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Romeo Multihack

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Witam, wstawiam tutaj cheata pochodzącego z innego forum. Multihack posiada opcje mi.n pływanie w powietrzu (flyhack) z tego co mi waidomo to może nie działać, speedhack, teleportacja i wiele innych. Nie używam go, więc dokładnie wam nie opisze instrukcji użytku.

Dodany obrazek
Opis instrukcji po angielsku:
In the 13th version of ROMeo's Multhack and newer you can now configure the hotkeys (keys which trigger some hack once pressed) yourself. To do so, you need to find the hotkeys.ini file from the ROMeo's Multihack folder and edit it with notepad...

Here are some hints how to edit that file properly:
Normally .ini files (program configuration settings) consist of sections (see pic below)
In hotkeys.ini file there are two sections: "Values" & "Names"
Values represent the hotkeys' typical virtual key codes (in decimal) (e.g. F9 = 120, F8 = 119, F7 = 118 etc.)
Names tell which name is being displayed for the hotkey in the hack UI (e.g. "HOME")
Make sure you only edit the values, not keys, so you don't mess up those settings (see pic below)
Also remember to save the hotkeys.ini file after editing

Useful links:
About virtual key codes:

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For hex2dec conversion:

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Keep your runspeed at 59 or lower if you intend to run long distances (to avoid pullback and sudden deaths)
Same with telepower, it should be kept below 30% (TelePower defines how fast the teleporting happens)
Be patient with Wallclimb, too eager use might lead to same results
Basicly all movement with too fast speed causes trouble (server takes action)
NoFall should be used only for short time if not mounted, otherwise you probably die
If server kills you due to use of some hack, it'll only give you a nice ride to the nearest resurrection point (no xp debt nor item damage, though all buffs will be gone)
GodSight = Unlimited zoom out + "free cam mode"
DuelHack = Requires you to have a target behind which the hack always teleports you (changes your coords and facing). Useful in pvp combat against casters. (moving behind them interrupts their casting process)
Sprint = boosts one's runspeed while W, S, up arrow or down arrow key is pressed... (so means you need to be running with keyboard movement)
Don't try to use GodSight to spy people in Logar while you're in Varanas... The RoM objects are updated only within certain radius from the player
Pressing numpad keys 7 and 8 while jumping forward can give some extra boost to your jump (just make sure TelePower isn't higher than 30% to avoid pullback)
DuelHack can be used to follow people also, but if the person you follow gets mounted, you will soon get pulled back if you keep following him/her
If you can use ranged skills and want to be mean, you can use the SwimHack to fly so high that melee dude can't reach you but your ranged skills can reach him in pvp combat xD (though the opponent might report you for that)
Flying around will be seen as jumping up and down in the sky by other players... Some people might think you're bugging but some people might report you. Not recommended to do that in public.
Use common sense with hacking... Although the risks of getting banned are at minimum, there still is a change...
Notice that changing the player or target scale only affects the way YOU SEE things (No, big creatures don't run faster or run over small hills any easier (well with wallclimb they may). Also other players will see things at normal size...)
The suicide function (Control + F) kills your character in 5 secs without xp debt or item damage. However if you have pet summoned, it might lose loyalty and nourishment if this "hack" is triggered... (Use with holy aura or some stun skill to safely kill your character during a tough fight e.g.)
If you notice that some hack is not working or is acting up, please notify me and include the content of error log somehow in your post
Note that closing the hack (Control + E) also disables most of the hacks in order to be able to search the correct byte patterns in RoM memory again (when they're not nopped) once hack is restarted. So closing the hack while flying high up in the sky is not recommended since you'll drop like a stone after doing that xD.

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To działa to komuś? Bo nie wiem pobierać czy nie...



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działa ja już to prędzej miałem myślałem że na mpc już jest. Na SH cofa, FlyHack bez zarzutu. Ctrl+f nie wiem czy dobrze działa nie sprawdzałem. Ponoć on zabija nas a po odrodzeniu nie mamy długu po śmierci. Ale chyba nie działa bo mi tylko na czacie nie pokazało że dług jest ale jak na czaszke najechałem to dodało. Sprawdzałem to na privie ale na globalu też raczej tak jest. Jak ktoś by pytał flyhacka odpala się "/" a teleport "*" ale nasz cel musi być mobem/graczem/npc bo przenosi nas do celu bardziej jak opcja warp to jest

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