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(Important information about our community)

Welcome to MuOnlines Season 6 Episode 3 Community ! 
Opening our second Server VANAHEIM x1000 in 14 JUNE, 2019 ! We have been working and still working hard on our Server Configurations to make one of the best and most interesting gameplay ever ! In total we are planning to open 3 different Servers, with different EXP, different Rates and Configurations ! Jewels, Zen and other things like Goblin Points, Items + Zen have a high value in-game ! Also things like Gold Coins, W Coins (C) for in-game Cash Shop 'X' can be only collected by players themselves. The fastest way to level-up is by leveling up in party, because of extra EXP Bonus. No OP Items, Limited Webshop, Limited Cash Shop 'X', Great GR and Event rewards, Nice level roading - Fair Play for everyone. 
In MU We Trust - Join Us NOW !

MuOnlines Server OPENINGS
(New server opening date)

"ASGARD" x50 Launch: 10 MAY, 2019
"VANAHEIM" x1000 Launch: 14 JUNE, 2019





(Important information about server "VANAHEIM" x1000)

» Version: Season 6 Episode 3 (Official WebZen configuration)
» Experience: x1000
----- on 10th reset: x900 (1 reset only)
----- on 20th reset: x700 (1 reset only)
----- on 30th reset: x500 (1 reset only)
----- on 40th reset: x300 (1 reset only)
----- on 50th reset: x100 (1 reset only)
» Master EXP: x10
» Drop: 50%
» Elf NPC Buff Till: ON (till level 350)
» Max Stats: 32767 (32000 recommended) 
» Official MU Helper: ON (from 10 level, 500 zen * level for 5 min.)
» Points Per Level: 5/6/7

» Reset Limit: 51 resets
» Reset Level: 400
----- Reset price: 1kk * resets
----- Reward: 10 Free Coins & 10 Gold Coins
----- Clear Stats: ON
----- Clear Magic/Spells: OFF 
----- Clear Inventory: OFF 
----- Clear Class: OFF 
----- Points for Reset: SM, ELF, BK, SUM - 1200 points * resets & MG, DL, RF - 1400 points * resets
» Max GR: 5
» GR Requirements: 51 resets & 1 level
----- GR price: 200kk
----- Reward: 5000 Free Coins & 300 Gold Coins
----- Clear Stats: ON
----- Clear Magic/Spells: OFF
----- Clear Inventory: OFF
----- Clear Class: OFF
----- Points per GR: 20000 points * GR

(The base information about server)

» Bless Bug: OFF
» Monster HP: 100% 
» Required level for class: SUM 1 lvl, MG 220 lvl, DL 250 lvl, RF 250 lvl
» Fully Working Rage Fighter: ON
» Off Trade System: ON
» Off Level System: ON
» Marry System: ON
» Auto Reconnect System: ON
» Gens System: ON
» Goblin System: ON (earn 1 goblin point every 5 minutes)
» Master Skill Tree: ON (max 200 lvl)
» Guild Create Level: 300
» Bonus Event: ON (bonus EXP in specific time 2 times per day)
» Cash Shop 'X': ON (pets, EXP buffs and more)
» Extra EXP: ON (extra EXP in Events)
» And More

(Chaos Machine rates, Items with Luck gives +20% more)

» Jewel of Bless: 100%
» Jewel of Soul: 70%
» Jewel of Life: 90%

» Items +10: 65% 
» Items +11: 60% 
» Items +12: 55% 
» Items +13: 50% 
» Items +14: 45% 
» Items +15: 40% 

» Socket Weapon Mix: 60%

» Wings Level 1: 90%
» Wings Level 2: 70%
» Wings Level 3: 40%
» Feather of Condor: 60%

» Splinter of Armor & Bless of Guardian Mix: 60%
» Fragment of Horn Mix: 50%
» Broken Horn Mix: 40%

(The most important in-game commands)

» In-game Commands: ON
----- /post: global chat, requirement level: 10 (50'000 zen)
----- /gpost: all sub-server global chat, requirement level: 10 (50'000 zen)
----- /pkclear: 20kk * PK Count (at website 200kk - clears all PK)
----- /add: add free stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd)
----- /requests off/on to deny/accept requests
----- /prop and /accept: to propose and accept marry
----- /teleport: teleports you to your husband/wife 

(List of server in-game Events with great EXP and Rewards)

» Hearts: ON
» Silver & Gold Medals: ON (drops non-exc Items from level +6 to +9)
» Firecrackers: ON 
» Silver & Gold Boxes: ON (drops Box of Kunduns)
» Lucky Coin: ON (collect Lucky Coins and exchange them to Jewels)
» Chaos Card: ON
» Red Dragon Invasion: ON 
» Battle Soccer: ON
» Golden Invasion: ON
» White Wizard Event: ON
» Blood Castle: ON
» Devil Square: ON 
» Castle Siege: ON (every week on Sundays)
» Chaos Castle: ON  
» Illusion Temple: OFF 
» Kalima Event: ON 
» Kanturu Event: ON 
» Raklion Hatchery: ON 
» Doppelganger Event: ON 
» Imperial Guardian: ON  
» Medusa Event:  ON 
» Castle Siege: ON
» Loren Deep: ON 
» And More

(Cool website features such as Character Market to sell and buy characters)

» Reset Stats: ON
» Reset Master Skill Tree: ON
» Exchange W Coins (C): ON
» Clear Inventory: ON
» Vote Reward System: ON (vote every 12h and collect FREE Coins)
» Market System: ON
» Character Market System: ON [HOT]
» Webshop System: ON [LIMITED]
----- FO items: OFF (max 2 Excellent options)
----- Item level +15 in Webshop: OFF (max +12, only in-game max +15)
----- 380 lvl items in Webshop: OFF
----- Ancient items in Webshop: OFF
----- Socket items in Webshop: OFF
----- 3rd lvl wings in Webshop: OFF
----- Fenrir & other Pets in Webshop: OFF
» Trade Online Time (exchange your online time for FREE Coins)
» And More

(Best EXP Bonus if you have a party of 5 different classes)

» Party Exp Bonus: ON
----- Duo Exp Bonus: + 0% EXP
----- Bronze Party Exp Bonus: + 5% EXP
----- Silver Party Exp Bonus: + 10% EXP
----- Gold Party Exp Bonus: + 15% EXP

(Few in-game screenshots of MuOnlines Private Server)


» For more information about server Item Drop, Boss Rewards and Respawn Times, Event Times and Rewards, Cash Shop, wCoins(C), PvP/PvM damage and other configurations you can find out at our Game Guides !

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Pani Kasia

Pani Kasia

Hello, dear MuOnlines players !
It's been already exactly one week since we launched our first server "ASGARD" x50 ! We are happy to say that we have stable 300+ online which is slowly, but growing by few new players every day ! That's why we made a little Bonus for "newbie" players to have a chance to catch up other players a little bit faster, so - 1st Reset From: 380 level


Facebook like and Share Event is still Active and you can Get FREE 500 Coins, more information @ Forum


Our First Castle Siege actual FIGHT is going to be next week on 26.MAY at 16:00 by Server Time ! Guild Registration is going to start already this week on 19.MAY at the evening. There will also be a timer at the website, so do not be too late and see you all there !


We are planning to release our first Updates by the end of this month. As there are not any critical things needed to done, Updates will not contain any dramatic changes, but there are some small things which should be changed, remember, also the small things can only improve our server to be a better one.


If you got any ideas/suggestions which might improve our server, please let us know and make a new topic in Suggestions section at our Community Forum so we can discuss about it.


P.S. - Feel free to invite your friends and share MuOnlines server to everyone - to play here and have some fun, see you all around.

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UPDATES 20.05.2019


[+] Fixed correct Events starting time at the website

[+] Fixed websites Market filter box close button issue

[+] Added New Item in-game, Sacred Birth Star drop in Loren Deep Event 

[+] Added missing Socket shields from Boss drop Reward

[+] Added EXP Bonus in Devil's Square Event by +20%

[+] Increased Top Bosses strength (need many resets + good buffers)

[+] Increased Golden monster strength (mostly HP)

[+] Increased BC Statue HP

[+] Increased BC Gate HP

[+] Decreased Dark Side attack radius range by -1

[+] Changed Jewel of Life max success % rate without luck from 90 to 80% 

[+] Changed Event enter permissions (with PK Level you can not enter)

[+] Changed Death King drop Reward

[+] Changed Cross Shield from regular to Socket item

[+] Upgraded Top spots in Karutan2 even more powerful (more exp, but 2x stronger monsters)

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Summer is finally started, so we offer we are opening [Summer PROMOTIONS] ! Now you can get 30% more Coins more than usually - PROMOTIONS are active only 10 days, from 1 JUNE till 10 JUNE, enjoy it !


Every month TOP 10 Voters will be rewarded with up to 1000 FREE Coins (vote restart every month), more information: HERE


We made a little Bonus for "newbie" players to have a chance to catch up other players a little bit faster, so from now - every new registered account got 1 day FREE VIP + 1st Reset From: 350 level

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Pani Kasia

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