Exists: '&cThis name is not available.'
Only_For_Players: '&cThis is only for players!'
Use: Use
Success_Files_Reloaded: '&aAll files are reloaded.'
PORTAL_GO_TO_PORTAL: '&7You have 30 seconds to go into a portal.'
Apply_Delete_No: '&7No, &akeep it&7.'
Question_Delete_Portal: '&7Do you really want to &cdelete &7this portal?'
Apply_Delete_Yes: '&7Yes, &4delete&7.'
Delete_Portal_Successfully: '&7The portal has been &cdeleted &7successfully.'
PORTAL_CREATE_FIRST_SAVED: '&7The first position has been saved.'
PORTAL_CREATE_NEXT: '&7Run this command at the next required position again.'
Teleport_Radius: 'Teleport radius'
Animation_Radius: 'Animation radius'
Animation_Height: 'Animation height'
Animation_Speed: 'Animation speed'
Destination: Destination
Animation_Type: 'Animation type'
Particle_Effect: 'Particle effect'
Particle_Effects: 'Particle effects'
Hologram_Height: 'Hologram height'
Start_Name: Start-Name
Goal_Name: Goal-Name
Sound: Sound
Sounds: Sounds
Volume: Volume
Pitch: Pitch
Entering_Portal_Editor: '&7You are now in the portal-editor.'
Portal_Created: '&7The portal has been created.'
Portal_Not_Created: '&7The portal has &cnot &7been created.'
Portal_Save_Changes: '&7The changes have been saved.'
Portal_Delete_Changes: '&7The changes have &cnot &7been saved.'
PORTAL_HELP: '&7Use: &eportal <create, edit, delete>'
Delete_Portal_Cancel: '&7The portal has &4not &7been &cdeleted&7.'
Change_Name_Long: '&7» Click here to change the name.'
Change_Name: 'Change name'
Move_Help: '&7Moving: Rightclick on categories to switch to it.'
Set_Icon: 'Set Icon'
Coins: Coin(s)
Costs: Costs
WarpSign_Choose_Warp: Choose a warp for the sign!
WarpSign_Finish: The WarpSign was set successfully!
Teleport_Cancelled: '&cThe teleport has been cancelled.'
WarpSign_Removed: '&7The WarpSign was &cremoved&7!'
Search: Search...
Previous_Page: Previous Page
Next_Page: Next Page
GlobalWarp_Created: '&7The GlobalWarp "&b%GLOBAL_WARP%&7" was &acreated successfully&7.'
GlobalWarp_Create_No_Dots: '&cGlobalWarp names &-lcan''t &ccontain any points!'
Target_Server: Target-Server
GUI_Choose_Icon: Choose your IconType
Warp: Warp
Page: Page
GlobalWarp: GlobalWarp
GlobalWarps: GlobalWarps
Decoration: Decoration
Choose: 'Choose'
Status: Status
Enabled: Enabled
Success_Create_GlobalWarp: '&aYou have created a &bGlobalWarp &asuccessfully.'
GlobalWarp_Does_Not_Exist: '&cThis GlobalWarp does not exist.'
Set_Background: 'Set background'
Show_Icon: 'Show icon'
WARP_DOES_NOT_EXISTS: '&cThis warp does not exist.'
Native_Portals: '&cNative Portals &7- &cEditor'
Water_Portal: '&bWater portal'
Lava_Portal: '&cLava portal'
Air_Portal: '&eAir portal'
Nether_Portal: '&4Nether portal'
End_Portal: '&9End portal'
NativePortal_Material: Portal material
Teleport_Link: Teleport link
Portal_Blocks: Portal blocks
Not_Ready_For_Saving: '&cThe portal cannot be saved yet'
Set_Portal_Name: Set portal name
NativePortals_Set_Blocks: Set teleport blocks
Portal_Name: Portal name
Drop_To_Leave: '&cDrop the item to go to the menu'
Choose_A_Warp: '&bChoose a warp'
Choose_A_GlobalWarp: '&bChoose a GlobalWarp'
NativePortals_Confirm_Close: '&cNative Portals &7- &4Save?'
Sure_That_You_Want_To_Loose_Your_Data: '&7Are you sure that you &cdon''t &7want to &csave &7your changes?'
Close: Close
Save: Save
Go_To_NativePortal: '&7You have 30 seconds to go into a native portal.'
GlobalWarp_Create_Name_Already_Exists: '&7The GlobalWarp "&b%GLOBAL_WARP%&7" &calready exists&7.'
GlobalWarp_Deleted: '&7The GlobalWarp "&b%GLOBAL_WARP%&7" was &cdeleted&7.'
GlobalWarp_Deleted_Cancel: '&7The GlobalWarp "&b%GLOBAL_WARP%&7" was &cnot &7deleted.'
GlobalWarp_List_Leftclick: '&8» &7Click to teleport yourself to this GlobalWarp'
Native_Portal_Choose_Warp: '&cChoose a warp'
Plugin_Reloading: '&cThe plugin will be reloaded now...'
Success_Plugin_Reloaded: '&aThe plugin has been reloaded.'
Success_Plugin_Reloaded_Without_Saving: '&aThe plugin has been reloaded without saving.'
Status_Of_Start: 'Status of Start-Holo: '
Status_Of_Destination: 'Status of Destination-Holo: '
Hologram: Hologram
Teleport: Teleport
No_Permission: '&cYou don''t have permissions for that action!'
Enter_Name: '&cPlease enter a name.'
Disabled: Disabled
Icon_Is_Disabled: '&4This icon is &l&ndisabled&4!'
Player_Cannot_Use_System: '&cYou are not allowed to use warps!'
Player_Is_Already_Teleporting: '&cYou are already teleporting!'
Player_Cannot_Use_Warp: '&cYou are not allowed to use this warp!'
Shortcut_created: '&7The shortcut "&b%SHORTCUT%&7" was &aadded&7!'
Shortcut_already_exists: '&cThis shortcut already exists!'
Shortcut_does_not_exist: '&cThis shortcut &cdoes not exists&7!'
Shortcut_was_removed: '&7The shortcut "&b%SHORTCUT%&7" was &cremoved&7!'
WarpSign_Edited: The WarpSign was edited successfully!
Leftclick: Leftclick
Rightclick: Rightclick
NativePortalEditor_Place_Blocks: '&cPlace blocks!'
NativePortal_Confirm_Delete: '&7Do you really want to &4delete &7the portal?'
No_Keep: '&aNo, keep'
Yes_Delete: '&cYes, &4delete'
NativePortal_Deleted: '&cThe portal was deleted successfully.'
TempWarp_Editor: '&cTemp Warps &7- &cEditor'
TempWarp_Reactivate: '&cTemp Warps &7- &cReactivate'
TempWarp_Create: '&cTemp Warps &7- &cCreate'
TempWarp_Delete: '&cTemp Warps &7- &cDelete'
Set_Name: Set name
Duration: Duration
Private: Private
Teleport_Message: Teleport message
Teleport_Costs: Teleport costs
Message: Message
World_Not_Exists: '&7The requested world &cdoes not exists&7.'
GlobalWarp_Not_Exists: '&7The GlobalWarp "&b%GLOBAL_WARP%&7" &cdoes not exist&7.'
Money_Paid: '&7You have paid &c%AMOUNT% coin(s) &7to teleport to "&b%warp%&7".'
Confirm: '&cAre you sure?'
Delete_confirmation_globalwarp: '&7Do you really want to &cdelete &7the global warp &7"&c%GLOBAL_WARP%&7"&7? You could &cdelete shortcuts&7 linked to that as well.'
Rightclick_To_Reset: Rightclick to reset
NativePortal_Not_Deleted: '&7The portal was &cnot &7deleted.'
Change_Permission: 'Change permission'
Portal_Insufficient_Permissions: '&cYou have insufficient permissions to teleport with this portal.'
Enter_Correct_Name_Underline: '&cPlease don''t use "_"-Symbols.'
Player_Cannot_Use_Page: '&cYou are not allowed to open this page!'
Warning_Maintenance: '&cThe WarpSystem is currently in maintenance mode, please try it later again.'
Not_Enough_Money: '&7You need at least &c%AMOUNT% coin(s)&7, to teleport to that position!'
GlobalWarps_Not_Available: '&cThere are no GlobalWarps, which can be linked!'
Move_To_Open_Editor: '&cMove to open the &nconfig-editor&r'
No_Item_In_Hand: '&cYou have to hold an item!'
Enter_Correct_Name: '&cPlease don''t use "@"-Symbols.'
Enter_Lore: '&cPlease enter a lore.'
Enter_Command: '&cPlease enter a command.'
Enter_Permission: '&cPlease enter a permission.'
Enter_A_Positive_Number: '&cPlease enter a positive number!'
TempWarp_is_private: '&7This warp is &cprivate&7!'
TempWarp_is_expired: '&7This warp is &cexpired&7!'
TempWarp_is_not_expired: '&7This warp is not &cexpired&7!'
Public: Public
TempWarp_Message_Too_Long_Too_Short: '&7The length of your message have to be between &c%MIN% &7and &c%MAX%&7!'
TempWarp_was_deleted: '&7Your TempWarp "&c%WARP%&7" has been &cpermanently deleted&7.'
TempWarp_no_access: '&cYou don''t have access to this TempWarp.'
Not_Set: 'Not set'
Active_Time: 'Active time'
Minimum: 'Minimum'
Maximum: 'Maximum'
Click_Toggle: '&7» Click here to toggle'
TempWarp_Click_Buy: '&7» Click here to &cactivate &7your TempWarp for &c%PRICE% Coin(s)'
TempWarp_Click_Renew: '&7» Click here to &creactivate &7your TempWarp for &c%PRICE% Coin(s)'
Change_Message: '&7» Click here to change the message'
Price: 'Price'
TempWarp_Created: '&7Your TempWarp "&b%NAME%&7" &7was activated for &c%PRICE% Coin(s)&7!'
TempWarp_Confirm_Delete: '&7Are you sure you want to &cdelete &7this TempWarp? &7You will get just &a%COINS% Coin(s) &7back, if you delete this warp.'
TempWarp_Deleted: '&7The TempWarp "&b%TEMP_WARP%&7" was &cdeleted&7.'
TempWarp_Deleted_Refund: '&7The TempWarp "&b%TEMP_WARP%&7" was &cdeleted&7. You got &a%COINS% Coin(s) &7back.'
TempWarp_Deleted_Cancel: '&7The TempWarp "&b%TEMP_WARP%&7" was &cnot &7deleted.'
TempWarp_Delete_TimeOut: '&7You took &ctoo much time &7to delete your TempWarp, try it again.'
TempWarp_expiring: '&7Your TempWarp "&b%TEMP_WARP%&7" &cexpired&7. You have &b%TIME_LEFT% &7left to reactivate it.'
TempWarp_Deletion_In: '&7Your TempWarp "&b%TEMP_WARP%&7" will be &cdeleted &7in &b%TIME_LEFT%&7!'
TempWarp_List_deleted_in: '&cdeleted in &n%TIME_LEFT%'
Removed: 'Removed'
TempWarp_Edited_Pay: '&7Your TempWarp "&b%TEMP_WARP%&7" was &aedited &7for &c%COINS% Coin(s)&7.'
TempWarp_Edited_Refund: '&7You got &a%COINS% Coin(s) &7back for your edit on your TempWarps "&b%TEMP_WARP%&7".'
TempWarp_Edited: '&7Your TempWarp "&b%TEMP_WARP%&7" was edited &asuccessfully&7.'
TempWarp_Renew_Not_Enough_Money: '&7You have &cnot enough money &7to reactivate your TempWarp.'
TempWarp_Renew_Finished: '&7Your TempWarp "&b%TEMP_WARP%&7" was &areactivated &7for &c%COINS% Coin(s)&7.'
TempWarp_Inactive_Win: '&7You got &b%AMOUNT% coin(s) &7by your TempWarps while you were offline.'
TempWarp_No_Warps: '&7You &cdon''t &7have any TempWarps yet!'
TempWarp_No_Warps_Other: '&7This player &cdoesn''t &7have any TempWarps yet!'
TempWarp_Maximum_of_Warps: '&7You &ccannot &7create more than &b%AMOUNT% &7TempWarp(s)!'
TempWarp_Create_Protected: '&cYou can''t create a TempWarp here!'
Remaining: 'remaining'
TempWarp_You_have_n_Warps: '&7You have a total of &b%AMOUNT% TempWarp(s)'
TempWarp_Player_have_n_Warps: '&7The player &b%PLAYER% &7have a total of &b%AMOUNT% TempWarp(s)'
Ask_to_download_uuid: '&7This player is &cnot &7online. &7Do &7you &7want &7to &bdownload &7the &bUUID &7from &7the &7Mojang&7-&7Server&7? &8[&a%YES%&8]'
Player_does_not_exist: '&7This player does &cnot exist&7!'
Player_is_not_online: '&7This player is &cnot online&7!'
Click_Hover: '&7» Click «'
Import_Start: '&7Warps are going to be imported now...'
Import_Finish: '&b%AMOUNT% &7Warp(s) were &asuccessfully &7imported!'
Import_Finish_With_Errors: '&7Warps were &cnot &7imported &ccorrectly&7!'
Import_Could_Not_Import_Warp: '&7This warp could &cnot &7be imported!'
Single_Import_Not_Available: '&7The Single-Import-Feature is &cnot available &7for this plugin!'
Import_Choose_New_Name: '&7Would you like to use a new name? &8[%YES% &8| %NO%&8]'
Import_Warp_Imported: '&7The warp ''&b%WARP%&7'' have been &asuccessfully &7imported!'
Expired: Expired
SimpleWarp_Created: '&7Your SimpleWarp ''&c%WARP%&7'' was created.'
SimpleWarp_Created_Edit_Info: '&7Click %EDIT% &7to edit advanced options.'
SimpleWarp_Created_Edit_Info_EDIT: '&7»&chere&7«'
SimpleWarp_Deleted: '&7Your SimpleWarp ''&c%WARP%&7'' was &c&ldeleted&7.'
SimpleWarp_Not_Deleted: '&7Your SimpleWarp ''&c%WARP%&7'' was &cnot &7deleted.'
SimpleWarp_Confirm_Delete: '&7Are you sure you want to &cdelete &7this Warp?'
SimpleWarp_Change_Name: '&8» &7Click here to change the name'
SimpleWarp_Change_Permission: '&8» &7Click here to change the permission'
SimpleWarp_Change_Price: '&8» &7Click here to set the teleport price'
SimpleWarp_Cancel_Edit: '&7Your changes have &cnot &7been saved.'
SimpleWarp_Save_Edit: '&7Your changes have been &asaved successfully&7.'
SimpleWarp_Edit_Title: '&cSimpleWarp&0: ''&f%WARP%&0'''
SimpleWarp_Edit_Permission_Hint: '&7Type &7''&c-&7'' to &creset &7the permission'
Warp_Confirm_Overwrite: '&7Do you want to override ''&b%WARP%&7''? &8[%YES% &8| %NO%&8]'
Warp_Confirm_Overwrite_Yes: '&aYes'
Warp_Confirm_Overwrite_No: '&cNo'
Warp_Not_Overwritten: '&7Your warp was &cnot &7overwritten.'
Warp_Overwritten: '&7Your warp has been overwritten &asuccessfully&7.'
WarpGUI: 'WarpGUI'
SimpleWarps: 'SimpleWarps'
SimpleWarp: 'SimpleWarp'
List: 'List'
Choose_A_SimpleWarp: '&bChoose a SimpleWarp'
RandomTP_Already_Searching: '&7Your random position is already being searched.'
RandomTP_Searching: '&7Searching for a random position...'
RandomTP_Teleported: '&7You were teleported to a random position!'
RandomTP_No_Location_Found: '&7Unfortunately, no perfect position could be found. Try again.'
RandomTP_Adding_New_Block: '&7You have 30 seconds to rightclick a block.'
RandomTP_Block_Destroy_Info: '&7Just destroy the random tp block with your hand!'
RandomTP_Block_Added: '&7You registered &asuccessfully &7a new interact block for random teleportations.'
RandomTP_Block_Removed: '&7The interact block for a random teleportation was &cremoved&7!'
RandomTP_No_Teleports_Left: '&cYou don''t have any teleportations left.'
RandomTP_Info: '&7You have &e%LEFT%&7/&e%ALL%&7 random teleport(s) left.'
RandomTP_Info_Unlimited: '&7You have unlimited random teleport(s) to use.'
RandomTP_Info_Buyable_Unlimited: '&7You are able to buy as much random teleports as you want!'
RandomTP_Info_Buyable: '&7There are &e%LEFT%&7/&e%ALL%&7 random teleport(s) you can still buy.'
RandomTP_Not_Enough_Money: '&7You need at least &c%AMOUNT% coin(s)&7, to buy a new random teleport!'
RandomTP_Bought_Too_Much: '&cYou already bought all %AMOUNT% random teleports!'
RandomTP_Buy: '&7Do you want to buy a random teleport for &e%AMOUNT% &ecoin(s)&7? &8[%YES% &8| %NO%&8]'
RandomTP_Buy_Yes: '&aYes'
RandomTP_Buy_No: '&cNo'
RandomTP_Buy_Cancelled: '&cYou didn''t buy a random teleport.'
RandomTP_Buy_Finished: '&7You bought a random teleport for %AMOUNT% coin(s).'
Effect_Portal: 'Effect portal'
Existing_Warps: 'Existing warps'
Or: 'or'
Remove: 'Remove'
Appearance: 'Appearance'
Options: 'Options'
Set: 'Set'
Change: 'Change'
Icon: 'Icon'
Add: 'Add'
Item: 'Item'
Change_Item: 'Change item'
Cant_Change_Item: 'Your held item equals the item of the icon.'
Enable_This_Icon: 'Enable this icon'
Disable_This_Icon: 'Disable this icon'
Commands: 'Commands'
Move: 'Move'
Edit: 'Configure'
Open: 'Open'
Shift_Leftclick: 'Shift-Leftclick'
Shift_Rightclick: 'Shift-Rightclick'
Shift: 'Shift'
Server: 'Server'
Pinging: 'Pinging'
Online: 'Online'
Offline: 'Offline'
Refresh: 'Refresh'
Choose_A_Destination: '&cChoose a destination'
Choose_A_Server: '&bChoose a Server'
Server_Is_Not_Online: '&cThe target server is not online!'
Player_Is_Already_On_Target_Server: '&cYou are already on the target server.'
TempWarps: 'TempWarps'
Owner: 'Owner'
Click_For_Teleport: '&7» Click here to teleport to this position.'
Ends_In: 'Ends in'
Deleted_In: 'Deleted in'
Unsaved_Changes: '&7There may be unsaved changes. Save with ''&e/ws reload true&7'' or run this command again to confirm.'
WarpSigns: 'WarpSigns'
Finish: 'Finish'
Changes_have_been_saved: 'Your changes have been saved.'
Key: 'Key'
Key_Templates: 'Key templates'
Key_Name_Does_Not_Exist: '&cThis name doesn''t match to a key.'
Key_Template_Delete_Confirmation: '&cAre you sure&7, that you want to &cdelete&7 this &7key &7template (&e%NAME%&7)? All players will &cloose their keys&7, &7linked &7to &7that &7template. &8[%NO% &8| %YES%&8]'
Key_Template_Not_Deleted: '&7The template was &cnot &7deleted.'
Key_Template_Deleted: '&7The template was &4deleted &7successfully. All players lost their keys, which were linked to this template.'
TempWarps_No_Key: '&cYou don''t have a key to create a TempWarp!'
TempWarps_Player_Got_Key: '&7You got the ''&e%KEY%&7'' key with a duration of &e%DURATION%&7 to create a TempWarp!'
Key_sent_to_player: '&7You sent a key to &e%PLAYER%&7.'
TempWarps_Toggle_Without_Name: '&cYou have to set the name first.'
Keys_Not_More_Than: '&cThe player cannot have more than %AMOUNT% keys!'
TempWarps_Keys_Info: '&7You have &e%AMOUNT% &7key(s).'
Shortcuts: 'Shortcuts'
Effect_Portals: 'Effect portals'
General: 'General'
Toggle: 'Toggle'
NativePortals: 'Native portals'
Potion_Effect: 'Potion effect'
Potion_Effects: 'Potion effects'
Potion_Effect_Type: 'Potion effect type'
Level: 'Level'
Potion_Effect_Time_before_Teleport: 'Effect duration before teleport'
Potion_Effect_Time_after_Teleport: 'Effect duration after teleport'
Animation_Editor: 'Animation editor'
Animation_does_not_exist: '&cThis animation &cdoes not exists&7!'
Animation_was_removed: '&7The animation "&b%ANIMATION%&7" was &cremoved&7!'
Tick_Sound: 'Tick sound'
Teleport_Sound: 'Teleport sound'
Create: 'Create'
Rotation: 'Rotation'
Color: 'Color'
ParticleType_Doesnt_Support_Colors: 'The selected Particle type doesn''t support colors.'
Reset: 'Reset'
Portal: 'Portal'
Position: 'Position'
Positioning: 'Positioning'
Enter_Something: 'Please enter something.'
No_second_effect_portal: 'You don''t have a second effect portal.'
Object_Position: 'Position of %OBJECT%'
Hologram_Text: 'Hologram text'
EffectPortal_ChangeName_Hint: 'The name, which will be displayed on a teleport.'
EffectPortal_No_Animation: '&7You &cneed an animation &7to finish your effect portal'
Max_Random_Offset: 'Max. random offset'
Permission_Notice: '&8There is &4no &8permission prefix!'
TeleportRequest_tpToSender: '&7You got a teleport request. &8[&cYou &7» &e%PLAYER%&8]\n&7This request will be &cinvalid in %SECONDS% seconds&7. &8[%ACCEPT%&8 | %DENY%&8]'
TeleportRequest_tpToReceiver: '&7You got a teleport request. &8[&e%PLAYER% &7» &cYou&8]\n&7This request will be &cinvalid in %SECONDS% seconds&7. &8[%ACCEPT%&8 | %DENY%&8]'
TeleportRequest_not_valid: '&7You &cdon''t &7have a &cvalid&7 teleport request from "&e%PLAYER%&7"!'
TeleportRequest_accepted_sender: '&7The player "&e%PLAYER%&7" &aaccepted &7your teleport request.'
TeleportRequest_denied_sender: '&7The player "&e%PLAYER%&7" &cdenied &7your teleport request.'
TeleportRequest_accepted_other: '&7You &aaccepted &7the teleport request of "&e%PLAYER%&7".'
TeleportRequest_denied_other: '&7You &cdenied &7the teleport request of "&e%PLAYER%&7".'
TeleportRequest_Receiver_not_availabe: '&7This player is currently &cnot &7available.'
TeleportRequest_sent: '&7You sent a teleport request to "&e%PLAYER%&7".'
TeleportRequest_already_sent: '&7This player &calready got &7a teleport request from you.'
TeleportRequest_toggled_enabling: '&7You &awon''t &7automatically &adeny &7teleport requests anymore.'
TeleportRequest_toggled_disabling: '&7All incoming teleport requests are &cautomatically denied &7now.'
TeleportRequest_Cant_Teleport_Yourself: '&7You &ccannot send yourself &7a teleport request!'
TeleportRequest_All: '&7You sent a teleport request to &e%RECEIVED%&7/&a%MAX% &7players.'
TeleportRequest_Open_Requests: '&7You still have &copen &7teleport requests.'
Teleports_toggled_enabling: '&7Other players &acan teleport you &7now.'
Teleports_toggled_disabling: '&7You &cwon''t be teleported &7anymore.'
Teleport_denied: '&7The player "&e%PLAYER%&7" &cdenied &7the teleport.'
Teleport_all: '&7You teleported &e%AMOUNT%&7/&a%MAX% &7player(s).'
Teleport_Stop_Moving: '&7Please &cdon''t move &7during the teleportation'
Accept: '&aAccept'
Deny: '&cDeny'
Last_Position: 'Last position'
No_last_position_found: '&7No &clast position &7could be found.'
Connect_BungeeCord: '&7For this function, you have to &cinstall &7this plugin &con your BungeeCord &7as well.'
Size: 'Size'
User: 'User'
Admin: 'Admin'
Title: 'Title'
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Ja niestety niezbyt dobrze umiem angielski i trochę się w tym gubię. Może ktoś byłby tak dobry i przetłumaczył to ?

Wiem że jest tego sporo. Z góry bardzo dziękuję.

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Pani Kasia

Tłumacz google i jazda. To nie takie trudne.

Jak do tej pory, to nikt Ci tego nie spolszczył, więc nie sądzę, że ktoś to jeszcze zrobi.

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