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[TBC] HellGround Progressive Release | Start 5th March!


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Our main goal is to provide high-quality gaming experience with the highest level of security, service and support. We pride ourselves on professional and dedicated staff. Our excellent know-how is based on many years of experience in server maintaining. Give us a try and you won't be dissapointed!

Release 5th March! 19:30 (CET)


* Expansion: The Burning Crusade (how to play)
* XP: x2 (serverlike) / x1 (blizzlike) (see command at the bottom)
* XP RaF (party): x3 (Recruit a Friend) - available from: 01/06/2017
* Drop rates: x1
* Gold rates: x1
* Honor rates: x1
* Reputation rates: x1
* IP: set realmlist

** Changelog: here (over 9000 revisions)

+ Realm type: Progressive PvP
+ Line of Sight
+ Pathfinding
+ Vmaps
+ Advanced antiCheat and DDos protection
+ LookingForGroup
+ Progressive Release
+ Scripted Instances
+ Working Battlegrounds
+ Regular Updates
+ Friendly & Dedicated Staff
+ Well-developed site and forum
+ Securing account by Player's panel
+ Unlimited temporarily Voting system.
+ Fully automatic backup system, which transports backups every day from main server to FTPbackup.

Unconventional in-game commands for players:
.account xp (toggle serverlike x2 / blizzlike x1 XP & Quest rates - default x2)
.account bgann (turn on/off guild BG announcements viewing on account)
.account gann (turn on/off guild announcements viewing on particular account)
.account bgmarks (turn on/off incoming marks that are sent to in-game mailbox)
.accounts bones (turn on/off bones viewing on all maps)
.arena ready (after typing this command by all participants the arena will start after 5 seconds)
.guild ann (adds guild announcement, more info HERE)
.guild adv (sets guild advert on guild list page, more info HERE)
.server events (shows the list of the server's active events)
.server pvp (shows battleground queue and arenas status)
.server info (information about: players online at given moment, average diff, core revision, etc)
.weather (turn on/off weather effects)

See you soon in the game!


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