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  1. Introduction: Spectre is back and better than ever! With an array of new features and systems, we are sure you will be even more satisfied than with our first server! In order to present a professional server that truly reflects an "old-school" environment, we have added numerous activities and modifications for your enjoyment! See the changes below! We are hoping to deliver a better, higher quality, and immersive server that will leave you stunned! Purpose,Motivation: We, the Spectre team, hope to provide an active, enjoyable, long-term, and professional private server that is suitable for all users and that everyone will enjoy! Spectre Crew: Spectre's team consists of:- Woody - In the scene for a great amount of time, and excellent at what he does. Knows how to manage the community while providing a great server to entertain everyone! Owner and Manager of Spectre. Paris - One of the best managers ever seen. It's sure you'll see him active in-game, and on Discord, assisting people whenever possible! Owner and Manager of Spectre. Kai - A very well-known, skilled, and professional developer and coder. Kai has managed countless projects and has led them to immense success! You can count on him to deliver a bug-free and stable environment! Developer / Coder for Spectre. ZEDStorm - ZED is a very well-known person and he has been in the community since longtime! also he is the official designer of spectre. [GALLERY=title: The Spectre] [*]video:, title: Official Trailer [*]video:, title: Teaser #1 [/GALLERY] As we are committed to opening a bug-free server and to avoid issues, we will be having two in-depth beta phases. We are currently still in the closed beta phase, testing all vital features and systems to assure that they are in perfect working order. First Beta Phase: This will be the classic beta phase - to experience and test the server before the actual grand opening. All features will be enabled and all users will be free to test whatever they please! Date : March 22th, 2019. Second Beta Phase: This phase will be focused on testing experience and SP rates. We are all aware of the fact that leveling in a beta is no fun, so we decided to add some competition to motivate more players to test it out! The first 10 players to reach level 100 will be rewarded with various prizes at Spectre's Grand Opening! Date : March 27th, 2019. Grand Opening: Spectre's Grand Opening is planned for the 29th of March! Spectre Streamers: : We are going to be having dedicated streamers for Spectre Reborn They are very well known in the SRO community! Cap and Degree: : Spectre will be cap 100, degree 10. Why have we chosen to go with this setup? 100 Cap is the most fair and innovative cap in Silkroad Online, and the majority of the community agrees. It provides a wide skillset while still being fair and packed with action! Races: We have decided to make Spectre a CHINESE ONLY server. Truth be told, no matter how much experience or knowledge a crew has, Europe and China simply cannot be balanced. The differences in play style and strength are simply impossible to adjust to equality. There will always be complaints about one aspect or another, causing an unpleasant experience to the user. Chinese only is much easier to adjust and balance, and overall is much more fair and entertaining. Mastery: Spectre's Mastery (Skill Tree Cap) will be a classic 330. A mastery of 330 provides the ability to open a fair 3 skill trees, as well as an extra third of a skill tree to provide entertainment, variety, and ability. EXP Rates: EXP Rates have been carefully adjusted to improve user experience and create a reasonable time-frame to reach the maximum level. These rates are in the "Goldilock's Zone" of leveling, which basically means that they are not too easy, but not too difficult. They are in a perfect balance to satisfy everyone's wants. Solo:35X Party:40X Alchemy: Spectre's Alchemy Rates are going to be 1.5x. These rates are easier than iSRO Original rates, but not too easy as to cause plussing your items to become and easy task. It is one of the more major aspects of the game, after all! It needs to be somewhat challenging to induce activity! Plus Limit: +12 will be the highest plus, so we can have fair gameplay. Auto Equpiment: This feature is required for a less stressful leveling experience. It's convenient and reduces the amount of time needed in the level process. After all, leveling is a very small aspect of the server! Auto-equipment will be from D1-D9 and the items will be SOS +3, with 41% stats. To use the feature, simply teleport! When you are eligible for a new item, the next time you teleport, it will be automatically applied to your character! Towns: Donwhang will be the main town of Spectre. Starter Items: These items are a necessity for early gameplay, and will greatly benefit you. HP Recovery potion (X-large) MP Recovery potion (X-large) Instant Return Scroll Reverse Return Scroll Beginner scroll of movement (3 Days) Ghost Monkey Summon Scroll Devil's Spirit B grade 1 Million gold. Maximum Stack: To provide an easier experience, we have increased max stacks to reduce inventory space needed and the amount of time to refill your important items, such as scrolls, vigors, and potions. Other Features: Considering the vast amount of feedback regarding Private SRO Server mistakes of the past, we took the liberty of further implementing various other features that we regard as improvements: Purification Pill Bug Fixed. Immortal/Astral 10th icon modified to another colour. Destroyer Rondo Disabled. Advanced Elixir Disabled. Resurrection Scrolls Disabled. Damage Scrolls Disabled. Vigor decreased to 12%. Job Max Level modified from 7 to 12 Guild instantly promoted to Level 5 instead of Level 1. Guild Emblem Fully Working. Scrolls: Here are some available scrolls that will hopefully make you happy. Guild Penalty Remover: [/IMG] Having to wait 1 days to join your favorite guild is quite annoying! Nobody likes this, So, if you feel the need to switch your guild and don't feel like waiting one days, this scroll was placed for you. Job Penalty Remover: [/IMG] The same as the guild penalty remover, just for your job. Since jobbing is a main part of Spectre, if you ever want to change jobs , waiting 3 days can be a bit annoying to wait for. To counter this, we have placed job penalty removers. Simply leave your current job, use the scroll, and choose your new one! Skill and Stat Reset Scrolls [/IMG] [/IMG] For all of you indecisive people out there who can't stand to stay with one build, these scrolls are for you. Using a skill reset scroll will reset all of your masteries and skills, as well as refund 100% of your used Skillpoints. Using a Stat Reset scroll will reset all of your STR or INT points and allow you to reallocate them. Silk Scrolls [/IMG] Since silk is widely used for in-game purchases, as well as a main currency of the game, it was only right that we would add scrolls for it! These scrolls are Tradable, meaning that you can also buy silk for other in-game currencies such as gold or trade it for materials (the Tradable ones of course). There will always be that person who comments "IT'S P2W WTF!!!!!!!!" (is it you?) so in response to this - we offer the following message; silk will drop from uniques, job temple uniques, in-game auto events, you can buy/trade it for other currencies, and MANY MORE ACTIVITY-BASED METHODS! Red Stat Remover (Durabilty Reduce or 400% max durability) [/IMG] We all have had this issue; we forgot to put steady. Ouch! But fear not! In Spectre, you can use the durability remover scroll to remove these pesky stats. Simple, right? Premium Remover [/IMG] After your premium expires, you may have a little "hand" symbol in your bufflist. This will prevent you from starting a new Premium PLUS. You can remove it by grinding/botting for 5 hours, but if you're impatient like the majority of us, this scroll will benefit you greatly. Model Switchers: [/IMG] Do you dislike the look of D9 gear, or you have a favorite style in mind? Not a problem! In Spectre, we have model switcher scrolls, which changes the cosmetic appearance of any item you use it on to the degree on the switcher. Place the item you want to change styles on in the first slot of your inventory. Then, go to a safezone and use the scroll, and it's complete! Pet Renamer: [/IMG] Have you just bought a pet and you don't like the name, or perhaps you're just sick of your pet's name and you would like to change it? In Spectre, we have done what no server has implemented before, and created a scroll that allows you to rename your pet! Follow the instructions in the description carefully! Blue Remover Scroll: [/IMG] It happens to the best of us - we are adding stats on our items and we forgot that pesky limit of 9! Fear not, Spectre residents! For those hard moments, we've added Blue Remover Scrolls, which allow you to remove all the blues on your item. Place the item you would like to modify in the first slot of your inventory, and then use the scroll. Divorce Scroll: [/IMG] For whatever reasons, if you are looking to divorce your marriage partner, use this scroll. After your divorce, if you have a marriage ring buff ongoing, it will be removed. Advanced Gender Switch: [/IMG] Unlike a typical gender switcher, which changes your gear from male to female, and vice versa, an ADVANCED gender switch can switch ANY gender based items, for example, devil's spirits, avatars, GDFs, as well as items, and more. Cannot be used on items that do not have gender restrictions. Skill Opening Scroll: [/IMG] If you switch your build when you are already max level, it can be quite pesky and annoying to re-add all of your skills from scratch. To avoid these difficulties, we have implemented a scroll that can open your skills, mastery by mastery as long as you have enough skillpoints. Read the instructions in the description carefully! Dye Scrolls: [/IMG] You can use these scrolls to change the COLOR OF THE GLOW of your weapon/shield. It comes in blue, red, green, purple, cyan, and "fire." There is also a "Reset Dye" scroll, if you would like to revert your item back to its normal glow. Alchemy Notice: As we all like to brag about our items reaching a high plus, a notice will be made in the server from +9 and onward so you can prove your alchemy skills! Guild Limit: We have set the guild limit to 24, and union limit to 3. Therefore, you can have a maximum of 72 players within a totally filled alliance. NOTE: Leaving Guild Penalty: The penalty for leaving a guild is going to be only 1 day , if you're too eager to join another guild you can purchase the Guild Remover from the item mall to get rid of your penatly. Old PVP Cape: We've added the old PVP capes to bring about the feelings of the good old days! Battle Arena - Capture The Flag: As everyone is wanting to join these events we've added some rewards for both of them and also added a anti-cheating to ensure a smooth gameplay and avoid annoynace among you players (There is a required level to join BA and CTF which is level 100 , You can also only join with one char in CTF and BA to stop the cheaters farming rewards from their 2nd characters) Note: Res is disabled at the capture the flag Wins within Battle Arena will grant you 5 Spectre points, 5 arena coins and 5 honor points! Losses within Battle Arena will grant you only 1 arena coin. Wins within CTF grant you 5 honor points and 5 spectre points. For each kill obtained in CTF you'll gain 1 arena coin! Silk/Hour: Silk per hour is Must Have feature for a project like ours, as it will give everyone the chance to have plenty of silk, even to those who don't have or don't want to spend $ for a game. This shall help at making the server Play2Win. To prevent abusement of this system, players need to Level 90 before they can get silk per hour. Also, AFK in town players will not get silk per hour Fellow Pet System: Fellow Pets will be available for purchase. All fellow pet bugs such as speed bug have been fixed. In order to be able to ride a Fellow Pet, it must be level 40 or higher. Permanent Buffs: We understand the issues of buffing every 20 minutes and the frustuation it contains so we've added permanent buffs. We hope you enjoy this feature. Avatars: We've pretty much added every avatar to our server so a variety won't be any issues , feel free to mix and match! We've also set a reward for our first 300 players! The first 300 people to reach max level will recieve the following rewards Players that are placed 1 > 8 will be granted 500silks, Players that are placed 9 >150 will be granted 300 silks, Players that are placed 151 > 250 will be granted 200 silks, Players that are placed 251 > 300 will be granted 150 silks. Currencies: Gold coins purchasable from an NPC for 1B per unit Arena coins obtainable in B.A. and C.T.F. Spectre points, check out the Spectre points section of the thread. SOX System: Are you tired of getting stuck with the classic seals? (Star, Moon, and Sun) tiers in these classic servers?! Look no more! We've added some custom SOX tiers to improve the balance and competition! We've made sure to balance all of our custom tiers to give you the best experience. We have taken our time to make sure these are the fairest balance that you can imagine! Our system will be consisting of 3 SOXs: "Star, Nebula & Moon." Each have been adjusted accordingly, so that you can obtain them by methods of activity. (Farming coins, materials, crates, dungeons, etc.) Welcome to the SOX of Spectre! Seal of Star (+1 Last tier) Tradable You can obtain from mobs 91~100 (Low rate) You can obtain Star crate from job temple (Medium rate) You can obtain Star crate from normal uniques,dungeons and job temple uniques also NPC Seal of Nebula (+2 Last tier) Tradeable You can obtain it from Forgetten world collection You can obtain Nebula from Nebulian crate which you can get from special uniques You can otbain Nebulian crate from the magic pop NOTE: Job temple is going to drop Nebulian chests with low rates. NOTE: Seal of Nebula (SON) gear and accessories will be enabled within the first 10 days Seal of Moon: (+4 last tier) (UNtradable) To obtain SOM items, you will have to farm a variety of materials from uniques, jobbing, etc. Gold coin Arena coin Job Points NOTE: SOM items will NOT be enabled immediately after opening. In a future update, they will be released Unique Balance: We have implemented STR & INT uniques to make everyone happy and pleased, we hope everyone will enjoy their time grinding these. Unique Ranking on our website and in-game custom window: At the end of each week our system will find the player who has achieved the most unique points and will reward him with a better 500 silk, he also will be granted the title of [Unique Slayer] bolded in green font for a week until someone else achieves a higher amount of unique points. Once someone else achieves better, the previous winner will have their title removed as well as the increased hourly silk. NOTE: Not all uniques grant the same amount of points, as you'll see in the schedule Roc and Medusa Unique Roc and Medusa are going to be enabled within our server and their spawn points are going to be the same as iSRO this is for you old school iSRO players that love these uniques! The rewards that drop from these uniques are going to be fantastic for you to aquire ! Good luck hunting these! Spectre's Unique We have designed a brand new unique will be dropping some desireable rewards! It is going to be a difficult unique to kill as you are going to need a full party to kill as it's damage is very high , you might not be able to kill it without a party! It's going to be appearing around the map (EVERYWHERE!) every 8 hours! Good luck on the hunting! Sky temple of Fire The Fire Sky Temple will include 3 different types of Arabian uniques, and these uniques will drop a variety of valuable items such as: Silk, crates, and tokens at low rates Money Maker: Our automated system will determine the richest player on the server every 24 hours! That person will be rewarded with the title "The Billionaire" for as long as he/she remains the richest within the server (having the largest amount of gold) this amount is going to be 1 Billion gold + Spectre's Special Shops Qing Shan | The Clerk - Titles will be available from this NPC Wang Shu | Dress Maker - Avatars will be available from this NPC Nian Zhen | Arena-coin Merchant - Silk items for arena coins will be available from this NPC Feng Mian | Quest Manager - You'll be able to retrieve daily quests from this NPC, after completing X task from this NPC then turn it in you'll be rewarded depending on the task. Mo Chou | SoX Dealer - Moon items can be purchased from this NPC for a variety of currencies that'll be explained later in the thread. Fei Hung | Gold for silk items, also some Chests available for purchase for gold and Spectre points. Devil Spirit Enchanting Our expectations concerning enchantment of any spirit isn't very high, we hope you enjoy it! +0 = 12% HP - MP increase passive [20% Phy/Mag dmg increase active] +1 = 13% HP - MP increase passive [20% Phy/Mag dmg increase active] +2 = 14% HP - MP increase passive [20% Phy/Mag dmg increase active] +3 = 15% HP - MP increase passive [25% Phy/Mag dmg increase active , blocking rate 1 passive, ignore monsters defence lv. 1] Magic pop: This iSRO system has a reputation for being one of the most Pay2Win features in the entire game, however, with Spectre's changes, your opinion will completely change. Magic POP will not be enabled through the item mall, therefore cards cannot be bought with silk. To obtain magic pop cards, you must kill uniques, participate in events, job frequently, etc! Magic POP will have very useful and beneficial items, such as special avatars, chests/crates, and exclusive titles! Titles Storage: You won't be able to lose any title you buy or obtain as reward. Each title you gain on your character will be saved into your Title Storage and you will be able to switch Titles whenever you see fit. you can also update your title live by using our build in custom window. Fortress War: For the first week only Hotan and Constantinople's Fortress. Each fortress will also have their very own customized windows to see the total amount of kills each guild has. There will be a reward given to the FIRST victors of fortress war, silks will be given out to the players of the winning guild(s) (this is a one time reward for the very FIRST fortress war period). This amount will be decided before the start of the first fortress war Academy System We noticed that every SILKROAD PROJECT keeps the academy system exactly the same, so we did the exact opposite and gave it a complete rehaul! We know that Silkroad is supposed to be played as a team, with parties, and guilds, unions, etc! TEAMWORK is vital to the GAME! If fortress war, arena, jobbing, and many more vital aspects of the game are based on teamwork, why should academy be any different? The entire academy will be sharing point count, which means that everyone in the academy can contribute to both the loss AND gain of points, so choose your teammates wisely! Why have we done this? We like to motivate competitive play we believe implementing a feature like this will do just that! How to obtain points: 1- Survival Arena kills you will be able to gain 2 honor points from each player in a single survival arena 2- Survival arena top 5 players Number #1 will gain 10 Honor Points. #2 will get 8 Honor Points. #3 will get 6 Honor Points . #4 will get 5 Honor Points . #5 will get 4 Honor Points. 3- Capture the flag wins will get you 5 honor points. 4- Battle Arena wins will get you 5 honor points. 5- Job kills each kill will gain you 1 honor point. Anti chea t: You can't kill the same player for 6 hours, you can't kill the same player after this time to get honor points unless you kill 3 other players. You will be able to see academy rank on our custom window First 7 academies will be rewarded with the honor buff #1 will have 4 honor buffs #2 will have 3 honor buffs #3 will have 2 honor buffs #4 will have 2 honor buffs #5 will have 1 honor buff #6 will have 1 honor buff #7 will have 1 honor buff The Forgotten World! We remember how much FGW was meaningful to us and reminds us of the old times of SRO , we wanted to preserve this ingenuity of this instance and import that same feeling in Spectre! Now , as you partipcate in FGW to obtain the cards of the shipwreck for your chance to get your hands on your own +2 Nebulian Weapon or shield... the choice of item is yours! Choose smartly! Spectre Jail: As you are all aware of there is always that group of people that try to cheat or even break the rule. We are also aware that permanently banning peoples accounts can lead to a dead server... therefore , we are implementing the already known Jail feature. Any player caught breaking the rules and cuasing harm to the server and it's other players will get an amount of time in jail! This means the player's character will be teleported to a remote location that he cannot leave until his/her jail time is over. The amount of jail time will be determined by how bad the result of the players rule breaking is. Example of things for which a player can go to Jail include, but are not limited to: Insulting other Players or Spectre Staff Members Racism Hatespeech Scamming Disrupting GM-hosted events Spectre's Point system! Spectre points will be obtainable from the following; Jobbing. On a normal trade run , traders will recieve 4 Spectre points , Thieves will gain the same and Hunters's will gain 1. (If there are 6 traders and 2 hunters that means hunters will still get a total of 6 points in the long run) Survival Area. A single kill during the event period will grant the slayer a total of 1 point. Note: you cannot gain more than 5 Spectre points in a single event Fortress War You can gain up to a maximum of 30 Spectre points from Fortress War, 1 kill is equivalent to 1 Spectre point. Note: You will not gain more than 1 point from 1 player, so you want to kill 30 different players! Battle Arena and Capture the Flag Winning will grant the victorious team 5 Spectre points. Job kills Every kill you get with your job suit equiped will grant you a single Spectre point, you can keep track of your total Spectre point's via item mall. Anti-cheat • An opposing player will only be validated for a point if you haven't killed them in the previous 6 hours. • A previously killed player will only validate for a point if you've killed another 3 players prior to it. Weekly Limits Job kills are caped at 140 max weekly , and 20 points daily. Survival Kills are caped at 140 max weekly and daily limit of 20 Fortress War is caped at 30 per FW instance Battle arena and Capture the flag are caped at 70 points weekly and daily limit of 10. Jobbing is caped at 350 points weekly and daily of 125. The maximum amount of Spectre Points obtainable per week is 500 , which will be increased with each week. (Now you might ask us why do we have a total points 800 but the limit is 500.. well... we have done this feature just not to force people to do every activity in the server to gain their limit but they are free to choose which activity they have to go for.) Note: We will increase our weekly limit on Spectre Points every week by 400; this is so that our new players can catch up with the older players if they their part of hard work to achieve the global limit for the server to buy the item that they crave that cost Spectre Points. Marriage System: One of the features that so many servers claim to have, but never implement them! At Spectre, we have strenuously tested and perfected the marriage system so it is 100% optimal and functioning. The system is simple, and gives immense rewards that you won't regret! You'll be wondering how do I get married?! To begin your journey, you will first have to obtain a Marriage Quest from Feng Mian - Quest Manager near the Donwhang Guild Manager. Enter with your partner in an auto-share party, and travel to the Marriage NPC, near the Donwhang Blacksmith. You will be required to slay three "marriage uniques" with your soon to be spouse. To find these uniques, you simply have to teleport into the instances, or Marriage Worlds, at the Marriage NPC. After you slay these 3 uniques, you will receive a Marriage Ring along with your partner. With the marriage rings, you can now marry your spouse. Simply type $[BOT]System /marry (partner name here). Your wife/husband will get a PM from the Bot, asking yes/no to the marriage. If he/she accepted the request, congratulations to the lovers! While in the dunegon you will both be wearing a "Wedding Dress" til you have done it then it will be removed from you , it's automatically equiped and then removed once you've finished. Marriage Level: Once you complete your marriage quests, and are married, you have the option to do the quests again, for a higher level marriage ring,Depending on your marriage level, the rewards will differ. Rewards for Marriage: Notice for the entire server to see: [User] and [User] are now married! Congratulations! Level 1 Marriage Ring (7 days) (Attack Rate 1% increase, Parry rate 1% increase, and STR / INT +1 increase) If you choose to advance your marriage level, the ring benefits change. Level 2 Marriage Ring (7 days) (Attack rate 2% increase, Parry rate 2% increase and STR / INT +2 increase) Level 3 Marriage Ring (7 days) (Attack rate 3% increase, parry rate 3% increase, and STR / INT +3 increase). NOTE: Marriage level 3 is REPEATABLE. If your ring buff runs out, you can take the quest and complete the mission again. NOTE: You can only marry somebody with the same ring level as you. NOTE: You can only marry of the opposite gender. [GALLERY=title: Marriage] [*]image:, [*]image:, [/GALLERY] Garden Dungeon! As you've probably seen before the Garden is open in this server but we have changed it! Once you join you'll have to kill all the mobs to open the first door once you've opened this door you'll be able to go through where another 5 mobs will appear, you'll have to kill them to get the unique to appear once the unique has appeared you'll kill it to open door number 2 and then you'll do the same as you did in garden 1. There are 3 Garden doors for you to fight your way through! This dungeon is availble every 24 hours You're probably wondering if there's any rewards for this! Each mob has a high rate to drop elxirs, where the unique will drop some valueable rewards! Spectre Chests: Spectral Chest (65% Success Rate) [/IMG] • We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items: Eligible Items: Golden Dragon Flag. 1DG Lucky Powder. 10DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase). Global Pack (1~3x). Reverse Pack (1~3x). Astral Stone. Immortal Stone. FGW Penalty Remover. Guild Penalty Remover. Clock of reincarnation. Cost : Obtainable from Uniques Star Chest (50% Sucess rate) [/IMG] • We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items: Eligible Items: SoS weapon,set and accessories Global Pack (1~3x). Reverse Pack (1~3x). 1~2 Immortal/Astral 1DG Lucky Powder. 10DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase). Cost : Gold : 125m Spectre points : 75 Lesser Nebulian Chest (40% Success rate) [/IMG] • We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items: Eligible Items: SoN weapon Global Pack (1~3x). Reverse Pack (1~3x). 1~2 Immortal/Astral 1DG Lucky Powder. 10DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase). Cost : Gold : 250m Spectre points : 125 Grand Nebulian Chest (60% Success rate) [/IMG] • We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items: Eligible Items: SoN weapon Global Pack (1~3x). Reverse Pack (1~3x). 1~2 Immortal/Astral 1DG Lucky Powder. 10DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase). Cost : Gold : 350m Spectre points : 175 Grand Protection Chest (60 Success Rate) [/IMG] • We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items: Eligible Items: SoS shield SoN shield Global Pack (1~3x). Reverse Pack (1~3x). 1~2 Immortal/Astral 1DG Lucky Powder. 10DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase). Cost : Obtainable from Magic PoP Golden Chest (Success rate 100%) [/IMG] • We have brought for u this chest to help you! Upon usage, you'll have a chance to obtain one of the following items: Eligible Items: SoS weapon,set and accessories Global Pack (1~3x). Reverse Pack (1~3x). 1~2 Immortal/Astral 1DG Lucky Powder. 10DG Lucky Magic Powder (2% Probability Increase). Random Avatar FGW Penalty Remover. Guild Penalty Remover. Clock of reincarnation. Devil Rest. Cost : Gold : 300m Immortal Package: You will be able to buy an Immortal package directly from the item mall, but the amount you receive will not be static. Silkroad has always been an RNG (luck-based) game, and most aspects revolve around it. This will apply to immortal packages as well! Test your luck! You will be able to gain 10 to 25 immortals from this package. Any amount between 10 and 25 is fair game (10, 11, 12, etc.). If you are very lucky, and manage to receive 25 immortals for the package, a notice will be written with your name in the server for everyone to see! Coloured Titles! We all know how players are in love with colored titles, but they've been previously over-edited and deemed invaluable! But, feat not! In Spectre, we have re-designed the purpose of the colored titles to make them more exclusive and worthiful! Specific players (staff) will receive a colored title according to their role in our team, but there are opportunities for normal players to also get colored titles! Streamers: Official streamers for Spectre will have a purple-colored title named "Streamer" Supporters: Official supporters and the head supporter for Spectre will have a cyan-colored title named "Supporter." Community Manager: Offical Community Manager will be having a light-purple title this consists of Alone only. Administrators: The Spectre Team, consisting of Kai, Paris, and Woody, will have a red-colored title named "Spectre Admin." Spectre Addict: This title will be available from Magic POP, at a low success rate , It may also be a reward for exclusive and limited events. The color will be brown. Top Players: The top ranked character for survival arena, character rank, jobbing, and uniques, as well as the FIRST BILLIONAIRE (for a 1 week's period) will be rewarded with a green-colored title lasting for as long as they hold the throne of superiority in their categories!. NOTE: Of course there is going to be an NPC with coloured titles for silks because we know how much you love to have a coloured title Job System How to obtain Spectre points by jobbing. you can obtain them through Contribution Points, they are automatically converted. Job level expansion We've increased the maximum job level from 7 to 12, while adjusting the experience rates which you'll notice once you hit level 7 to level 12 , for example once you've hit level 7 you'll need a requirement of 50 kills points, one opposing player death will grant you a single point.. meanwhile if you die you'll lose half a poinst ! The higher the job level the better stats and overal apperance you'll obtain. Anti-cheat An opposing player will only be validated for a point if you haven't killed them in the previous 6 hours. A previously killed player will only validate for a point if you've killed another 3 players prior to it. Guild Jobbing Increased profit rates with guild members The profit you receive while jobbing has been increased by 20% if you have an 8/8 party of guild members Wanted System Pretty simple, per 10 skill streak will get you a single level of wanted. A wanted level bestows you with +1 dmg increase/absorption. This will also give the wanted character a rather unique effect. There are 5 levels and regardless of which you have it will only last 8 hours! Kill 10 opposite jobbers 1% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 1 Kill 20 opposite jobbers 2% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 2 Kill 30 opposite jobbers 3% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 3 Kill 40 opposite jobbers 4% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 4 Kill 50 opposite jobbers 5% all stats buff aka Wanted Lv 5 Anti-cheat: An opposing player will only be validated for a point if you haven't killed them in the previous 6 hours. A previously killed player will only validate for a point if you've killed another 3 players prior to it. Job Suits New Job Suits available at all the usual Job NPC's. Each of them come with different blues, the better ones have higher Job Level Restrictions and each of them look different. Job Suit Stats : 1st 1 INT - 1 STR 2nd 2 INT - 2 STR 3rd 3 INT - 3 STR 4th 4 INT - 4 STR 5th 5 INT - 5 STR Goods Stack! We know how annoying it can get to spend a lot of your time picking your goods from the ground when your trans pet has been killed or waiting 2 minutes for your pet to finish buying your 5* Trade from the NPC so we've decided to increase the amount of good stacks. This change will allow you to loot your good in roughly 5 seconds or less. Job Leaving Penalty: is going to be only 2 days, If you don't want to wait 2 days you can purchase an item from the Item mall to remove this penalty Trade Routes We've added some rather interesting new Trading Routes to bring the best out of all daring Thiefs, Hunters & Traders and simply break through the routine of the old ones for a bit. The New Routes include Togui ones and can all be found on the map (M) Job Temple All Job Temple mobs have been nerfed (changed level) and moved to Donwhang. Job Uniques Job Uniques have also been nerfed and we added some special drops, including Crates and silk scrolls. Job HWID is 1 This means you won't be able to job with more then one character at one time , this has been implented to counter those annoying cheaters that we find on each and every private server who can ruin everyone's gameplay. Unique Pet Vehicle We know that jobbing is one of the most important parts in old school Silkroad, but grinding can get boring after some time, so we have developed custom and unique pet vehicles to help you enjoy your experience on Spectre Online! Rewarding Job Titles One of our more exciting additions, job titles! An automatic system of ours will be moderating the ranks weekly, with a better title reaps better rewards; Slaughterer (#1 Thief by ranks) Tenacious (#1 Hunter by ranks) Globetrotter (#1 Trader by ranks) Skill Balance These skills aren't a fixed point , we will make changes during the beta phase if nescessary ALL imbues now have the damage equivalent to the maxed fire imbue. Lightning Force - Piercing Force Lvl. 3 magic damage has been increased to 21%. Grass Walking speed has been increased to 105%. Cold Snow Shield - Novice now has a [280] INT point(s) requirement to level up. Snow Storm - Multishot's damage has been increased to 350%. Fire Flame Body - Trial's damage has been increased to 11%. Firewall's cooldown has been increased from to 15 seconds. Force All debuff probabilities have been nerfed. Impotent's debuff probability has been decreased to 45% Decay's debuff probability has been decreased to 55% Weaken's debuff probability has been decreased to 55% Division's debuff probability has been decreased to 45% Cure Therapy's cooldown is now 20 seconds Force Cure's cooldown is now 20 seconds Bicheon Ocean Blade Force - knock-down probability has been decreased to 45%. Asura Cut Blade - knock-down damage has been increased to 75%. Summit & Depth Bicheon Force - provides 5% phy/mag damage increase but also sacrifies 100% of your shields defense. Pacheon Anti Devil Bow - Strike critical strike has been increased to 40. Anti Devil Bow - Annihilate critical strike has been increased to 45. 5 Arrow Combo's cooldown is now shared with all other knock-back skills, the cooldown is also 5 seconds. Special Quests You can retrieve this quest from Feng Mein Quest manager- you'll be required to slay 3 marriage uniques with the partner you wish to marry. You can find the uniques for the marriage quest in an instance that the Marriage Manager can teleport you to , once you've completed these objectives you must return to Feng Main and she'll reward you with that marriage ring! Grinding It's obvious that many PSRO servers have struggled and sometimes continue to struggle when it comes to grinding and farming aras , where they will not give enough players the space to do it in peace , we want htere to be enough space so that everyone can have their own little grinding spot without having to fight for mobs or argue with someone on your spot , this counter-acts the ksing element. Grinding should be a peaceful activity and should not be bringing conflict between players. which is why we as a server have decided to add more mobs in more places! Roc Mountain Monsters are level 85~87 Samarkand 88~94 Constantinople 95~99 Alexandria 100 Gold-bot Prevention We've dramatically reduced the total amount of gold you receive when NPC'ing dropped items. To more efficiently produce gold you'll be encouraged to job # This is to counter-act gold bots. (i.e. trading, thieving)! Spectre Filter Limitations, features, bug-fixes, restrictions, and server protection! With our current filter it will literally be impossible to perform any type of cheat without being caught and punished for such, allowing our players to participate in the provided game-play without experiencing any inconveniences. Limit 2 Characters allowed to login per device Limit 6 Characters allowed to login from a certain IP Limit 1 Character allowed to equip job suit Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Marriage Dungeon Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Stryia clash Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Battle Arena Limit 1 Character allowed to enter CTF Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Survival Arena Limit 1 Character allowed to enter Fortress War Limit 1 Character allowed to enter all events Limit Maximum plus +12 Cooldown Global Cooldown, reverse 30 Seconds Cooldown Reverse Scroll Cooldown in job mode, 30 minutes Ability to ban IP and HWID's Ability to detect dll bypassers Bug Fixes Exchange bug fixed Bug Fixes Stall bug fixed Bug Fixes Mbot pill bug fixed Bug Fixes Exit bug fixed Bug Fixes Speed bug fixed Filter-Notice Alchemy fuse +9 and above Restriction PK Mode disabled Restriction Scrolls use is only allowed to use in town Restriction Res is disabled in Battle Arena Restriction Res is disabled in Stryia clash Restriction Res is disabled in Capture the Flag Restriction Restarting the client is disabled Filter-Guard AFK-Kicker in Battle Arena is activated (180 seconds) Filter-Guard AFK-Kicker in Capture the Flag is activated (180 seconds) Filter-Guard AFK-Kicker in Stryia clash is activated (180 seconds) Filter-Guard Pick-pet pages will have only 2 pages Custom discord BOT: We have made our discord bot that is going to help you to know everything about the game via discord and enjoy it. You will be able to check ingame globals in the discord You will be able to check the uniques that summoned and get mentioned in discord when the unique appeared. You will be able to see if the unique has been killed and who killed it. You will be able to see if someone made a fused item +9 or higher in discord. More features to be added in later future during beta phase. Character Locking System: In an attempt to prevent hackers and scammers , aswell as providing extra security to our players , we have added a second security system. To start the process you'll have to first create a pin . Press the F5 key on your keyboard then a dialogue box will appear asking you for a pin and secret question. Enter whatever pin you are using and confirm it. Next select whichever secret question you'd like and answer the question in the box below. After that you'll want to press confrim. After you've created your PIN and SQ , it'll disappear forever , another dialogue box will open automatically. enter your pin and press lock to lock your charater to unlock press F5 then enter your PIN and click lock again. While your character is locked, you cannot: -Place items in storage -Sell/buy in NPCs -Sell/buy for Silk -Alchemy -Stall -Drop/pick items. NOTE: IF YOU FORGET YOUR PIN, VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO RESET! Automatic Events In addition to the server that we aspire to gain success , we've added a variety of events that will be automated which tend to be entertaining and fairly rewardable. All winners are rewarded with silk! We've also created an entierly new customized window for even registation which we'll reveal fairly soon. Trivia Event One of the most simple events , a notice will be written about a question and you'll pm the BOT with the answer! Reward : 20 Silks Automatic Event: Kill the GM The BOT will appear at Donwhang South and challenge you for 3 rounds to kill him. The BOT's HP will increase each round as the amount of players will increase by time. He will then reward the one who gave the last hit which killed him. Reward : 50 Silks Automatic Search And Destroy A unique will be spawned by our dear BOT in a random location on the map and hints regarding the location will be provided to you. The person to find and kill the unique will be declared winner of the event. Reward : 50 Silks Automatic Hide And Seek One of the most popular Silkroad events, based on a very entertaining childhood game. Here, the BOT will hide on a location on the map and give you hints to find him. The first to find him and to buy the item from his stall will be the winner. Reward : 50 Silks Styria Clash Event: Styria Clash is a job exclusive event that puts a maximum of 64 hunters and 64 thieves that runs for a maximum of 20 minutes! It's likely you'll be wanting to proof your worth by killing the oppoistion job BUT there is an objective as the war is waging on , treasure boxes will be spawning scattered around the event. These boxes are very similiar to Pandora's box, if you destory the box and pick up what it drps which is a 50 point objective, it will give your team an edge against your opponents. The more you win the more currenices you'll recieve to purchase a higher tier job suit which gives you and your team another advtange to use in Styria Clash's Winners: 10 Arena coins Losers: 3 Arena coins Survival Arena Once the event has started, you will be teleport in a room with plenty of other players, all will be wearing Yellow PvP Cape. The goal is to kill as many as possible and to die as less as possible until the time is up. The top 5 players with the most kills and least deaths will be rewarded as winners. Winners Rewards 1 st: Lesser Nebulian Crate + 7 arena coins + 25 silks + 10 Honor Point. 2 nd: 7 Arena coins + 25 silks + 8 Honor Point. 3 rd: 25 silks + 6 Honor Point. 4 th: 20 silks +5 Honor Point 5 th: 15 silks + 4 Honor Point Automatic Lottery Event This was made for those who are either very lucky or extremly brave. Automatic lottery can make you either richer or poor. All you have to do to partipcate in this event is purchase a small or medium lottery ticket at Fei Hung (NPC) each ticket will cost X and X gold. the more tickets you buy the higher chance you will get but remember! thay ou can al;so lose in this event! becareful when joining the event and only play if you're willing to take the risk. There will be 10 winners daily which will be annouced at 10PM (sever time) Winning place Reward amount 1st place 1,000 silks 2nd place 900 silks 3rd place 750 silks 4th place 600 silks 5th place 500 silks 6th place 400 silks 7th place 300 silks 8th place 200 silks 9th place 100 silks 10th place 50 silks Automatic Job Profit Increase While this event is active you'll be recieving 50% more profit fromm jobbing from 7PM til 9PM server time. Automatic Guild War event Our BOT will be annoucing the event 20 minutes before it starts , then an instance will be created for a maximum of 4 guilds that will be telported into an area that will fight other guilds with opposing capes for 20 minutes. To win this event your guild must achieve the highest amount of kills and the lowest amounts of deaths as a group. How do I register my guild for this event?! Depending on guild masters... the first 8 guild masters to register their guilds (all participating guilds must have a minumium of 20 members) will then get a guild wide confiramtion message from out BOT. All members must accept the confirmation and will only teleport the members who have accepted it , all member sof the victorious guild is going to be rewarded. Reward : 50 silk to each member. Hunger Games! Brand new event we are adding into our server that is going to be open 3 times per week! To join the event you are required to have 3 hunger tokens and be level 100! (Hunger tokens are obtainable from winning B.A and CTF) This event will display from our bot that it is open then you'll have to register through the bot. Once you're in this event you'll be teleported to Karokam where you'll be automatically placed with a cape and you have to kill pumpkins to aquire levels and gears to get to level 100 and then once you are level 100 you must KILL everyone else that is in the event. This event will last until there is only one player standing! The reward for this event is going to be 1000 silks! Get ready for the hunger event! FINALLY We have done everything on our thread to explain the systems throughly for you! and now is the time to reward you guys! We have had many offline events that will help you to win silks,avatars,pets and even some starter packages to enjoy your journey in Spectre Reborn! Make sure to check out our chase events , comment events and discord events and also use our signuatre to support us and winn some silk at the same time! We are very exited to say we are ready for the biggest and best D10 server in 2019! Let's show the community who we are! Signature Event: We will be picking 10 people randomly and will be rewarding them with 500 silk to each one! Make sure to support and use it to support us and you may be lucky enough to win, good luck everyone! Social Media Event: Share Event #1 - Give away 15,000 silks [ Here ] Discord Event: For this event all you have to do is simply create your own invitation link and invite your own friends, we will choose highest 5 people who have invited their friends and we will reward each one with 1000 silk at the grand opening! don't miss the chance to get a great jump start into Spectre online by telling as much friends as possible. [CENTER][URL=][IMG=expandable: 0][/IMG][/URL][/CENTER] [/QUOTE]
  2. #################################################################################### ArthiaSF - Prywatny serwer Shakes (OLD) *Serwer utworzony w 2018 roku* Czytajcie dalej! NA START OTRZYMUJEMY Gold = 100 Grzybki = 250 *Istnieje również takie coś jak kupony* *Administracja robi konkursy i można zdobyć kupon na np. 1500 grzybków* *Wpisujemy go i cieszymy się zdobytymi grzybkami* TYP SERWERA Easy INFORMACJE Serwer posiada również rangę VIP którą można zakupić w SMS SHOP. W ItemShopie możemy również kupić klucze do odblokowania danego lochu. Administracja prowadzi dużo eventów takich jak: Event Wszystkiego czy Event Golda LINKI Strona Główna - Classic W1 - Nowa Wersja W2 - ADMINISTRACJA: MaksGame12 (KRASYY) ####################################################################################
  3. Witam gram w metina 11 lat dokładnie non stop na walam gdy przyidę z pracy ogarnę się i wchodze na metina i juz tak kilka serverów było że zainstalowałem bo na youtubie mi się spodobał server jak ktoś grał załozyłem konto i zacząłem gre na serverze no i po paru dniach nudzi mnie gra co to możźe dolegać odrazu mówie że chce mi się grać bardzo nie wiem co robić od jakiegoś czasu właśnie nie mogę wymaksować konta bo chcę iść na inny już o tym myślałem ale nic mi do głowy nie przychodziło proszę o odpowiedzi jeśli można z góry dziękuję :)
  4. Drodzy użytkownicy, obecny wygląd prezentacji to nie wersja finalna, obecna prezentacja pokazuje rzeczy, które mamy już wprowadzone i są gotowe do testowania, wraz z postępami naszej pracy - prezentacja zostanie w pełni uzupełniona. O wielu rzeczach nie wspomnieliśmy, aby zostawić troszkę smaczków owianych tajemnicą dla Was. Start serwera odbędzie się 01.03.2019 o godzinie 18:00 Team Serwera AmaltejaMT2 W skład zespołu nie wchodzi nikt poza mną. Zrobiłem wszystko sam zaczynając od spraw technicznych kończąc na sponsoringu serwera etc. Nick: Fana Kilka słów o serwerze: Typ Serwera - Hard Maksymalny Poziom Postaci - 120 Królestwa - Shinsoo, Jinno, Chunjo KD - max. poziom +4 Księgi Umiejętności - Czas oczekiwania to 5 godzin   Strona- Rejestracja - Download - Forum - TS3 -  Zaczarowania oraz wzmocnienia przedmiotów będą dropiły bosów, metinów oraz szkat. Sukna potrzebne do wytworzenia szarf będą dropiły bosów, metinów oraz szkat. Broń na 75 lvl będzie do zdobycia tylko i wyłącznie ze Skrzyni Umarłego rozpruwacza. Pelerynki będą dropiły dropiły bosów, metinów oraz szkat. Egzo oraz rady - będą dropiły z metinów, bosów, szkat, Zapewne zastanawiacie się co z ekspowiskami? Swoją przygodę zaczniecie standardowo w mieście pierwszym ! Maksymalny poziom będzie można dobić w Red Lesie lub AV1 lub AV2. Jest to serwer hard który będzie od Was wymagał ponad przeciętnej wiedzy o Metinie. Próżno szukać niezliczonych ekspowisk na których lvl wbija się "pięć minut" Rozgrywka jest ułożona na długi okres czasu. Każdy solo gracz lub zgrana ekipa znajdzie coś dla siebie. Lur, zapewne nie jednemu z Was będzie on niezbędny, ale bez obaw. Pelerynek nie braknie dla tym którym dopisze szczęście ? Buff bez niego rozgrywka w pewnym momencie będzie naprawdę wyzwaniem dla każdego z Was! Na serwerze nie znajdziecie żadnych dungeonów na które będziecie musieli poświęcić 3/4 Waszego czasu! PVP... Nieodłączny element każdej szanującej się gry MMO. Wojny Gildii - każdy chciałby na nie chodzić lecz nigdy nie ma do tego ludzi, chętnych itd. Na serwerze AmaltejaMT2 system PVP wróci do łask, Wojny Gildii staną się czymś bez czego każda szanująca się ekipa nie będzie mogła odmówić sobie potyczki z innymi gildiami. Co to oznacza? Oznacza to, że każda Gildia która zdobędzie tytuł Najlepszej Gildii serwera oraz otrzyma nagrody które nie będą się powtarzać w przyszłości i każda z nich będzie unikatowa, niepowtarzalna oraz nie będzie już nigdy możliwości zdobycia danego przedmiotu. PVP - tak samo jak w przypadku Wojen Gildii zwycięzca turnieju który będzie odbywał się raz w miesiącu otrzyma unikatowe nagrody. Na start Na start otrzymujemy Ekwipunek na 1 poziom + 2, autopoty, małe mikstury czerwone/niebieskie oraz fioletowe/zielone, ponadto otrzymujemy skrzynię ucznia, którą możemy otwierać co 10 poziomów postaci. W późniejszym etapie rozgrywki dodałem również pakiet startowy IS, który pomoże Wam na początku rozgrywki! Po osiągnięciu 5 poziomu postaci dostajemy Questa z wyborem profesji. Na serwerze występować będzie ponad 130 misji! Handlarze: Przydatne Klawisze: Na naszym serwerze również posiadamy przydatne funkcję ukryte pod różnymi klawiszami. Tabela bonusów pod klawiszem "X" Pod klawiszem F5 znajdziemy Item-Shop Pod klawiszem F6 znajdziemy sklep z Marmurami Polimorfii Pod klawiszem F8 czeka na was System Nagród Dziennych! Pod klawiszem F9/O Znajdziemy dość przydatną funkcję jaką jest zapis pozycji. Crafting NPC: Na naszym serwerze mamy możliwość wytworzenia mountów, szarf, run - które są adekwatnie dopisane do niżej wymienionych NPC. Systemy: Na naszym serwerze występuje kilka systemów, które urozmaicą rozgrywkę o kilka aspektów System Run: Na naszym serwerze standardowa alchemia została podmieniona na nieco ciekawszy system Run, każda runa ma przypisane odpowiednie bonusy. System Pasów: Na serwerze dodatkowo będziemy mogli wytworzyć pasy ze stałymi bonusami. Pasy będą możliwe do wytworzenia u NPC. Sami zdecydujecie, który Was interesuje. System ulepszania: Wszystkie ulepszacze zostały przez nas usunięte i dodane na nowo(te same klasyczne) do skrzynek z ulepszaczami o różnych poziomach. Na serwerze występują skrzynki z ulepszaczami, które są przypisane do odpowiednich map - ze względu na poziom trudności. Sklepy offline: Koniec z wystawianiem na noc kilku odpalonych klientów w celu zarobku! Podstawowe Lokacje: Bossy Łatwe: Na naszym serwerze występują podstawowe (łatwe) bossy dostępne w przypisanych do nich lokacji. Bossy Trudne: Bossy które będą wymagały od was lepszego ekwipunku, buffa. Bronie 30 lvl: Standardowo z bestów będą dropić bronie na poziom 30. Bronie 75 poziom: Będą dostępne tylko i wyłącznie ze szkatułki umarłego rozpruwacza. System ulepszeń: Przykładowe Kostiumy: Na naszym serwerze występują sety kostiumów podstawowych, te które są nowszej daty oraz unikatowe(Kostium, fryzura, nakładka) unikatowe nie dostępne w prezentacji, będą dostępne tylko dla zwycięzców różnych wydarzeń i nigdy więcej nie będzie można ich zdobyć! Nie posiadają stałych bonusów! (Możliwość zaczarowania kostiumu, maksymalnie 1-3 bony) Kostiumy są na okres czasowy Przykładowe Zwierzaki: Na naszym serwerze występują zwierzaki, które pomogą wam w rozwoju waszej postaci. Oprócz podstawowych Zwierzaków(Od Ognistego, Lodowego Phoenixa, przez Bao-Bao, aż do samego rufusa) posiadamy również nieco inne, które na pewno świetnie prezentować się będą u boku waszych postaci. Zwierzaki są na okres czasowy. Przykładowe Mounty: Na naszym serwerze występują Mounty, które pomogą wam w rozwoju waszej postaci. Posiadają stałe wbudowane bonusy. Mounty są na okres czasowy. SS Weryfikacyjny:
  5. Siemka, szukam bota na prywatny serwer, MFbot, SFbot nie działa
  6. Witam :), Tak, jak w temacie, szukam dmg hack na prywatny serwer Nostalgium. Jeśli macie coś innego na ten serwer, nie pogardzę, jakiś mobber, or something like this. Dzięki! :D
  7. Od dzisiaj aktywny będzie serwer plemion Są 4 światy. 3 są do dłuższej gry, specjalny obecnie jest otwarty na tydzień. Za zwycięstwo na specjalnym dostaniecie 40 punktów premium, które będziecie mogli wykorzystać na bonusy/zmianę nicku na pozostałych światach. Myślę żeby robić coś takiego co tydzień, tzn runda specjalna, z różnymi prędkościami. A więc tak: Świat 1 - prędkość 10x, nagroda za zwycięstwo: 50PP, ochrona początkowa: 6h Świat 2 - prędkość 25x, nagroda za zwycięstwo:40PP, ochrona początkowa: 1h Świat 3 - prędkość 2000x, nagroda za zwycięstwo:30PP, ochrona początkowa: 5 minut :P Specjalny - prędkość 500x, nagroda za zwycięstwo:40PP, ochrona początkowa: 15 minut. Odrazu mówię że silnik był zagraniczny, tłumaczyłem sobie po trochu. Jeszcze wszystko nie jest po polsku, ale te najważniejsze funkcje powinny być OK. Tak jak napisałem w ogłoszeniu - jeśli jest ważna funkcja, a nie przetłumaczona to pisać mi, będę to traktował priorytetowo. Grając samemu bugów nie zauważyłem, jeśli teraz coś się pojawi - meldować :) Udanych podbojów życzę :) Zapraszam
  8. Exp rate: x50 Drop rate : x15 Hero exp : x130 Fairy exp: x380
  9. Siemka, szukam jakiegoś fajnego serwerka żeby popykać sobie. Najlepiej [Medium/Hard]. Znacie może jakiś fajny gdzie są ludzie i przyjemnie się gra? Tak w ogóle gdzie na jakim serwie teraz gracie? Pozdrawiam!
  10. Witam szukam expbota do jeśli jakiś macie proszę o podanie linku lub coś z góry dziękuje.
  11. Witam, mam na imię Michał. Mam 21 lat i szukam posady GM'a. Przygodę z Metinem zacząłem od 2012 roku zaczynając na globalnym serwerze. Na moje oko mam wszystko w małym palcu jeśli chodzi o tą grę, jak i na stanowisku GM'a. Doświadczenie mam spore w tym zakresie. Wszelkie pytania proszę kierować pod nr. GG: 67074519
  12. Witam, jestem zainteresowany stworzeniem serwera Metin2 na wielką skalę typu 3-4k online. Co do budżetu info udzielę pw, mam wiele pomysłów które pozytywnie wpłyną ja działanie serwera. Serwer Medium, własne sety, mapy itp. Zainteresowani kontakt priv, na pewno się dogadamy. Jeżeli jest ktoś zainteresowany GG:67063339, Może być TS3 możecie podać swój numer telefonu.
  13. Wstęp Od dłuższego czasu jestem dość głęboko w środowisku oszustów z League of Legends, czyli skrypterów. Przy okazji poznałem kilku programistów z tego środowiska. Jak wiadomo wszystkie platformy są detected i wyłapiemy bana szybko lub mniej szybciej, jednak zawsze prędko. Oczywiście są platformy prywatne u których ceny zaczynają się od 200Euro na mieś... Jakiś czas temu mój znajomy programista którego kiedyś poznałem w sieci zaprosił mnie do swojego projektu, czyli nowe prywatnej zabezpieczonej platformy ze skryptami do lola. Jako, że swoją wiedzą i umiejętnościami znacznie przewyższa mnie, to on jest odpowiedzialny za zabezpieczenie pliku przed detekcją jak i twórcą całego silnika. Ja jestem odpowiedzialny za nasze Community i jako osoba grająca w wysokich dywizjach będę developerem skryptów do championow typu "hypercarryonscript" (potrafiących solo pociągnąć cały mecz do wygranej) NA CHWILE OBECNĄ DO PLATFORMY MA DOSTĘP 15 ZAUFANYCH OSÓB. GRAJĄ WYŁĄCZNIE ROZGRYWKI RANKINGOWE JUŻ PONAD PÓŁTORA MIESIĄCa I NIKT NIE ZOSTAŁ ZBANOWANY MIMO SZYBKIEJ WSPINACZKI W TABELI LIGOWEJ. Platforma jest napisana w innym języku programowania niż te które widzieliśmy dotychczas, tak samo jest ze skryptami, żadne lua itp nie jest obsługiwane, jednak nie mogę zdradzać takich szczegółów. Bot jest INTERNAL, jednak z tą różnicą że nie dotyka wewnętrznej pamięci gry i działa na poziomie sterownika. Z tego co wiem kod źródłowy automatycznie zmienia się co 30minut. Bądźmy jednak szczerzy... Jeśli pliki wejdą w ręce Riotu to platforma padnie w ciągu 30 dni. Jak narazie nikt o nas nie wie i każdy z nas zapłacił 35€ lub 55€ ( w zależności od wersji bota)[jedna to safe a druga super safe] Dostęp który otrzymaliśmy jest permamentny i jest jeszcze maxymalnie 10 slotów. Za nim zostałem osobą decyzyjną również jak każdy musiałem zapłacić By Paypal Po zapłenieniu community NIE REKRUTUJEMY, NIE DAJEMY DOSTEPU, NIE STREAMUJEMY I NIE ISTNIEJEMY DLA ŚWIATA ZEWNĘTRZNEGO WZGLĘDEM PLATFORMY Nie jest to platforma dla graczy głupich, bot nie wygra za Ciebie gry i nie zawiera funkcji przez które widać że oszukujesz by by nie prowokować innych do zreportowania Ciebie. Dlaczego chcemy uniknąć reportów? Powodują one oflagowanie konta które następnie jest prześwietlane i sprawdzana jest lista procesów w tle ( oczywiście nic nie znajdą ale nie chcemy ryzykować ) Włożyliśmy zbyt wiele pracy i serca by spełnić swoje gamingowe marzenia ( i troszke pieniędzy), dlatego będziemy o to dbać. CO JUŻ MAMY? - Orbwalker [szybki i płynny] - Wysokiej jakości prediction [dobrze trafia :D] - Harras, Lane clear, Last hit, always force big minion last hit [spoko lasthituje i zawsze zgarnia dużego miniona] - Flee [Tryb disengagu ucieka i jeśli masz taką możliwość doskakuje do obiektów ( np braum do ally, lub skok do miniona Ireli, czy wardjump leesina)] - Widoczny zasięg turretów - Target selector [focusuje odpowiednich przeciwników] - Auto spell (np auto ignite/smite itp) [działa bardzo szybko, zdecydowanie szybciej niż zareagował by człowiek] - Autorskie skrypty pod danego championa [ Nie jest ich wiele, ale ciągle pracujemy nad nimi i wypuszczamy kolejne] Narazie jest Varus, Ezreal, Kai'Sa, Yasuo, Twitch, Tristana, Akali i może o jakims zapomnialem.. - Niskie spadki fps NAD CZYM PRACUJEMY? - Cool down trakcer [ pokazuje cooldowny przeciwników na skille i spelle] (powinno się pojawić w najbliższej aktualizacji bo prawie gotowe) - Activator [ Odpowiednio używa aktywnych itemów) (tak samo jak tracker prawie gotowe ] - EVADE ( większośc z nas go nie chce bo głównie na jego podstawie wykrywa się cheat) (Pracujemy jednak nad nim by był bardziej evade helperem czyli zachowywał się naturalnie i pomagał uniknąć skillshotów które rzeczywiście próbowaliśmy dodgowac ) [ Na chwile obecną nie istnieje ale jest tracker pokazujący trajktorie skillshota] PRÓKBKA Próbka Kai'Sa Próbka Ezreal Jesteś zainteresowany/a dołączeniem? do projektu? Podanie należy wysłać do mnie na pw - Imię i Nazwisko - wiek - opisz doświadczenie z lolem i skryptami - discord (wymagany) - dlaczego mamy obdarzyć Cie zaufaniem i włączyć do community? Proszę o nie reportowanie tematu za naruszenie regulaminu, ponieważ otrzymałem zgodę administracji na publikację Tak jak pisałem przyjmiemy tylko kilka osób, więc proszę o poważne podania, poważnych osób na 100% zdecydowanych graczy.
  14. Witajcie, orientuje się ktoś może jakie są raty expa, dropu, golda ze starego PL'a z 2008/2009? Dziękuje i pozdrawiam :D
  15. Witam, w jaki sposób mogę uzyskać możliwość używania polskich znaków w kodzie źródłowym - ( pliki cpp oraz reszta ) Gdy używam kodowania Ansi to wszystko sie chrzani po zapisaniu.
  16. Kliknij poniżej, a żeby przejść do pełnej prezentacji! Kliknij powyżej, a żeby przejść do pełnej prezentacji! Naciśnij na grafikę, a żeby przejść do konkursu! Naciśnij na grafikę, a żeby przejść do konkursu!
  17. Krótko i na temat Potrzebuję najlepszy serwer prywatny z Likanem
  18. Otoz posiadam na komputerze wowa pobranego z najnowsza wersje. Ale zamierzam zaczac grac na jednym z serwerow prywatnych. Ze wzgledu na dosc powolny internet, chce zapytac czy istnieje mozliwosc "podmienienia" plikow oryginalnego wowa na owy prywatny serwer. Zeby ograniczyc pobieranie calosci do minimium.
  19. Witam. Od jakiegoś czasu zastanawiam się jak zarobić na serwerze PangeaYt2. Szkoda mi wydawać realnych pieniędzy na szarfy, czy też pasy, stąd pytanie - jak najszybciej zarobić?
  20. Nazwa rzeczy: Cheaty do CSGO, Metoda kontaktu: PW, e-mail: [email protected], Witam, piszę cheaty dla każdego zainteresowanego osobno. Po wpłacie daje sobie 24h na wysłanie działającego cheata. Cena cheata zależna jest od twoich wymagań, nie licz jednak na cheaty pod HvH / Rage. Oferuje cheaty Legit. Cena dla przeciętnego cheata powinna zamykać się w 100 zł (cheat zawiera auto-aktualizację i gwarancję na 3 miesiące). Za dodatkową dopłatą jestem w stanie do cheata dołożyć obejścia dla kilku dość znanych anty-cheatów.
  21. WorldOfMetin3 Stary OldSchool (z lekkimi poprawkami) Informacje o Serwerze: Strona WWW: WorldOfMetin3 Forum: (Może kiedyś) Exp: 1x Drop: 1x Gold: 1x MaxLevel: 99 -Brak bonów 1-7 (tylko istnieja te które wylotamy) -Brak Antlantydy -Brak Alchemi -Brak Botów -W V2 dropią hełmy 61lv/Tarcze 61 (usuniety drop itemow 1lv oraz 21lv, moze w to miejsce dodamy ogon weza+? to do ustalenia) -W trakcie dodawania wszystkich questow z -Multilanguage system( tlumaczy questy itp: obecnie all jest pod jeżyk Polski z czasem dojdą inne jeżyki) -Boterzy, na tym serwerze nie pograją obecnie nie włączałem (auto bana) bo jest nie przetestowany, tak czy siak ja się nie bawię jak Gameforge czy inne serwery każdy gracz jest przeze mnie sprawdzany jak jestem online. (Peszek). Ban jest Permanentny na konto oraz wszystkie konta z tym samym IP (online) -Serwer pierwszy istnieje od : 8.06.2018 : 0:00 -Kolejny Serwer: x.xx.xxxx : x:xx -Obecne konta oraz Postacie nigdy nie przepadną. -Tygodniowa Przerwa Techniczna(Wgrywanie questów itp Odbywa się o 16:00 w Piątek i trwa od 1 minuty do kilku minut.) -Błędy można zgłaszać tutaj w temacie lub najlepiej przez Support. Prawy Dolny Rog -Projekt jest na długą metę. -Obecnie nie mam czasu na tworzenie prezentacji serwera oraz reklamy ponieważ Projekt nie jest jeszcze skończony. jeżeli ktoś ma jakieś pytanie, pomysł, to zapraszam do dyskusji.
  22. Witam, Szukam NAJLEPSZEGO servera do gry w NosTale. Jest wielki stos niepotrzebnych tematów nt. p2Wserv, które mają po parę lat, gdy jeszcze nostale było nierozgarnięte - w sumie nadal jest - zbierając dane do budowy pierwszych serverów. Podajcie, linkujcie poniżej ŻYWE i w miare ogarnięte servery p2p.
  23. Witam! Poszukuje osób, które kiedykolwiek pracowały na opennos. Głównym celem jest założenie polskiego serwera nostale opartego na silniku opennos. Posiadam maszyne, domene.
  24. Witam, mam pytanie: jak mógłbym zrobić coś w rodzaju przedmiotu, po którego użyciu ,dodawało by mi jeden dodatkowy slot na kamień duszy do broni/zbroi np jak standardowo jest np 3 sloty w broni to żeby ten przedmiot dodawał nam dodatkowy 4 slot. Jest takie coś możliwe wgl? Prosze o pomoc :3

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