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I'd like to directly mod Minecraft, but I don't know where to start.

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I'm completely new to modding Minecraft, and I know little concerning the matter; I'd like some questions answered if that's fine...

I've read countless beginner tutorials, and frankly I'm extremely confused. All modding tutorials I've come across have instructed to create an outer java file (Or something of the sort) to place in the minecraft directory as an addition, which is something I don't want to do.


Rather, I'd like to directly edit Minecraft's code and models: A total conversion. I was thinking of using Eclipse (A Java editor) to access files in the .minecraft folder and it's child folders, however I am completely lost.

- What does each folder represent/contain?
- What is inside the "Assets" folder and how do I edit what's inside?
- What is inside the "Versions" folder? What data do the version folders contain?
- Where would I find texture and model information? (Was thinking of editing mob models to be "less blocky")
- Is directly changing Minecraft's code even possible, or legal?

I presume changing Minecraft's code would mess up updates or prevent mods from being able to install, but I don't think that'd bother me if my imagined changes to the game come to fruition. Apologies for such a long cold post, but I wanted to get straight to the point. (I do have skill in 3d modeling and I believe I have ample skill to create minecraftesque texturing for new entities: I wish to recycle existing minecraft code to structure entirely new elements in the game.)

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