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[S15][X150] Awake MU [Start 16. October]

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Welcome to Awake MU! Server running on latest Season 15 server files with a custom settings and features. All game Monsters, Events, Bosses are in a perfect condition. Players from all over the world!

We are pleased to announce that the opening date of Awake MU server X150 is going to be on OCTOBER 16!

Opening Freebies Event 500 Credits for free!


Unlimited Reset and Grand Reset race awaits you! Free to choose the strategy how you build your character! GR is just optional and not necessary to do!

===== Awake Website =====
===== Awake Facebook =====

Basic info about the server:

- Version: Season 15 Pro
- Regular Experience: 150x
- Master Experience: 300x
- Maximum Level: 400
- Maximum Master Level: 800
- Maximum stats: 32767

Additional info about server:

- Professional Anti-Hack system
- Professional game Launcher
- Exclusive Quest System
- Exclusive New Jewels
- Max 3 Connections per 1 IP
- Low Performance Mode: Button F9
- Available Offlevel (limited max time)
- Available Offstore (only Loren Market map)
- Non PvP Maps: Aida 1,2 | Karutan 1,2 | DD 1

Resets, Grand Resets info:


- Reset [1-10]: Free stat points: 1000, Experience rate: 150x
- Reset [11-20]: Free stat points: 850, Experience rate: 125x
- Reset [21-30]: Free stat points: 700, Experience rate: 100x
- Reset [31-40]: Free stat points: 550, Experience rate: 75x
- Reset [41-50]: Free stat points: 400, Experience rate: 50x

Max Resets: 50, Max Grand Resets: 5
Total Stat Points when 50 Resets: 35'000 (Build Stats)
Total Stat Points when 5 Grand Resets and 50 Resets: 45'000 (Build Stats)

Reset Reward: 20 Wcoins, Grand Reset Reward: 5000 Wcoins + 2000 Stat Points
Reset in game by command /reset, Grand Reset in game by command /greset


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