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  1. Create a "swf" folder on public_html. Then you go on config.php and write /swf/ui.swf etc...
  2. Fuck this aggelos metallidis, he always lies and always reshare the files he earns.
  3. Well reveres is right. They did a block thing in main.swf I send swf files that do not have this problem in the previous pages
  4. This may be because of the following: You dont have a crossdomain.xml file on your public_html You have put wrong things on the connect.php You have edited falsely the cfg.php file
  5. Nice, i approve ;)
  6. It solved when i sent her the images of hero zero. (assets) I dont know how, but i solved
  7. @SweetMira do you have the domain in config.php? It must be the same with your server's domain
  8. I think is better. But i suggest When you register choose the one with 1,00 zł/mc (its free) You can choose free domain from

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