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[8.54][Naruto] Naruto New Sekai

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Quick Info
Account Manager:
Server Type: Medium/Easy
Client: 8.54
Editon Start - 23.08.2019 18:00
More Info:


Systems available for everyone


Boss System
Each boss spawns 5 minutes after killing. In addition you can’t block his spawn. If someone manages to defeat boss - information shows who kill boss to All players.


Dungeon System
On our server you will also find a dungeon system. It works on the principle that you need 3 players for each dungeon and a specific level for it. You have a specific amount of time for each dungeon and can enter it for a specific amount of time. Dungeons are giving extra prizes and a lot of experience.


Saga System
Our sag system is quite unique, because for completing a given saga you unlock the ability to practice higher. For example, you can normally get Attack Speed up to 120, and after finishing a given saga up to 150. In addition, if you can’t find the saga, you can use the !Saga command, which is responsible for Exiva
Kimimaro Saga - unlocks Attack Speed and Critic
Pain Saga - unlocks Defense and Absorb
Sasuke Saga - unlocks Taijutsu / Kenjutsu / Distance


AutoLoot System
We used to be proud of this system, but now it is certainly known to you from other servers. On our server you can add any item to the list (Facc - max 5, Pacc - max 20) and this system will automatically drop the item into the backpack.


Combo System
If you don’t like when your spells are out of sync or you can’t heal and attack at the same time, this system is just for You. On our server you can make the perfect combo with spells. Target + Wave + Area + Special 1 + Special 2.
Any combination of spell types is possible, for example you can start Combo with Special 1.


Party System
A complete novelty on servers on the classic client. Thanks to this system, you no longer have to add an ally to the party again during the war, and accept it. If he logs in to the minute after death he will be added to your party automatically! Guild wars with this system are a fairy tale and pure pleasure.


Upgrade System
Only on our server you can improve not only weapons, but also equipment. If you have Upgrade Stone or Perfect Upgrade Stone and the required upgrades, you can upgrade your protector, armor, legs, boots. Each upgrade increases the bonuses of a given piece of equipment. You can upgrade your equipment to +3 and weapons to +10.


and more and more systems… - You must check this server by yourself!

Useful Maps


Boss/Pet Map


Dungeon Map



Monster Map


Saga Map




Come and play with us!

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