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KOF - Project Knights Of Fantasy

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Knights Of Fantasy

Hello Metina players, have you ever thought about playing a different part of Metin? Now it may be possible, although to the end it is not a project that intends to copy Metin but only reproduce it in about 70%

Open World ( 10% )
Open multiplayer system, however it is ready to connect several players to the world, no features, only other players can be seen.

Map / Area ( 60% )

- Map end lock
- Detecting obstacles and help to overcome them
- Collision detection
- Surface texture

Character / Player ( 30% )

- By controlling the movement of a WSAD character or by clicking the first mouse button on the map, the player will follow the selected target.

-Animations of the player (rest, run)

-Camera MMORPG + Moving the right mouse button

-Display of the player's name above his heaed

Monster / Opponent ( 0% )

NPC ( 0% )

Interface / Gui ( 0% )

Preview from the game (Version 0.1 Project)




Preview from the version of the game 0.2

Planned production process

Beginning > Project > Close Beta > Open Beta > Open Beta 2 > Official Start


-The text has been translated by Google Translator

-Subsequent information about the progress of the project will be updated in this topic

-I invite you to the discussion

Project by KOFStudio

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Pani Kasia

So when this game will be close/open beta you will uptade this topic? By looking at this images I can tell it could be a interestning game ;D

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