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MU-Kaimas is a MMORPG project that was not only known for it's story of success, but also because it was one of the most popular Lithuanian MU online server in 2020-2021. This new version of epic, most successful and popular Korean MMORPG was carefully polished by our skilled development team, to bring up-to-date gameplay, new functionality and upgraded graphics! The game is much more balanced compared to it's earlier versions. So after long time of developing together with our skilled team to polish it to perfection, we proudly announce that on 6 of November 2021, we will launch the MOST WANTED X500 SERVER


Grand opening time: 2021-11-06 6:00 PM (GMT+3)
Lithuania time: 2021-11-06 6:00 PM (GMT+3)
United kingdom time: 2021-11-06 4:00 PM (GMT+1)
Poland time: 2021-11-06 5:00 PM (GMT+2)
Vietnam time: 2021-11-06 10:00 PM (GMT+7)
United States time: 2021-11-06 11:00 AM (GMT-4)
General X500 server information:
Version: Premium Season 16
Limited X and ruud shops!

Regular Experience 500x (Dynamic rates) / Master Experience 500x
Max Level 400 / Max Mastery Level 650 (after level 400)
Low Performance Mode: Button F9
Non PvP Maps: Aida 1; Aida 2; Karutan 1 and Karutan 2
Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations
Monsters and Boss Power Adjusted
PvP / PvM all classes Adjusted
Elf Soldier Max Level - 400 / Max Resets - 3
Experience system:
1-20 resets - x500
21-40 resets - x450
41-60 resets - x400
61-80 resets - x350
81-100 resets - x300
Reset System:
Reset in game with level 400 by command /reset
Grand reset in game with 100 resets and 400 level by command/greset
Reset costs: 1 mil zen * reset
After Reset: Stats clear and gives points 500*reset count
After Grand Reset: Stats Clear + Free Points
Reset Limit: 100
Grand Reset Limit: 30

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Kolejny żenujący serwer do tego admin ma tupet żeby reklamować się jako "no webshop" czy "limited xshop" a co jest w xshopie? Full 3rd wingi, ruudy (dużo), Jewel od exc +1,+2,+3... Brak słów

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