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[Pytanie] Nowy Update ?


Rekomendowane odpowiedzi

Tak jak powyżej czyli nerfing/buffing broni, pistoletów,shotgunów i fixy/poprawki.

Teraz wkońcu można będzie odróżnić flare medyka czy to wroga czy teamu,bo czasem ludzie ze swojego teamu niszczyli myślać,że to flara wroga.


  • [New Feature] - Four new weapons added to game files (M98B, MTAR-21, LSAT and the A-91) *To be released at a later date*
  • [New Feature] - New HUD icon for Medic Flare, making it easier to distinguish friendly or enemy flares
  • [New Feature] - Able to ban players not connected to server
  • [Feature Change] - Weapon re-balancing (More info can be found HERE!)
  • [Feature Change] - Ammo box usage does not drain as fast any more when upgraded
  • [Feature Change] - Medic box usage does not drain as fast any more when upgraded
  • [Clean Up] - Remove all unused weapon models from game files (download size decreased by ~50 Mb)

Bug Fixes:

  • [Abilities] - The user can now select the Jet's secondary weapon even though he did not spend training points in it
  • [Abilities] - Grenades thrown back with the "Grenade Toss Back Combat Skill" no longer damage the player that used the ability
  • [Abilities] - The user will remain in a technical hang if he gets revived in the water
  • [Abilities] - Tactical Awareness upgrades now work as intended
  • [Vehicles] - IFF training for Attack Helicopters no longer display infantry
  • [Vehicles] - IFF training for Attack Helicopters now works for the co-pilot
  • [Vehicles] - IFF training distance now increases when upgraded
  • [Vehicles] - Upgrading the IFF for Jets now increases the range at which it displays enemy vehicles

  • [Weapons] - The iron sight of the 416-Carbine is no longer misaligned when auto-firing
  • [Weapons] - The iron sight of the M27 IAR LMG is no longer misaligned when auto-firing
  • [Weapons] - Broken shell textures on the standard 870 Combat have been fixed
  • [Weapons] - The BF3 Edition 870 Combat Shotgun now displays the correct skin
  • [Weapons] - The Elite and Veteran textures on shotguns and pistols now show up correctly in game
  • [Weapons] - All versions of the SPAS-12 shotgun are no longer blurred or out of focus in scoped/zoomed mode
  • [Weapons] - Player's hands will no longer snap back into place after firing a round with the QBB-95 LMG
  • [Weapons] - When walking in any direction with the QBB-95 LMG there is no longer a flicker at the bottom of the screen
  • [Weapons] - Player's hand will no longer flicker after firing while scoped when equipped with the QBB-95 LMG
  • [Weapons] - The reload sound for the FN Minimi Para is no longer out of sync and too long
  • [Weapons] - The reload sound for the M249 SAW is no longer out of sync and too long
  • [Weapons] - The sound effect for the L86A2 weapon is no longer cut off in 3rd person
  • [Weapons] - There is no longer no sound if quickly making consecutive reloads of the M5K SMG
  • [Weapons] - When equipped with the PDW-R with M145 scope the players hand will no longer twitch after firing
  • [Weapons] - The player's hand no longer looks unnatural when holding the M82A3 SR
  • [Weapons] - The M82A3 no longer has clipping issues with the player's body
  • [Weapons] - When firing single shots while zoomed with the PP-2000 the player's hands no longer have a jerky animation
  • [Weapons] - Some bolt action snipers with Holo/RedDot will no longer cause the arm to twitch
  • [Weapons] - The player's hand no longer has a jumpy animation when zooming out with the L96 equipped with the PSO-1 SVD and Simonov scopes
  • [Weapons] - On the M5K SMG when the player aims down sight he can no longer see a little black texture on the weapon
  • [Weapons] - The L86A2 iron sight no longer has a different lighting effect than the rest of the weapon
  • [Weapons] - A jumpy animation of the hand no longer occurs after firing with the PDW-R SMG while zoomed in with the iron sights
  • [Weapons] - A jumpy animation of the hand no longer occurs when zooming in and firing with the F2000 weapon and Reflex/Holo sight attached
  • [Weapons] - The arm no longer twitches when zooming in with the SKS Sniper Rifle and M145 scope attached
  • [Weapons] - The SVU-A with Holo/RedDot no longer causes problems relating to the characters arm when firing and walking while scoped
  • [Weapons] - JNG-90 description discrepancies have been fixed
  • [New Feature] - Adding
    captcha form for new forum (old users unaffected by this change). This
    will be a one-time request per account in an effort to reduce the effect
    of spam bots. Once completed you will not be asked to complete it
  • [Feature Change] - LeetServers have been added to Sweden and Asia on RSP info page
  • [Feature Change] - Credits page has been updated
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