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Nie mogę uwierzyć, że tego serwera jeszcze nikt tu nie przedstawił więc proszę:







CAP: 110

Race: Chinese/European

XP Solo: 130x

XP PT: 130x

Guild Limit: 24

Union Limit: 3

Special Trade: Every day: 20:00-20:45

Max Plus: 13

Play2Win: YES



Electus Menu is giving you instant access to the most of the live statistics you will ever need. Click on the Electus icon underneath mini map to activate it.

Electus Points: Live Electus Point Statistics.

Honor Points: Live Honor Point Statistics and HP Player Ranking.

Event Timers: Live status update for the events and the uniques.

Char Lock: Enter your char-lock password and lock your character.

Ranking: Instant access to several rankings.

Jackpot: Participate JackPot Event.

Achievements: Watch your achievements' status and claim your rewards once they are complete.

Titles: Swap in between your titles any time you want.

Changelog: You will be redirected to our forum for the most up to date changelog.


Free silks are obtained from the Events and Uniques. You win an event, you receive free silks on your account instantly. You kill an unique and pick up the silk scrolls. Of course it doesn't apply to every event and unique. We will talk about the details later on.

We giveaway roughly $350 worthy free silk every day. Every single day. This is about 30,000 - 35,000 free silks. With a simple calculation, you will find out we giveaway $10,000 worthy free silks every month. INSANE! Isn't it?

OK but how is that even possible? Electus pays tens of thousands of dollars for the expenses every month and also manage to give away that many silks for FREE? Yes, we do. Please welcome to Electus Online. This is how we roll babe.

Taking advantage of the overpopulated server (very high demand for the items), Electus economy runs smooth and works like a charm. Surely, it doesn't come in all-in-one package. We're keeping an eye on the server market and if necessary - adjust the rarity of the items in the background to avoid inflation and/or slowdowns in economical activities.


Pay2Win level : Limited


It's not a secret that you will get what you want when you pay money. This doesn't only apply to SRO or other games. That's how it goes in life. However, in Electus Donators are LIMITED to low tier sox items. That means, they can not buy the best items in the game with silk. The best items in the game (which is EGY B) is ONLY and ONLY sold for Electus Points and Coins you obtain from jobbing, events/activities and the dungeons.

Maybe some of the donators can buy low tier sox items before the non-donators do. If this didn't happen, there would be no reason to run a project like this. This logic apply to 99% of the psro servers so let's get over it already.

Also, think that way, if there were no donators to buy SOX items from the non-donators, how would non-donators even get free silk by playing then?

Now, lets look at this:

Job Cave Uniques16800 FREE SILKS DAILY





It's all about Electus Points.

The best items in the game are sold for Electus Points + Coins. NOTHING ELSE but EP + Coins. Let's find out how to farm those points first and then talk about the coins

There are 8 different methods you can use. You can choose any method you wish to farm Electus Points. Activate Electus Menu by clicking the ''E'' icon underneath theminimap. Then select 'Electus Points' window. You will see your Electus Points status live.












For many people, box system is cancer and they hate Electus because we brought box system into psro.

Listen up, yes, we did bring box system into psro scene but we are not the ones who ruined it. I've seen many videos on Youtube, people cracking hundreds of boxes and getting NOTHING. Waste of time and source. This is not how you do it.

Okay, now in Electus, we don't have ridiculously low success rates for the boxes. We don't have 100 different boxes. We only have 3 boxes you should know of and the success rates are

55%, 25% and 10%.

The one with 10% success rate is not even available in the beginning of the server so dont you worry. 55% and 25%. Easy life! No confusion. Just simpl and easy.

In Electus, you don't get SOX drops from monsters or uniques. You obtain Electus Boxes from the Dungeons (Godsend Dungeon + Forgotten World) and the uniques and crack them to claim your reward (SOX or special item). When you crack the box, the item will be granted in your STORAGE upon success.










The most important part!


In iSRO 110 Cap, there are 3 different SoX items. Nova, EGY A, EGY B. We have exactly the same SoX items in Electus. On top, we have SOA, too. Now let's discuss why.

In 100 Cap; we have SOS, SOA, SOE and SOM. 4 units of SoX and it's proven that 3x lower tier tradeable SoX and 1x highest tier non-tradeable SoX combination is the best for pSRO, at least for Electus.

If we are to compare 100 cap to 110 Cap;

SOS =Nova (Tradeable)

SOA =SOA (Tradeable)

SOE =EGY A (Tradeable)

SOM =EGY B (Non-Tradeable)

This is how it will look like then.







Godsend Dungeon is the main Dungeon in Electus Online. As the server is Dungeon based, main source of the SoX items will be this dungeon. You will have multiple purposes to complete the dungeon.

1. Complete Godsend Dungeon Quests

By completing the dungeon quests, you will receive 20 Electus Points and 30M Skill Points per run.

2. Collecting Coins and Boxes

The uniques will drop coins and boxes. Coins are needed for EGY B items. Boxes are the only way to get the SoX items. Check the unique drop list to find out what drops you will get in Godsend Dungeon.

The dungeon consists of a garden where you'll find tens of monsters in
and 3 rooms connected to it.

In order to remove the seals of the rooms, you have to kill all the monsters in the garden.

As soon as you hunt all the mobs and the iconic Electus Unique ''Light Spirit'', you will have access to the second room; after cleaning up the room, you will have access to the third room where ''Shadow Spirit'' unique will welcome you.
Those uniques designed and developed by Simulation. I'm sure you'll like them. Not very sure if they'll like you though. It's recommended to enter the dungeon with at least 5-6 party members, else, you will have hard time to complete the dungeon within 60 minutes. If you can't manage to complete it, you and your team mates will be teleported back to town... which is not cool.


1. Cooldown: Once you enter the dungeon, you will have 22 hours cooldown. Make sure take and complete the quests before the time runs out.

2. Party-Banish Once you enter the area, party banish feature will be disabled temporarily in order to avoid people stealing the drops. The dungeon can be entered only once a day and the quests/drops are quite valuable so we don't want anyone's day to be ruined by an ice-cream sucker.

Godsend Dungeon Teleporter

The dimensions are located in Donwhang Electus NPC near the guild manager. The dimension is costy so it makes sense to share the cost with your team mates. Watch out though, not everyone is trustable. Make sure to collabrate with your guild mates or with people you know of in order to avoid scam.


Godsend Dungeon is meant to be TEAM PLAY BASED. However, there are solo players and Chinese STR characters who might not have very high chance to find a party. In order to give them ability to collect the quest rewards, we duplicated the Godsend Dungeon and made a SOLO version available.

Good Part: You are not relying on anyone. You can complete the dungeon & the quests alone.

Down Side: There are no drops in this dungeon. You can only take the solo godsend dungeon quest and complete them. SP Quest reward also grants you 10M SP instead of 15M SP. You might think this is not useful enough but there are people who are in need of solo dungeon and requested it. We advice everyone to stick to main godsend dungeon yet you also have opportunity to go for the solo godsend dungeon. The dimension is also avaialble at Electus Shop.



Jest tego bardzo bardzo dużo, to co wymieniłem w tym poście to jakieś 10% servera.

Wszystko możecie zobaczyć pod linkiem epvp:

Codziennie jest około 2000 graczy online, więc jest co szukać po stallach i z kim robić dungeony.

Zapraszam do polskiej gildii: HardcoreArmy



Zapraszam na server, dziś będzie 100 dni online.





















Trochę screenów z gry:












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