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Legacy of Naruto Online - START 18.08.2018 18:00

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Greetings Tibia Players!

I would like to invite you to new naruto server.
If your are naruto ots player and you are looking for server where Pvp is not just using last spell or you are normal tibia player and you are looking for new types of PvP, then this is server for you.
Serwer is created by player for players.
First 50 account will get free points(one per ip).
Legacy Of Naruto Online (8.54)

Legacy Of Naruto Online Info:
Server starts: 18.08.2018, 18:00
Client: 8:54
Dedicated Host: Warsaw
(PvP-Enfo Server)

Experience & Magic & Skill Rates:
Exp: x1
Magic Rate: 2x
Skill Rate: 2x
Loot Rate: 1x

Pvp Info:
Enfo Rate: 2x
Push delay: 1sec
Stairhop delay: 0,5sec
Magic walls avilable

*A lots of Raids -When you calmly explore the map and suddenly Deidara appears in front of you and kills you in half of the hit or in one hit if you are a tank.:sad:

*Team-battle event- play randomly as Akatsuki or Anbu on Pvp Map, 1 life per round, play smart, defeat enemies, win cool rewards. 2 Pvp Maps, 4 rounds per day.:suspicious:

*A lots of Bosses- thousands of bosses:hah:

*Ctritical System- build highest critical % on the server and do not let your target think about escape:suspicious:

*Attack Speed System- build or skill high attack speed and kill someone in less than second(joke of course, u need 2 ppl to kill another dps character or 1 if target is noob):suspicious:
*Parry(physical res) nad Absorb(magic res) System – resist all incomming damage, go afk, eat somehing, when u back u will be still alive:suspicious:
*Dodge System – if you are lucky u will dodge all damage only with 1% chance
*Aura system- be beautiful and fabulous:lol2:
*Upgrade System- f*ck skills, upgrade your weapon and eq to +10 and be the best

*Custom weapons with effects(% chance to debuff, paral, drunk someone or with area damage effects):suspicious:

*28 Characters and 8 stays in queue, be unique, create your own character with unique build:suspicious:

*Build character as you want-meele dps(crit build?atkspd build?damage build?), dist dps, magic dps tank or hybrid?:suspicious:
Build as you want, everything fits almost on any characters(like in League of Legends)

*Party Exp(+50%)- better play with friend or play with mc

*Tasks, missions, quests, daily- faster way to get level or items but who likes talk with npc to get items or experience :no:
*Mini map- you can get lost underground :no:

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