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Zelera.EU START ZA 3 DNI ! 8.6


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Zelera is a customised real map server, offering a variety of ingame activities which we, hope will provide something for everyone to enjoy.

In this edition of our server, we would like to organise Guild Tournament for you, There wasn't any Tibia Servers that could offer you Guild Tournaments.
For the Best 3 Teams there will be Rewards (Real Money).

But we remember also about ordinary players, who also will possess competitions, in which they can win premium points, Unique Items, or Real Money!

xeveryone who likes our funpage can win free premium points! When we reach 100 likes, we will give on our funpage 5 codes to our shop!

Powergamers Event 

- in this event you can earn real cash! At 17.01 we will give cash for 3 top players in level! First player will take 10 euro, second and third will earn 5 euro!

We have state of the art DDoS mitigation hardware and software running around the clock to keep our server online.

Some of the features of our server include:
- Stable server!
- Cast system!
- Events!
- Lots of hunting areas!
- Achievements.
- Addon bonuses.
- Automatic Raids.
- Free blessings until level 80!
- Real Map with extra cities. Gengia, Pyre, Oken, Vinea, Vinera, Ghenov, Ethno & Zenit.

Connection information:
Client: 8.60
Port: 7171

Free points and rewards at:
At level 100 you will receive 100 points.
At level 120 you will receive 100 points.
At level 150 you will receive 250 points.
At level 20 you will receive 30k.
At level 50 you will receive 50k.
At level 70 you will receive 50k.
At level 100 you will receive 100k.

- Exp rate:
1 - 30 level, 60x
31 - 50 level, 40x
51 - 80 level, 18x
81 - 100 level, 13x
101 - 120 level, 10x
121 - 140 level, 7x
141 - 150 level, 5x
151+ level, 2x

- Rates:
Skill rate 15x
Magic rate 8x
Loot rate: 3x

- PvP:
Red Skull
15 kills / day
60 kills / week
120 kills / month

Black Skull
30 kills / day
120 kills / week
240 kills / month

Best regards,
Zelera Crew

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