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- Maximum level: 99

- Type: Old-School (2008)

- Gameplay: Classic & Hard

- Site:

- Rates: 10% L / V / D 25% (On Friday evening at 00:00, the 25% rate is activated)



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Pani Kasia

Pani Kasia

Dnia 02.04.2019 o 11:23, Silver™ napisał:

How many ppl online?

250+ per day

Dnia 02.04.2019 o 17:52, Druxi napisał:

da ktos link do strony ?

Edited, link add :)

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Dear players, we have the honor to announce the coming of our second Easter event on our server. It will begin on 20 April and will end 10 days later on April 30.

About organizing the event:

- Throughout the event, each map will be spawned with 3 egg metines at an hour, they will surely drop a basket of pasta eggs. In addition, the chief monsters and metin stones have the chance to drop a paste egg.
- From April 26th to April 29th, at 20:00 for 3 hours, all monsters of the kingdom have the chance to drop the Easter Eggs.
- Throughout the event you can try your luck at the Destiny Wheel.
- On April 28, all rates will receive a 50% bonus for 24 hours. ( all day)
- Throughout the Event in ItemShop, you will find Costumes, Easter Frites, Joy Ring and Seal Wheel Seals that can be bought with Dragon Coins and Chips.
- Discounts between 15 and 25% on all ItemShop items.

About drop and respawn:

The Egg Metines are only sown where they are already normal Metin Stones.
Easter Bunnies bring Easter Bunny.
Bosses and metin stones do not have the chance to drop the guaranteed egg.
In exchange for an egg or basket, Easter bunny can offer: Spells & Strengthens Object / Marble / Scoica / Perg. Blessed / Blacksmith's Handbook / Bio Elixir / Exorcism Pariet / Concentrate Reading / Spirit Spirit / Blessedness of the Dragon God / Stuffing Sugar / 3x Zen Grains / Experience Ring / Easter Costumes and Fringes with or without Bonus / Ring of Joy / Seals at Destin's Wheel .

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Pani Kasia

Today on 26.04.2019 the following updates were made:

1) I have increased the number of shells in the Golden Balls from 1 in 4.
2) We lowered the price of JD items in the itemshop a little.
3) We added the 6th polling site as requested.
4) The FORUM button appears on the site only after logging in.
5) We made the negotiable pluses and we increased their drop rate very little in the hexagon cushions.
6) Because many wanted to get frizzy in the game, the drop of clear moon cups / soccer balls / eternal winter / paste eggs / etc I added the FRENCH CROSS.
At the next drop events you can get these cups.
7) For those who reach the maximum level 99, we added the reward: 60x spells the object, voucher with 100 Dragon Coins and the Ring of Joy.
8) I added the Apprentice's Cup and made it so that everyone, not just the new ones, would welcome it.
9) For beginners, we added Magic and GREEN Power, that is, add and change the bonus that can be used on weapons and armor up to level 40.
They can not negotiate and drop to metine de lv 5 - 35.
10) We have removed from the OX Event animal transformation because we have already put an anti-crash in the arena, that is, players can pass through one another.


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