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Syndicate -The legend is back | 11 DG | High Rate | CH/EU | Job Based

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Büyük Açılış : 24.02.2017 18:00 (Server Time)
 Offical Web Site  : 
We do not want to take too much of your time. Welcome to Syndicate! We, as Syndicate team, are happy and proud to announce our new, but well prepared, server. As a result of past experience and careful examination, many improvements and upgrades were made in terms of game play. You will also meet here with an active, helpful stuffs. The most important thing is that the server works stably and perfectly. I am sure we will be witnessing the up-time rates for a very long time and we will provide services to the players from all over the world as the Syndicate server is an international server. This situation brings; Different playing styles in the game and this is gonna be too much fun to our players. 
-10 Reverse Scroll
-20 ReturnScroll
-Monkey for 3 days
-%100 exp helper
-%60 exphelper
-1000 hp-mp Potion
-%100 speed scroll
-10 RepairHummer
-5 Trade elephant
Race EU /CH
Mastery Cap(CH) : 330
Mastery Cap(EU) : 220
Experience Rate : 300x
Experience PT : 400x
Skill Point Rate : 300x
Drop Rate : 100x
Gold Drop :2x
Alchemy Rate:1x
Trade Rate :10x
Silk / H : Aktif
Max Plus : +12 adv with ( For now )
Guild Limit :32 ( For Now )Unioun Limit : 2 ( For Now)
FW: AktifFortress : Jangan - Bandit ( For Now )
Auto Equipment : Active
Forgotten World : ActiveSelling Silk : Active
+8 +9 +10 +11 and +12 glows are shown respectively.
By using Sabakun’s Jewel, you’ll be able to upgrade your Devil’s Spirit. The elements required to create Sabakun's jewel are as follows;

-Stygian Blood – 50 Units
-Bone Power – 50 Units
-Unkown root – 5 Units
-UnkownLiquid – 5 Units
You can get these items from 101+ monsters and uniques in the game.

However Medusa is the guardian of the Sabakun's jewel, so with a certain chance it may be gained as a direct drop. 
You can have a dress by collecting certain dresses elements, and manufacturing them. At the end of the this process you’ll get a Dress Box.
You need to have at least four different elements an done collector. These elements can be gained through “Roc”.
The honor rank system is integrated into the job rank system. There are some warnings in the system as follows; 

-We removed the Recall Scrolls which belong to Thieves to teleport to Thief Town and added some teleport to the map.

-When you reach Job Level 7, after teleport you’ll get a scroll, by using this scroll your job level gets reset and you’ll be rewarded with Honor Points. Moreover you’ll be rewarded with Syndicate Point in each successfull trade run. With these points you’ll be able to buy Egyptian Accesories. These coins cannot be traded. 
The list is refreshes every day at 00:00 (Server time). Honor List gets reset every week.
Roc Drops: 
6x Immortal Stone
2x Global
2x Reverse Scroll
Coller of Term and Elements

Roc Items; As our server is 11D, we editted the Roc Items which will be equal to 11D Items.

Roc Spawn Time: Every Tuesday and Friday 19:00 Server Time

Medusa Drops;
2x Immortal
1x Astral
2x Global
2x Reverse Scroll

Medusa Spawn Time: Everyday 14:00, 18:00 and 23:00 Server Time
In order to keep the contention of server alive we’ve added some titles depend on your rank. These ranks will be reset periodically. 
These ranks are;

-Murderer ( Daily most unique killer )
-Medusa Killer (Weekly most Medusa Killer )
-RocKiller ( Roc Killer )
-Champion ( Daily most pvp winner. )  
Two Fortresses will be avaible for a while, these are; Jangan and Bandit. 
As you know server will be opened on 24.02.2017 and it’s Friday so there wont be Fortress War on Sunday. After that week, fortress war can be occupied every Sunday at 20:00 Server Time 

The taxes of Alexandria and Jangan will be on Jangan Fortress. 
The taxes of Hotan and Donwhang will be on Bandit Fortress.
The trade system is only active between the three cities and the gold ratio is set as 10x 
We’ve added Syndicate and Honor Points on Trade System. Detailed information can be found in the job rank section. 
Trade System will be available between Jangan – Downhang - Hotan
The Item mall is highly enriched. We’ve added Attack Pets, Angel Bless, and Sixty different Dresses. Moreover we’ve added new Job Suits which gives you extra stats and different look.
Forgotten World Collection Book System is the same as Isro System.
We’ve added 10% Phy and Mag Passive Buff Skill in CH Characters in order to balance two Races
We’ve added six different protector uniques on their own territories. 
Uniques will be spawned every 3, 4 hours. Unique rank gets reset every week and the winner will be rewarded with Silk. 

*Guardian of Jangan (Khulood)
*Guardian of Hotan (Ba'al)
*Guardian of Downhang (Karkdann)
*Guardian of Constantionople (Jupiter)
*Guardian of Alexandria (Cerberus)
*Guardian of Samarkand (Babilion )
JPlayers can obtain Silver and Gold Coins in Job Cave. The times are specified below and you can follow them through the server time. You can view the server time on the website.

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