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Metin2 Mobile Runner PRO (Fearless Heroes) | ANDROID


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Hi, MPC greetings from Turkey


Our project which we started working with Turkish developers is finally finished, called as Metin2 Mobile Runner ( Fearless Heroes ).

Our application is live on Google Play now.


Google Play: CLICK

But in tje following days Amazon will be available on ApkPure, ODStudio.


ApkPure: CLICK


if there will any issue on Google Play then it my possible be removed, you can cantinue to download from other alternative websites 


Download App

Open Google Play.

Search: odstudio or fearless heroes


IOS is coming soon!






  • Multi Language option was made. ( Turkish & English )
  • 1st Tunnel system was built for the village.
  • A map system was made to the right and to the left.
  • We set the appropriate randomly changing sound effects according to the characters. (Each character has its own sound effects.)
  • Play with your friends via Facebook Connect!
  • Upgrade your character as you play with the Exp and Level system.
  • Win a variety of prizes when you pass your own score with the award winning High Score system.
  • It goes through an experienced game process with the health system!
  • If you are in facebook login in the application you will be able to use ranking system and derivative features.
  • Online Global Score and Level Ranking.
  • We made a high score ranking system between Online Global and your friends.
  • In total there are 8 characters. (Warrior (Male / Female), Ninja (Male / Female), Sura (Male / Female, Shaman (Male / Female)
  • Each character is included in the project from Level 1 Armor to level 105 armor.
  • Every character's own hair styles are included in the project.
  • Enhance your character with Advanced Store System.
  • Advanced Task System. The quests will now come unlimitedly and randomly from the arm forcibly. On this page you will experience a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Award Winning Wheel System. Earn wheel rewards.
  • Detailed Settings menu; You can log out of Facebook, adjust the volume levels, change the graphics level of the game, view your Facebook page and our website.
  • Heaven Dungeon + 1. Village map together. Enjoy the tremendous journey.


My English is not so good apologize. 

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