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International project is looking for translators/colaborators

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Hello! Hope you don’t mind if I write in English. I’m going through the matter. As a social manager from a big metin2 international project, I’m here to ask if someone of you would be interested in supporting our server. I don’t have any preview to give, but soon we will announce and share with you more details. There still a lot to do, but the most part is done.


We are currently only recruiting translators. Translations, such as gameplay and security are our priorities for now. Of course, we will recruit people for other roles, but later.

I know it’s my word against yours, I don’t offer any reason to believe on me, but at least, give it a try and take a look with your own eyes. If you enjoy a server based on an old concept, with a new touch, personalized systems and toons of features, that makes the game not easier but more pleasing and attractive, this one is your ideal and perfect to you.


Did I draw your attention? If you think you could be useful, make sure you don’t waste this opportunity. We truly believe this project has potential to go far and compete with the sharks of nowadays. It will exceed all your expectations.

Text me in private if you need more information and details. I ‘ll be waiting your message.



-Knowledge about the game in general;

-Capacity of teamwork and communication;

-Be a gentle, comprehensive and dedicated person;

- Able to understand English, at least, the minimum to communicate and have a clear writing;



Discord: Dream#1409 (my personal preference to chat)

Skype: dr3amwithyou


And yes, there are rewards and advantages for every collaborator.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Best Regards,


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