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  1. Poke Journey is a massive multiplayer online game, which connects Poke fans from the whole world. You can become here the best Poke Trainer in the world. Poke Journey is free to play - you have only to register a new account and download our game client. Game is created by pokemon fans. There are 151 1'st generation Poke's in our game, every have unique statistics and behave. During the game, you would face plenty of Pokes, wild trainers, gym leaders and another Players in the Player vs Player Mode. There are many usefull systems in game - surfing, flying, even riding on Poke. There is also beautiful soundtrack in the background. We are starting on 26 of January (18:00 CET). You can watch our Youtube movie: Poke-Journey Short Video Poke Arena in essence: - absolutely free to play - tutorial mode for every player - 151 1'st gen Pokes with unique attacks and skills - classic starters: Caterpie, Ratata. Weedle - players from the whole world - NEW very big map - interaction with Pokes: like surfing, flying, riding - special events and raids Join us, visit Strona and subscribe our Facebook Profile The adventure is begin...

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