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[Silkroad] Hypnos Network | 100 Cap | 11D | CH & EU

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About Hypnos
We have tought the finest detail and We have dedicated most our time to design our project to be long and fun.When you start to Hypnos Online, you won't need to another server to start because we will always develop and live our server.We hope you give Hypnos a chance and invite your friends to live the great experience together!

Official Links

Website :

Facebook :

Discord :

Epvp Theard :



[20.08.2018] Beta Phase
18:00 GMT +2
Before our server grand opening Starts there will be few days of beta to ensure bugless systems and lagfree start .After Beta we will wipe server data to offer a fresh start with smooth gameplay for everyone !

[31.08.2018]  Grand Opening 
19:00 GMT +2
We present our grand opening date and we are sure that we have fixed all the bugs and ensured that the server is going to be fully stable on that day. We hope it would be a place where your joining would be unforgettable!

Server Info:
Cap - 100
Degree - 10/11
Races - CH/EU
Exp Rate - 10x
Party Exp - 15x
Drop rate - 3x
Alchemy Rate - 1x
Max plus - +11 no adv
Fortress - Jangan
Guild Limit - 32
Union Limit - 2
FGW - Enabled
CTF - Enabled
BA - Disabled
Magic Pop - Yes
Vote4Silk - Working
Silk per hour - 1

Start Items


Max Stack


Sox System
In our system are D10 Sun Items and D11 Seal of Hypnos. How to get them?

Sox Balance:
Seal of Hypnos = Seal of Sun [+2,1]

How to get Seal of Sun
-The normal way dropping from monsters Lv. 100 ( Alexandria , Job Temple )

How to get Seal of Hypnos (Protector)
-From Npc for Coins , You can read more information about it in Coins section.

How to get Seal of Hypnos (Accessory)
-From Npc For Coins , or drop it from Seth Unique

How to get Seal of Hypnos (Weapon)
-From Forgotten World , You can read more information about it in Forgotten World section.


Coins System

Gold/Silver Coin
This currency is one of the currencies needed to buy Seal of Hypnos Set.You can get it from:

-Holy Water Temple
-Job Temple Uniques
-Special Uniques

Iron Coin
This currency is one of the currencies needed to buy Seal of Hypnos Accessory.You can get it from:

-Npc by Gold

Hypnos Coin
This currency is one of the currencies needed to buy Special Items.You can get it from:

-Normal Uniques
-FGW Uniques
-Job Temple Quests


Trade Routes
Only Jangan - Donwhang - Hotan routes are available

Special Trade - Disabled


Forgotten World - Flame Mountain
You will be having a great adventure there,all you need to is hunting monters and destroy box's to get talisman cards.Dont forget about Boss he also have chance to drop talisman card.You must collect 8 talisman cards to get ur Seal of Hypnos Weapon!

How to get Dimensions Holes ? 
You can get Dimensions Holes from NPC by Coins

How can you take the quest ? 
Normal system,from Governor Senmute at Alexandria South


Fortress War
Enjoyable and Real Fun Fortress War will always depend on them.Reward for the Winner Guild is a lot of coins.
Reward for Fortress War will be automatic , You must be inside Fortress 3 seconds after notice with Winner!

Fortress war time: Sunday 19:00 Server Time 
Only Jangan Fortress is available.
PC Limit inside Fortress is 1

A spy system will be available on our server. What is this?
- Master of Guild ( Only in Fw Region and Fw time)
- Just type "$System Spy" and type the Correct Character name
The punishment is :
1- First time = Disconnect
2- Second time = Block login until the time of FW finished


Magic Pop
We have improved it to be useful and play to win.
How to get it?
U can get Magic Pop card from CTF

You will be able to get one of this items:
1.Sabakun's Jewel
3.Lucky Scroll 
4.Lucky Magic Powder D10/11
5.Title Scroll
6.Lottery Sun Item 


Capture The Flag
This systems got improved by us since we want to be special than the others.
Reward for each kill is Magic Pop scroll,Use it to get 1 Magic Pop card. 

CTF Time: 00:30 , 02:30 , 04:30 , 06:30 , 8:30 , 10:30 , 12:30 , 14:30 , 16:30 , 18:30 , 20:30 , 22:30 ( Server Time ) 


Alchemy Rates
+1 => 100% 
+2 => 100% 
+3 => 90% 
+4 => 80% 
+5 => 70% 
+6 => 50% 
+7 => 30% 
+8 => 15% 
+9 => 10% 
+10 => 2% 
+11 => 1% 


Normal Uniques (STR/INT)
Appearing every 1,5-2 hours and dropping Hypnos Coin and gives You points to ranking:

Tigerl Girl ( 3 Points )
Cerberus ( 4 Points )
Capitan Ivy ( 4 Points ) 
Uruchi ( 5 Points ) 
Isyutaru ( 7 Points )
Lord Yarkan ( 8 Points )
Demon Shaitan ( 9 Points )

Job Temple Uniques
Appering 2 times in day , dropping: Silk Scrolls , Silk Items , Immortals , Coins

Selket - 11:30 / 17:30 Server Time
Neith - 11:30 / 17:30 Server Time
Anubis - 13:30 / 19:30 Server Time
Isis - 13:30 / 19:30 Server Time
Haroeris - 15:30 / 21:30 Server Time 
Seth ( D11 Seal Of Hypnos Accessory ) - 15:30 / 21:30 Server Time 

Special Uniques
Appering every 2-4 hours , drop:

Kidemonas - Immortals , Coins
Spawn inside Kidemonas Room.

STR Gnome - Silk Scrolls , Coins
Spawn in Roc Mountain.

Sylph - Silk Scrolls , Coins
Spawn in Roc Mountain.

White Knight - Reverse , Globals , Lucky Scroll
Spawn in Karakoram.

Jupiter - Coins
Spawn in Job Temple.

Baal - Coins
Spawn in Job Temple.

The Mighty Uniques

Launatune - Silk Scrolls , Immortals , Lucky Scroll , Coins
Spawn every 5-8 hours in Jangan/Donwhang/Hotan Area
BeakYung The White Viper - Sun Items , Silk Scrolls , Immortals , Globals , Reverse  
Spawn 2 times in day at 15:00 and 20:00 Server Time , in orginal place

Roc - Roc Set , Sun Items , Silk Scrolls , Silk Items ,  Immortals , Lucky Scroll ,  Globals , Reverse , Clock , Coins
Spawn in Saturday at 18:00 Server Time , in orginal place


Skill Balancing 


Mastery: Wizard
Skill Name:Eeath Fence
Description:Increase cooldown from 1min to 2min

Mastery: Cleric
Skill Name:Reverse Oblation
Description:Increase cooldown from 5sec to 1min

Skill Name:Group Reverse
Description:Increase cooldown from 10sec to 1min

Mastery: Warrior
Skill Name:Iron Skin
Description:Increase cooldown from 2min to 3min

Skill Name:Mana Skin
Description:Increase cooldown from 2min to 3min

Mastery: Warlock
Increase cooldown for all debuffs from 2 sec to 5 sec


Mastery: All 
Skill Place:Force
Skill Name:Chinese Passive
Description:Increase 10% Physical/Magical Damage

Mastery: Pacheon
Skill Name:Strong Bow - Will
Description:Increase Critical from 15 to 18

Skill Name:Anti Devil Bow - Annihilate
Description:Increase Critical from 40 to 45

Mastery: Heuksal
Skill Name:Cheolsam Force
Description:Increase HP from 3800 to 5000 

Mastery: Bicheon
Skill Name:Asura Cut Blade
Description:Increase Physical Damage attack from 855-1045 to 905 - 1095

Skill Name:Ocean Blade Force
Description:Increase Physical Damage attack from 830 - 1015 to 921 - 1101

Mastery: Force
Skill Name:Force Increasing
Description:Increase MP from 3800 to 5000

and much more!


Honor Buffs 
You must be a member in academy system to get honor buffs, you can register from any storage.
Ways of collecting honor points:
-Job Kills 
Each job kill grants 1 honor point.
-Unique Kills
Each unique kill grants 1 honor point.

Copper, Silver, Gold, Crown for 1 to 5
Copper, Silver, Gold for 6 to 15
Copper, Silver for 16 to 25
Copper for 26 to 50

System Reset every friday.

Notice: System Refreshing every 24 hours


Custom Npc's 
Main Town is Jangan
Avatar Shop
Titles Seller
D11 Trader
Coin Trader
Silk Trader


This system in our website will simply show you guys the top ranking players.

Top Players 
Order by Character item points

Top Guilds 
Order by Guild Points

Top Jobbers 
Order by Job Level

Top Honors (Reset every friday)
Order by Honor Points

Top Uniques (Reset every friday)
Order by Unique points
First place will be rewarded with Title,Silks and Coins



Facebook Event 
1000 Silk as a reward for our dear players who will be supporting us by inviting their friends and of course sharing means caring that why we will make sure they will get the mentioned reward in the grand opening.

Signature Event 
You all know that using our official elitepvpers signature will be a great support and it will help you all as well to get a server with many players in it and we all know how important that is.By using our official signature will be sending out rewards in grand opening it will be 100 silks

Epvp for Code :P

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