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[Lineage2] InfiniteL2 - GF GVE - START 03.08.2018

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Grand Opening 03.08.18 20:00 (gmt +3 )
New site
The START of the CBT 21.07.18
Write an application for the Closed Beta Test

NPC Buffer Prophet Buffs / ETC Buffs / Танцы / Песни
PvP (Опыт,Адена,Materials) is not a last hit system. Its based on damage done.
Game Manager (Massive PVP) running 24/7 with mini-games for winning faction in between.
War Manager (Grouped PVP) running 24/7 -- Olympiad || 1v1 || 2v2 || 5v5 || 2v2v2v2

Game Manager Events -- TvT || CTF || KOTH || Castle Battles || Battlefield
Neutral CTF || Bomb Squad || Multi-Team TvT || Multi-Team CTF || Multi-Team KOTH || Multi-Team Neutral CTF
Multi-Team games will have 4 competing teams. Red, Blue, Green and Orange will all duke it out to see who will win.
The top 2 teams will be able to play the Mini Game.
Мини-Игры -- Зомби || Elimination || Вышибалы -- Live Auction System
Full description of events

Custom Fortress Battles 24/7
Champion Mobs (Used for gaining tokens for epic bosses)
Raid Manager -- Epic Raids & Instanced Raid система -- Spawn Protection (Best One Around)?

Support - EXP for kaspersky/MP reg/Res
Спойлер steals адена from players

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In a week there will be a launch of a closed beta test

To get on CBT you need to leave a request here


you will see 94 maps (just like in CS) with different goals

you make sure that you can play any profession without losing interest in the game

and only on your skill depends can you win in pvp or not, and not from donate

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